Derwent seconds deducted points

Derwent seconds have been deducted two points in the College Cup, after they failed to provide a referee for one of Monday’s games.

They were scheduled to provide the referee for the 4pm match between Alcuin seconds and Halifax seconds, which ended 3-2 to Halifax, but organiser Joe Boughtflower was forced to step in to referee the match.

The two point sanction for failing to field a referee has always been in place and is a rule that all captains had been made aware of.

They now sit bottom of Group 3, on minus two points after they lost 1-0 to Vanbrugh thirds last Thursday.

In an email to sent to team captains this evening, Boughtflower said, “There really is no excuse. If you do not turn up it often means that somebody has to step in last minute, this isn’t fair and also means the games do not start on time.

“I understand it may seem harsh to dock points, but in order for this tournament to work it is crucial that referees are always there. Everybody only has to organise 2/3 games to referee, it isn’t the toughest thing to sort out in the world and is the one aspect I have left to the captains to organise. The deduction to Derwent 2nds of 2 points will hopefully underline to you the need to make sure you have a referee there. I have consistently said no excuses and this example shows that it will be followed through.

“Unfortunately this has had to happen, hopefully it doesn’t again.”


  1. is this some sort of sick joke

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  2. Admirable that Boughtflower has held up to the rules and deducted points from his own college. The rules apply to everyone.

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  3. This is not some sick joke but a heart wake up call.
    The college cup train left the station and Derwents 2s are sat on the platform looking stupid. Turned up 7 days late to the party and Vanburgh 3s are already clear!

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  4. 15 May ’12 at 2:22 pm

    Kallum Taylor

    Rest assured the vast majority of our 3’s players are not that smug (to the above comment).

    Fair play to Joe here, test of his impartiality passed – if there were ever any doubters.

    Roll on Friday.

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  5. Is this really fair on the team? yes the captains made a mistake and should form of punishment should follow. However its not fair to punish the whole team for the captains mistake. Would a ban/some form of punishment to the captain serve the situation better?

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  6. Nutty Hype

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  7. 15 May ’12 at 7:55 pm

    Harry Lambert

    joe what are you playing at man???

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  8. 16 May ’12 at 12:19 am

    Rules are there for a reason

    Captains knew from the very off that there would be a points deduction if a captain does not show up; it has to be enforced.

    All I can say is fair play to Joe for upholding the integrity of the College Cup.

    Personally think Derwenters who are on here complaining should be venting their frustration at their current captains, after all it seems that is all they have done this year!

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  9. 16 May ’12 at 12:24 pm

    Oliver Blackburn

    Fair play from Joe there, I’m impressed with the impartiality.

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  10. Is this news though… like, really?

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  11. 19 May ’12 at 10:05 pm

    Jonathan Frost

    @Staff 101
    Factual content in the public interest? Yes.

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