Roses 2012: Sunday as it happened


Lancaster took a 47-28 lead after Friday and stretched their lead to 133-107 on Saturday

The winning target this year to secure victory and retain the Carter James trophy was 144.5 points.

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Live blog coverage: Martin Spurr and Jonathan Frost
Reporters: Dan Holland, Luke Gardener, Neil Johnston, Rohan Banerjee, Sam Shepherd, Will Light, and Harry Hawkins
Photographers: Philippa Grafton, Agatha Torrance and Hoagy Davis-Digges

4:36 pm

That’s all from Roses 2012 – the final score is 156.5-131.5 to Lancaster.

It’s been a great weekend and well done to all involved.

Thanks for following Nouse over the weekend.

4:36 pm

Seb Swenson, the lacrosse men’s captain, had this to say about his team’s win:

We came in today and didn’t know what to expect, but we’re really happy with the performance we showed and it was a great effort. We look forward to playing Lancaster again next year.

4:32 pm

Image credit: Philippa Grafton

4:30 pm

A few more pictures from the croquet battle

Image credits: Philippa Grafton

4:28 pm

And the lacrosse is over. A frantic last few minutes makes the final score 12-3 to York. A really good performance from York and the final points of the tournament go to the white rose.

4:24 pm

11-3 in the lacrosse now. Almost there.

4:22 pm

Into the last few minutes and York increase their lead to 10-3.

4:19 pm

9-3 to York in the lacrosse. Andy Chalmers cheekily stands behind the goal before running around and planting the ball in the net.

4:17 pm

Another goal for Lancaster in the lacrosse. Now 8-3 to York, but Lancaster are still a long way behind.

4:16 pm

Well considering Climbing and Archery was worth a collective 28 points, of which Lancaster took 27, this doesn’t seem unreasonable. Seriously though, where’s York’s climbing wall?

4:15 pm

Consolation goal for Lancaster in the lacrosse. Score now stands at 8-2 to York.

4:14 pm

We’re now only waiting on results from Mountain Biking, Hockey Mixed, and Lacrosse, worth 0, 0, and 4 points respectively.

4:13 pm

York win the road race in the cycling!

4:11 pm

YUSU President Tim Ellis cleans up at the croquet.

Photo credit: Philippa Grafton

4:11 pm

It’s a rout in the lacrosse! Now 8-1 to York.

4:08 pm

York now 7-1 up in the lacrosse.

4:06 pm

Jane Grenville in the house, returning triumphant from her knockout croquet victory. It’s the only sport that matters at Roses, and we all know it.

4:04 pm

Streaker at the lacrosse! Greeted with loud cheers by cross dressing Lancastrians. He went round the Lancaster players handing out advice before disappearing into the woods. Bizarre.

4:03 pm

The final coach to York has been moved from a 7pm departure to 6pm.

4:02 pm

4:00 pm

End of the third quarter in the lacrosse and York lead 6-1. The points are in the bag here.

4:00 pm

Lancaster have taken both the basketball and the volleyball. Lacrosse is still going, but the scoreline is 6-1 to York. We’ll end on a high!

3:59 pm

3:58 pm

In the Lacrosse, York are back on top and now lead 6-1. York have been outrageously dominant in this match.

3:50 pm

BREAKING: York win the Croquet!

3:48 pm

Great news, not sure how though. Tim admitted earlier that he had no idea how to play…

3:47 pm

Celebratory/consolation cupcake anyone?

3:44 pm

Lancaster pull one back in the lacrosse to make it 5-1. Luke’s battery is running out, but we will find a way to bring you the latest!

3:38 pm

In the basketball, we’ve just reached the end of the 3rd quarter, and teams remain neck and neck at 41-38 to the Red Rose. It’s too close to call.

3:37 pm

In the volleyball, Lancaster are two sets up and are winning in the third.

3:34 pm

If you want to see more photos from the Roses 2012 weekend, check out our full gallery on Flickr.

3:34 pm

Half-time in the men’s lacrosse. York are leading 5-0 and should easily claim 4 points here.

3:32 pm

The closing ceremony will now be held in Barker House Farm at 4:30pm, where the darts were on Friday.

