New Langwith accepts first students

Photo credit: Laura Hughes

Photo credit: Laura Hughes

Hundreds of students have moved into new Langwith accommodation on Heslington East, as the college makes the move to the new campus.

The new buildings, which cost the university £30 million, have provided rooms for 645 students, bringing the total Hes East population to 1300. Langwith college has joined Goodricke which is entering its fourth academic year on the campus.

The old Langwith buildings on Heslington West have now become part of Derwent college. Designed by architect Carey Jones, the new college consists of large blocks that surround smaller town houses. The buildings, situated to the east of Goodricke in the barren landscape of Heslington East, are made of a mixture of wood and brick.

“The accommodation seems to be of a very high standard and everything is shiny and new,” Jack Baker, Langwith chair told Nouse.
“As with any new venture there have been a few teething problems but luckily we were able to learn from Goodricke in this regard and thus reduced them.”

A new YUSU bar, The Glasshouse, was opened last week in the central building which is to be shared by Goodricke and Langwith but is only a temporary solution until the new Social and Catering building is built on Hes East in several years time.
Dr John Issitt, Langwith provost, is delighted with the new college, commenting: “New Langwith is looking great. It is good quality accommodation, carefully planned to suit the needs of our students.”

“We have adapted our centre building to a bar that looks and feels inviting and friendly. Thus far I have had no negative feedback from anyone.” But not everyone has been impressed with New Langwith. Visiting student Katharina Baumann said, “It was really expensive for such a small room.”

“The cleaning of the rooms really isn’t very good either; there was mud on my chair,” she added.
There has been concern that Langwith’s move the Heslington East will isolate it from the rest of the University, but Issitt says the move will help create a new community on Heslington East, “with the departments and all the other people who work there, the feeling of a vibrant academic community should build and build.”

“YUSU, our college welfare teams and the JCRs of both Langwith and Goodricke have embraced the bar project positively. The atmosphere of creative focused energy is both tangible and a delight to be part of.”

A brand new college will be built to join Goodricke and Langwith in the next phase of the Heslington East development, due to be completed in 2014.

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  1. studied at york for a summer, stayed at hes east at goodricke. your accomodations needs a supermarket really close by or something. aint nobody got time to walk 1 hour each way to the grocery store when they are hungry!! hell by the time i walked back to my dorm half my food would be eaten!!! and yeah i know u got a shop near the library but the hours aint long enough.

    p.s. yall should really have a lil notice for international students saying where is all the cheap places to buy stuff, like morrisons or argos. bought a 70 quid comforter at marks and spencers (on sale!) that was only 8 quid at morrisons. of course, found out about morrisons 6 weeks later. psh.

    visiting student from california

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