My sporting experiences at York

reflects on his three years of sport at York

With my final week at York looming and coinciding with the final of the College Cup 2012, reflecting on the three years of sport I have been a part has been quite something.

From successes and disappointments with UYAFC and the Langwith football team, to reporting at a manic Roses 2012 covering over seven sports over three days there is one thing i can say for certain: York has a wealth of sporting talent.

My particular highlight from a reporting stance would have to be the late equaliser the men’s hockey firsts team scored in the dying seconds against Lancaster at Roses.

My personal sporting highlight would have to be playing my first match for the University football team in my second year at the University.

With so many opportunities about to become available thanks to the new sports complex on Heslington East, it is arguably the worse time to be leaving from a sporting perspective, but I am adamant that the three years of sport I have been involved in have been the most enjoyable of my life.

Getting involved with sport at York is more than playing for your College every week or playing in BUCS every Wednesday afternoon, it is a way of meeting a vast array of different characters and sportspeople from a range of colleges and sporting backgrounds.

I never imagined being Nouse Sports Editor alongside being on the UYAFC committee and playing for Langwith as well. Juggling all of these roles has definitely been a unique challenge, but one that I have enjoyed immensely throughout my final year at York.

If anyone out there is thinking about getting involved in sport at York, whether it be playing, reporting or officiating I would struggle to find one reason to stop you doing it. At times of course it is challenging but the end result is hugely rewarding.

Initially, you may feel like the new one of the group but from my experience all of the clubs at York are extremely welcoming and the more you seek to get involved, the more satisfaction you gain and the more respect you gain from your peers.

So with my last week approaching the perfect finish to the year will be a dramatic College Cup final with a Langwith Plate success to go alongside this and maybe even an England EURO 2012 win. Well we can dream, can’t we?

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  1. 25 Jun ’12 at 8:57 pm

    Wendy Gardener

    I am so glad you have enjoyed all the aspects of sport for your three years at York university, playing and reporting being a big part of your life, I am so proud of the work you have achieved and wish you all the luck in the world with your bright future. Mum x

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