3:31 pm

York are rampant in the men’s lacrosse now leading 5-0. William Chun scores a great goal to make it 5, but a rather subdued atmosphere out there according to our rather tired reporter/football player, Luke Gardener.

3:28 pm

Time out midway through the third quarter in the basketball and Lancaster lead 37-32. Dead even.

3:25 pm

Harry Pampiglione looks rather strained here. York will be seeking to equalise in the second set after the Lancs came from behind to steal the first.

3:23 pm

3:23 pm

The closing ceremony has been brought forward to 4:30 for all those who are still in Lancaster.

3:16 pm

3:14 pm

Lancaster are 31-26 up at the end of the second quarter in the men’s basketball. York need to improve their shooting, but it could still go either way.

3:14 pm

Photo credit: Philippa Grafton

3:12 pm

Good to hear

3:11 pm

End of the first quarter and it is 3-0 to York in the lacrosse.

3:08 pm

Lancaster take the first set in the volleyball. York’s play looks disjointed but Lancaster are lucky to be ahead.

3:07 pm

Tom Beetham scores a third for the men’s lacrosse and we are still in the first quarter.

3:05 pm

The York men’s lacrosse team are now 2-0 and looking like they will comfortably win. William Chun with a long range effort scores the second.

3:03 pm

The last event of Roses is the volleyball and York are winning 12-11 in the first set.

2:56 pm

Lancaster score with two seconds left in the first quarter of the basketball to level the scores at 14-14. York are playing the better basketball but are conceeding far too many fouls which is costing them.

2:55 pm

I agree! Though I think York v. Lancaster on the inflatable human table football would be more fun.

2:50 pm

Taking stock of the last three days and overall York should be very happy with their performance. Winning away in Roses doesn’t come easily and it took until after 2pm for Lancaster to clinch the winning points today.

2:48 pm

2:46 pm

For all the croquet fans out there, we don’t think the hotly anticipated contest has started yet.

Usually, the V-C Brian Cantor plays with the students’ union president. But this year he hasn’t made trip, so Tim Ellis has Jane Grenville as his partner.

Is this Grenville’s bid for Vice-Chancellorship? Depends on her croquet skills.

2:39 pm

At the men’s basketball York have started well and are 8-2 after 3 minutes in the first quarter.

2:35 pm

The Lancaster men’s football firsts celebrating after clinching the 4 points that won Roses 2012

Image credit: Philippa Grafton

2:35 pm

Everything is now winding down and the tension has dissipated as York heads en masse to the bus stop to catch the 3pm coach. Everyone else is stick around for the closing ceremony this evening.

2:33 pm

Images credits: Philippa Grafton

2:26 pm

Over at the lacrosse, it’s 20-3 to York, following two fantastic goals from the unstoppable Saunders, who is in complete command of the game, supported by Yeomans.

2:24 pm

Well done Lancaster! York fought bravely but came up just short away from home.

2:23 pm

Dan Turley, the men’s football firsts had this to say about the game that just lost us the Carter James trophy:

I think for 30 minutes in both halves we controlled the game and played some unbelieveable football. We switched off at the end of both halves and conceded sloppy goals. Overall we can be proud of our performance though.

2:20 pm

York win in the women’s basketball firsts, as scores elsewhere mean Lancaster win Roses

Image credits: Agatha Torrance

2:19 pm

Janne Billiet, the women’s volleyball captain, had this to say about their win:

Really happy with the result today, and we were missing 5 of our key players due to illness.

2:13 pm

The basketball concludes at 32-28 to York, after a dominant performance from the White Rose. Scrappy at times, but they grew into the game. I’m sure we’ll have quotes from the captain and more detail shortly when our reporter Will Light returns.

2:13 pm

And the women’s finishes up almost immediately after, as Lancaster take that game 2-1. It all came tumbling down.

2:11 pm

A great performance from the Lancaster football firsts seals the deal and Lancaster will take the Carter James trophy. York put up a real fight, and prolonged the victory far longer than anyone expected.

York won last year at 11:11am, so frankly the Lancs have been slow to take the expected home victory. The White Rose should be proud of this.

