Face the Term in Jacquard

Time-saving, image-making two-pieces should help get you in the mood to do some serious study…or some serious partying

October is a fresh start for us all – whether we’re returning, resolute on being sober from now on in all lectures, or beginning our lives at York, focused merely on making it through till Christmas. Either way, the beginning of term tends to determine how the year is going to pan out.

If like me, the idea of actually having to work this year has had you in something of a sweat before arriving back, then the time has come to face your demons. My degree thus far has been a rather weak battle between my social life and the library, (which tends to serve as a period of reflection on the night before…) but now in my final year, I’m preparing to put aside my obscene Blue Fly habit and actually settle down to study. It’s not going to be easy – I had started to think that cocktails should be counted as my five a day. No, this year is set to be a shock to the system, which is why I’ve got to start as I mean to go on.

My poster boy for this plan of action is fashion’s flavour of the moment, Raf Simons, who last month, made his Dior debut at Paris Fashion Week to rapturous applause, having stamped his minimalist signature (so well loved at Jil Sander) on the french powerhouse. His first ready-to-wear collection for Dior has sent ripples of excitement through the fashion crowd and set the season off with a bang. To all those making their debuts at York, I hope you do the same, and the easiest way to make an explosive entrance is with your wardrobe.

We Brits are the best at dressing for A/W, primarily because the UK seems to be in a perennial winter, with ‘decadent yet practical dressing’ being the watchwords for a season when it could pelt it down at any time (it is York after all). I personally admire the ‘don’t give a damn’ attitude of freshers who trudge around the corridors in their patterned, flannel pajamas but be warned that 99% of people will presume that you reek of tequila and are having a generally bad time.

If you like your patterns but you don’t have the time to pick out three separate pieces of clothing, then a gift from the heavens has been delivered in jacquard packaging. Once again, the 70s are back in vogue (honestly, sometimes seems as though the fashion industry is on an ever revolving merry-go-round) and this time we see a renaissance in the form of pearlescent jacquard twin sets and explosively patterned suits, which fortunately, feature heavily on the high street in various loan-friendly guises. Topshop and M&S have a number of blazer/trouser combinations to suit all tastes – from the mild and pretty to the quite frankly, bombastic. Either way, once donned in one of these playful yet smart sets, there is no doubt that you’ll feel ready to face the world…or a seminar for which you haven’t prepared; dressing smartly is like dressing in armour.

Why wear one piece of fantastic print when you could wear two or three? The best bit is that patterned suits can be worn anytime. 9.15am sees the wearer bowling into the first lecture of the year, and the same outfit can be worn out later that evening – simply ditch your pencil case and grab your ID.

So there we have it – time-saving, image-making two-pieces which should help get you in the mood to do some serious study…or some serious partying. Either way it’s about giving your all and making an impression. In the same vane, if I’m already dressed for a drink during the day, maybe I will have time to have one or two Purple Rains an evening…

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