Hasta luego

As the summer term draws to an end, we hope you don’t mind us taking a small moment to thank those who have made Nouse possible during the last few years. We say thanks to Sam Morgan for years of sport reporting, Alexander Prowse for his political knowledge. Thanks to Sarah Jilani for the best Arts Editor Nouse has ever seen. We wish you all the best at Oxford. Thank you to Michael Allard and Christopher Fraser for your encyclopedic knowledge of film, and thank you to Adam Bychawski, the cat-loving music reviewer extraordinaire. Many thanks to Charlotte Fairclough and Frances Sampayo for all the fantastic cartoons and drawings that dazzled our pages throughout the year. We say thanks to Lucy Dixon, an excellent photographer. We hope you go on to great things. Thank you to Hannah Brearley for your witty humour that kept us all going through the early hours of a Monday morning, to Hannah Clugston for your charm and cheery persona. We will miss you both. Thank you to Henry and Jake for your dedicated sports reporting and bringing some much needed humour into the office. Enjoy China. Thanks to Andrew Ryan for your technical wizardry and dead-pan sense of humour, to Rachel for all the long hours proofing, but especially for your fantastic cakes each production weekend. Thank you to Luke for your amazing work rate, we still don’t know how you managed to juggle everything. Thank you to Mia for being wonderful, a special thanks to Camilla for all your support and enduring passion. We will miss you greatly and know you will be great. Finally, to Hannah, thank you and we wish you the best of luck in the future. We thank you all for your hard work and dedication – we couldn’t have learnt it without you. We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have knowing you.

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