2:09 pm


Nouse can confirm that Roses 2012 has been won by the Lancastrians, as they now have 144.5 of the available 288, after having won the men’s football, where the final score was 3-1.

2:06 pm

12-3 in the lacrosse, as York storm the Lancastrian defence with ease. Good goals from Kathe Barrett and one from Alex Whitehead.

2:06 pm

Lancaster 3-1 ahead now in the Men’s 1st football. Looks like any remaining hope is lost now.

2:03 pm

Goal to Lancaster 2-1. A superb passing move down the left hand side rendered the York defence stranded. Lancaster on the brink…

1:59 pm

York narrowly avoid going 2-1 down as a goalmouth scramble leads to the Lancaster striker having an open goal. Somehow Ollie Harrison makes a frantic clearance off the line. A very lucky escape.

1:56 pm

2-0 to Lancaster in the women’s football, after a careless mistake in midfield sees a stunning breakaway goal.

1:54 pm

At the men’s football firsts, York are gifted an opportunity and Tom Clarke wastes no time. His shot is just saved, James Davies goes for the rebound, clashing heads with a Lancaster defender. Both men are alright, but the ball is collected safely.

1:53 pm

Lacrosse news. The York women are 9-3 up and by the sounds of it are absolutely cruising.

1:51 pm

Just lifted this from Roses Live – the supposedly “official” score:
“After a points re-tally, the magic number to win Roses has been changed to 146.5 from 144.5 and so Lancaster require 4 points to win the tournament.”

Stick with us, we’re right.

1:50 pm

We’re not confirming this, but it’s what we’re hearing:

1:49 pm

We’re hearing that the magic number has shifted, after Roses Live have added another few points somewhere. They’ve been consistently out all weekend and now they’re just making stuff up, I swear. We’ve sent a team to investigate, and will ensure we’re bringing you an accurate score as soon as possible.

1:47 pm

Will is back with an update from the volleyball. He says it’s 24-18. Lancaster have been pushing in the last quarter, but the difference is being made by York’s excellent 3-pointers.

1:46 pm

In the lacrosse, York lead 8-3. Saunders and Yeoman are working as an impressive pairing up front and making the difference. York are winning in almost everything running.

1:42 pm

Lancaster are still dominating in the women’s football firsts. The York team needs a lift, cheer louder York fans!

1:41 pm

Nouse Photographer Agatha Torrance is having a moan about York’s imminent loss. She’s probably right, but nothing official yet.

1:40 pm

It’s very even in the men’s football firsts, as Lancaster move on the attack and Dom McMahon is forced to make a save, low on his left hand side, after the Lancaster number 9 gets through on goal.

1:38 pm

Go, go, go Team York!

1:37 pm

1:34 pm

Not worth any points, but the York team will be disappointed.

1:33 pm

It’s 3-2 in the lacrosse, after York go 3-1 up thanks to Georgie Sanders, only to relax and leave themselves wide open for a speedy retaliation.

1:32 pm

The second half is underway in the women’s football firsts and Lancaster are back in the driving seat. But a great low save from York’s Meg Phillips denies Lancaster a goal and the score remains at 1-0.

1:31 pm

I was so sceptical that we’d hold out till 1pm, but we seem to have, and we’re winning in all current matches bar the women’s firsts football. If Lancaster win there, they will make the 144.5 target exactly, meaning that the single College A point we have forfeited could be the damning nail in the coffin for the York’s Roses 2012 dreams.

1:29 pm

Feisty action from the women’s lacrosse firsts

Image credits: Agatha Torrance

1:28 pm

In the volleyball, it’s 14-6 to York, with the Lancs look flaccid and unprofessional. More points for us soon…

1:27 pm

That’s 1-1 in the football!

1:27 pm

The second half of the men’s firsts football is underway.. and YORK SCORE! Atherton picks up the ball, assess his choices, and unleashes a curling effort from 25 yards which nestles in the bottom corner. Promises to be a great second half!

1:25 pm

Barong Huang, men’s fencing captain, speaks to Neil Johnston

1:24 pm

Action from the women’s basketball, where York are currently ahead.

