Men’s Trends: Football Fashion

The image portrayed by each country in their style of kit can be crucial to their success

With the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship held in Poland and Ukraine, already hotting up and traditional rivalries between countries arising, this year’s tournament is set to be nearly as tense as our own York College Cup. But it is not just about looking technically good on the pitch. The image portrayed by each country in their style of kit can be a big hit or miss.

France’s new home shirt particularly stands out as one of the best on the pitch. Not only is it aesthetically slick, but incredibly well designed as Nike have incorporated elements such as air ventilation holes on the shorts to help the players. Inspired by military uniforms, the blue shirt with thin stripes and a unique high collar, embellished with gold piping, not only looks chic but represents the French nation with the inner necks of the shirt stating ‘Nos differences nous unissent’, (our differences unite us) conveying the diversity of the nation.

The Nike home and away kit for Holland this year also has been praised for its design, with the home shirt remaining the traditional bold orange, but diversified with two deeper toned diamond prints at both the left side of the torso and the right side of the bottom of the shirt, in order to allude to look like a sash, reminiscent of the first ever Dutch kit from 1904. The away shirt, simple in all black with a splash of orange on the top right hand corner, also looks elegant and has been recognised as one of the best shirts in the Euros.

Portugal’s kit, also designed by Nike, is in keeping with their classic colours and look, but with some slight alterations for the Euros, inspired by the country’s history with seafaring. The home shirt is an all red body, with a simple crew neck green collar, with the sleeves adorned with green crosses created by thin stripes, which wrap round the whole cuff, symbolising the country’s national symbol. Portugal already are known for their stylish member Cristiano Ronaldo and the team have favourable odds for getting far in the competition.

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