Rating – **

Starring – Charlize Theron

After an enigmatic prologue whose importance is never explained, Prometheus sees archaeologists and astronauts unite, as a spaceship leave Earth in the late 21st century to search for the origins of the human race. Being producer and director Ridley Scott’s return to the Alien franchise, this mission is doomed to fail thanks to scary monsters and the vague, insidious corporate interests funding it. Where his 1979 success exploited such vagueness to build up to an uncanny, intense battle between Sigourney Weaver and a demon, his new film’s brilliant version of this encounter (with the cleverly cast Noomi Rapace of the 2009 Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as the heroine) intrudes in the middle of a story whose mysteries force most of the audience’s time to be spent with a host of other heroes, villains and special effects involved in far duller crises. These involve father figures, faith, and – thanks to didactic dialogue about “weapons of mass destruction” that the Avengers film was also guilty of – technology/warfare. Most of the cast are consequently left with little to do; the more ambiguously positioned robot played by Michael Fassbender is at first enjoyable, but ultimately the most confusing element of a film with little story and not even many thrills to offer in spite of the obscene amount of publicity it’s receiving.

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  1. I agree with this guy the film was pretty shit

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