Image: Agatha Torrance

1:22 pm

Half-time in the women’s football firsts and it is also 1-0 to Lancaster. York started well but barring the occasional flash of brilliance from Marte Wang, they have been on the back foot.

1:21 pm

Half-time in the men’s football firsts. Lancaster leading 1-0 and are dominant. Just before the end of the half they had a good penalty shout turned down before their left winger fires over rashly.

1:16 pm

Sophie Mason, women’s fencing captain, speaks to Neil Johnston

1:14 pm

The ref waves away claims for a York penalty in the women’s football firsts after a cross appears to hit a Lancaster hand in the box. They are made to settle for a corner which is wasted.

1:12 pm

Lanaster GOAL in the men’s football firsts! Great strike from Lancaster’s centre forward who creates space for himself on the edge of the box, before letting fly and beating helpless Dom McMahon.

1:10 pm

9-4 to York now in the women’s basketball. Frantic and frenetic stuff according to Will.

1:06 pm

Action from the men’s football firsts. It is currently 0-0.

Image credits: Philippa Grafton

1:03 pm

Meanwhile in the men’s, Lancaster also break through, and their striker hits the post. Luke tells me he was a good yard offside as well, but it wasn’t flagged up.

Tom Clarke responds well with York’s best chance, forcing a great save from the Lancaster keeper, following a cracking link up courtesy of Ollie Harrison.

1:01 pm

For all York’s offensive prowess in the women’s football, they’re failing to defend, and Lancaster slip through to score. 1-0.

12:57 pm

So ongoing right now we have:
Men’s firsts football: 4 points
Women’s firsts football: 4 points
Women’s firsts basketball: 4 points

We need to win all of them to stay in it…

12:57 pm

Final score from the women’s fencing: Lancaster win 135-122, though we already knew they had the points secured in that one

12:55 pm

Two minutes into the first quarter in the basketball and Lancaster are 4-2 up. COME ON YORK! We need to turn this around.

12:53 pm

At the women’s firsts football, Wang is living up to expectations as she nutmegs a midfielder before passing dangerously into the path of Savanah Green, who shoots just wide.

12:51 pm

The Lancastrian women’s fencing team have just crossed the necessary amount to take the fencing points, we believe.

12:50 pm

Ex-Nouse Sport Editor and Derwent 1s player Jake Farrell confirms that they’ve not heard anything about their College A fixture. Communication breakdown somewhere.

12:49 pm

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Can York include last night’s Nouse sport fifa challenge in Roses? 10 points perhaps?

12:48 pm

It’s a very even start in the men’s firsts football. Lancaster create the closest opportunity with a ball across the 6 yard box. This is followed by a collision between York defender Oscar Lynch and Dom McMahon but they are both okay. 0-0.

12:44 pm

We were there and it was EPIC! Almost as epic as both our photographers jumping in fully clothed at the final whistle.

12:44 pm

York have won the men’s fencing, bringing in 4 points winning in all 3 classes. The final score is 135-108.

12:42 pm

Our reporter at the college A football match says it seems to be a scheduling error. Derwent aren’t in Lancaster and might not have been invited.

But Marc Handley, the Lancaster version of Sam Asfahani, has decreed that Vanbrugh, York’s college B team, cannot fill Derwent’s place and play for a point. So a friendly match is getting underway.

12:41 pm

Interestingly, York’s star player Wang is actually playing against her twin sister, who is part of the Lancaster midfield. Take her out!

12:40 pm

In the women’s football firsts, York is off to a promising start. Marte Wang and Holly Knott both close in the opening few minutes, but the keeper sees both shots pushed just wide.

I didn’t think I’d get like this, but it’s suddenly incredibly tense. We’re hanging on by our fingernails here.

12:37 pm

The men’s football firsts has kicked off, with no chances yet. York’s attacking line up consists of Tom Clarke, Tom Day, and Dan Atherton. If we lose here, and lose the women’s fencing as seems likely, it’s all over…

12:34 pm

12:32 pm

We’re hearing that Charlotte Winter has fractured her ankle, and no she wasn’t playing at the time. She was supposed to be playing Lacrosse later today, so another blow for York there.

