The Comeback Kids

After a fall from grace, how do you use style to regenerate your reputation

One of the most successful celebrity and fashion comebacks was that of Robert Downey Jr. Before he was Iron Man, Downey Jr had a reputation with drug abuse after his initial acting career took off, and frequently was arrested. After his release, he came straight back into the public eye with a role on Ally McBeal, which lead to his critical acclaim. Style wise, Downey Jr reinvented himself into leading man material, usually supporting slick, bold suits and a mix of bright ties.

Jennifer Hudson came back into the celebrity limelight only recently after the devastating loss of members of her family during a shooting, after initial success with her award winning role in Dreamgirls. Since her recent weight loss and becoming the spokeswoman for ‘Weight Watchers’, her look is completely different to her original, plain look when she first appeared on ‘American Idol’ before she gained her fame. Hudson now is seen to choose figure hugging dresses from fashion houses such as Gucci and Givenchy.

Winona Ryder fell from public favour when she was caught shop lifting in 2001, reportedly stealing over $5,000 of items. Nonetheless, Ryder bounced back after an acting hiatus and recently she starred in the Oscar winning Black Swan. Not only has her acting career evolved, but so has her style. Ryder was known for her grunge-like look, and today, she still keeps with this original look but in an elegant, mature fashion, usually seen wearing demure black gowns or fitted suits at any events she attends.

Gaining public attention first as the typical ‘All-American’ boy on The New Mickey Mouse Club and then *NSYNC, Justin Timberlake has completely changed his style from his first look in the music industry. Gone are the bleached blonde highlights and boy band co-ordinated outfits. Now he is renowned for his style, with his well-tailored suits, combined with accessories such as fedoras and casual sneakers, and has even collaborated with William Rast to design his own clothing label.

Gaining her first break in E.T, Drew Barrymore shot to fame at the tender age of seven. Nonetheless, due to the pressure of this early fame, Barrymore was seen to openly rebel, reportedly smoking, taking drugs and drinking all before she was thirteen, when she entered rehab. Now a regular in the rom-com genre and after creating her own film company Flower Films, she has transformed her gothic, rebellious look into looking classy and bohemian with dip-dye hair.

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