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Frida Giannini

Frida Giannini

The dictionary states that ‘Advice’ is an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action and future conduct. In other words it is a concise bit of information aiding you in the wide world in order for your personal improvement, right? But wait, there is good and bad advice, which are only realised of their beneficial properties once acted upon. Both the good and bad categories can be further extended into the brackets of ‘Fashion Advice’. With the ever popular shows such as Gok’s Fashion Fix or a little bit of Trinny and Susannah, it raises the question of who gives you the best fashion advice?

Once upon a time I had a style consultation by a rather chubby man who in the previous decades had been a high end fashion photographer. He boasted of all the models he had worked for and the advice he had forced on them. The first thing he jabbed at me was ‘Oh no. Round hoop earrings make your face look very round’. Off with the earrings, for a face hopefully a few pounds lighter. The next advice was that my arms were too muscular (are you kidding?), and finally, the obvious advice of getting into better shape considering the industry I wish to work in. All in all, it was a nasty wake up call, but one I haven’t acted upon other than the earring dismissal. As his words still echo through my mind to this day still, it does make me wonder what horrible advice we have been given and whether in the form of harsh criticism, it is actually for the greater good.

The memories of my fashion advice experience were dug up when last week I read what Frida Giannini, Gucci creative director, had given to movie star Robert Pattinson, who states he often gets fans asking him to bite them, yes take a chunk from their flesh, as they are that besotted by this British fashion icon. The star has stepped out in an array of Gucci suits over the past few months, appearances including the slick Cannes Film Festival in which he had a custom-made suit created for him to wear in his new film, Cosmopolis. He is the ultimate Gucci Ken doll.

The reluctant style superstar shares his hate of the spotlight in the same way his co star Kirsten Stewart, a regular on the worst dressed list, always look so awkward when going down the red carpet. But in his adoption of the Gucci mindset he has been delighted with his little make over. He praises Giannini and states: “she taught me one thing – you should definitely have good contacts at Gucci,” he said. “They’re absolutely amazing. You can do quite crazy things [with colour] if you have incredibly classic, really well-made suits. I guess I’ve been quite boring for a while. I used to be more interesting with them. Now I always just request things two days before: ‘Can you send 25 suits?’ I don’t even know what I want to wear!”

But there was a time in which Pattinson was not so hot to trot, and he recalls his least favourite haircut, which involved extensions and a dark bob for his role as Salvador Dali in the 2008 film Little Ashes. He recalls his style nightmare, saying that, “I was trying to swim to somehow get in shape two days before we started shooting in this apartment complex in Barcelona.
“There were all these children everywhere and I was this weird, pasty, hungover person with a girl’s black bob, swimming in the pool with huge clumps of hair falling out. I had my whole body totally waxed as well because Dali didn’t haven’t any body hair. It was the most terrifying thing…”

The interesting thing about receiving advice, is what you then choose to do with it. As previously stated, the only way you can truly distinguish the good from the bad advice is by acting on it, but how far would you go to be your ‘best’ self?

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