12:30 pm

The York women’s volleyball captain, Alexa Mittelhuber had this to say about their win:

It was a fantastic game, we had a solid start. Lancaster came back, but we held it together. We lost previously for 9 consecutive years, so to get the win was excellent.

Photo credit: Philippa Grafton

12:25 pm

York take the 4 points in the volleyball, claiming the last set 25-22 to York!

12:23 pm

Sam sends another update from the College Football farce.

Vanbrugh 2s are scheduled to play their Lancs counterparts for no points, despite offering to play Cartmel 1s for the point. Vanbrugh captain James Wilson says that Lancaster are taking the easy route out. Weak.

12:20 pm

In the women’s fencing, we trail by 11 points overall. 1 blade remains. This is a really disappointing performance from York, who were a safe bet to take the points. That said, there’s still time.

12:19 pm

We’re waiting for the women’s football to start now, another 4 points up for grabs here. All eyes are on York Marte Wang, singled out by captain Rachael Carpenter as the cornerstone of their attacking force.

12:18 pm

No show from Derwent, not what York needs right now.

12:17 pm

A reader comments

What’s the deal with Derwent not showing up for College A footy? Are they in Lancs? Bus late? WE MUST HAVE JUSTICE

Damn straight, I want blood. Now it not the time to be forfeiting points.

12:11 pm

The score is currently 107-136 to Lancaster.

12:07 pm

At the fencing, York’s Sophie Mason has just won her bout 11-3, to put York in the lead in the epee class.

12:06 pm

The volleyball is still underway, the atmosphere mounting. Lots of shouting and screaming: a real nail biter!

Photo credit: Philippa Grafton

12:03 pm

York forfeit the College A football, worth one point as Derwent fail to show. Cheers guys.

Vanbrugh 2s v Cartmel 1s will go ahead as a friendly.

12:01 pm

A little break for York, as they manage to steal one goal in the men’s seconds’ dying seconds. 2 points to Lancaster there then.

12:00 pm

The Lancs have taken a set in the volleyball. York made it close, but Lancs get on the board with a 26-24 victory. York need one more set to take the points.

11:58 am

In the men’s fencing, York boast an impressive 26 point lead going into the last class, the epee.

11:56 am

5-0 to the Red Rose, as their left winger cuts in scythes one in. Bradley, near his post, should have done more.

11:53 am

There’s quite a lot of confusion at the College football, as York’s A team, Derwent, have failed to show up. However, it looks like Vanbrugh, our College Bs are willing to step up and take the point.

11:51 am

The bloodbath is nearly over at the men’s seconds. 10 minutes to go, and no clear chances for York to snatch a goal.

11:46 am

ANOTHER Johnny Sim save, as Lanc begin to demonstrate some home advantage. Give that kid a medal.

11:44 am

Lancaster have assumed control in the men’s thirds and their number 9 sends a dangerous shot just over Sim’s bar. It remains 1-1.

Photo credit: Philippa Grafton

11:42 am

That said, the White Rose look set to take all 8 points available at the fencing, which is not to be sniffed at.

Photo credit: Agatha “Popcorn” Torrance

11:40 am

Philippa is back from snapping the men’s seconds game and affirms that it’s a slaughter.

Photo credit: Philippa Grafton

11:38 am

Dan’s getting all depressed at the men’s seconds. “It’s all over and everyone knows it.” There, there Dan.

11:36 am

Hope he’s alright… sounds like it was a brutal challenge.

11:35 am

In the men’s thirds football, York are relishing the aggressive nature of the game. It’s a fiery Roses clash. Twice, Hamish Denham floors Lancaster’s centre back. Rohan tells me the poor guy is rolling around and will probably never father a child.

Rohan send in another text:
“Lmao. They’ve brought the paramedics on.”

Clearly no love lost there.

11:32 am

So heading down to this later.

11:31 am

York have won the second women’s volleyball set 25-15. Jizerova is on top form. One more win there and we’ll pick up 4 much needed points.

11:28 am

Johnny Sim is playing a blinder in goal for the men’s thirds. He makes a fantastic double save to keep the score locked at 1-1. Rohan Banerjee wants to know why he’s not in the firsts!

