Deputy Editor’s Picks.

Prison Fictions and Beluah are this week’s picks

21 June 5.30pm
Bowland Auditorium, The Berrick Saul Building
Prison Fictions and Writing Imprisonment
This event showcases speakers who have themselves been former prisoners or have played a governing role in the prison system. These speakers will bring writing and stories from the UK, South Africa and Guantanamo, demonstrating the specificity of imprisonment and a unique insight into some of their darkest and most personal moments.

27-30 June 7.45pm
York Theatre Royal
Described as “life changing theatre” by Edinburgh Fringe critics Three Weeks, The Flanagan Collective return this year with Beulah. Inspired by William Blake, the piece pushes the boundaries of musical theatre. A delicate folk tale which bridges the gap between this world and the next, exploring very fabric we are made from.

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