11:23 am

Well it’s all tied up at the men’s seconds, as moments into the second half the Lancs play a good through ball between the centre halfs, and the striker, shooting early, chips York keeper Luke Bradley and the Lancs grab another. There’s no way back from this now. 2 points given away.

11:20 am

We’re entering the second halves in both the men’s seconds and thirds football. 2-0 down in the seconds, and 1-1 in the thirds, with 2 and 1 points up for grabs respectively.

11:18 am

I did apply to Lancaster I think. Got in. Chose to go to the better uni.

11:16 am

Over at the fencing, the York men have developed a strong 45-30 lead following the sabre class, with all 3 players winning parries.

York continue to open the gap in the foil, Dan Cornwell winning his bout 5-1.

11:12 am

In the seconds, the first half wraps up. Dan tells me a disappointing game, and York will struggle to get anything from this.

11:11 am

The pressure finally does it, as a long ball floats in and at last Sim is beaten. 1-1 in the men’s thirds.

11:08 am

More good news from the seconds football, where Dan says that York are getting stuck in, but the Lancs still look dangerous on the counterattack. Almost the end of the first half.

11:08 am

WHICH IS SAVED!!! Jonny Sim with another phenomenal stop to keep York in the lead. What a game!

11:07 am

In the women’s volleyball, York have taken the first set 25-18, thanks to slightly more fluid play than their Lancaster opponents. We lost yesterday in the mixed, so this looks to be a better start than expected. 4 points up for grabs, and best of 5 sets again.

11:07 am

Penalty to Lancaster in the 3rds football…

11:04 am

In the midst of the fencing, Neil says that after the sabre class York’s men have a 45-30 lead with all three players winning their parries.

11:01 am

Breaking news: Massive disappointment amongst the Nouse contingent as the croquet is rumoured to be delayed until 1.30.

11:00 am

10:58 am

York could have had a penalty for a push on James Offord, but aren’t doing enough at either end of the pitch. Still 2-0. At least they’ve stopped conceding, I suppose.

10:56 am

The 3rds are still ahead in the football, and are a team reborn after their early struggles. However a blow, as Sam Miller is replaced by Luke Stevenson after a bad tackle, who then suffers a nose bleed. York players falling down like wounded oxes.

10:46 am

A corner is swung in under the crossbar and bundled over the line. York aren’t in this at all. 2-0 to the Lancs in the men’s seconds then.

10:44 am

The pressure’s on, certainly. Plenty of nerves in the air.

10:41 am

In the fencing, the York women have taken the first bout, while the men lose theirs.

10:39 am

Big news from the 3rds football. Sam Astbury heads in from a Hamish Denham long throw. This is good stuff for York after soaking up early Lancastrian pressure.

10:39 am

There’s plenty of optimism in the twittersphere:

10:37 am

The Lancaster number 11 scores a beautiful goal, hitting a crisp volley into the edge of the box. York appear to be struggling- come on Luke!

10:32 am

And the men’s thirds has started too now. The Lancs essentially need 3 4-pointers to finish this whole thing off, so winning the football is essential. If we’re still in this at 1pm, it’ll be pretty impressive.

10:30 am

Everyone seems to think that our very own Sports Editor Luke Gardener is the key player here, but we’re very sceptical. His Fantasy Football valuation is way over…

10:29 am

We’ve just kicked off in the men’s seconds football, which is down on Football Pitch 2 if you want to go and show some support.

10:27 am

10:23 am

What are your predictions for today? And which player/team have shone this weekend?

10:10 am

10:08 am

The sun is shining once again here in Lancaster. The fencing and football matches are due to kick off at 10:15. Excitment mounts across campus, but that might just be for the inflatable human table football being set up just across the carpark…

10:01 am

9:59 am

The all important number is 144.5 today. That is the score both sides are trying to reach in order to clinch the Carter James trophy.

9:56 am

We have had two days of action packed sport, but now only today is left. Lancaster lead 133-107 going into the first events at 10:15, but an early start from York would give them hope of a dramatic turnaround. Welcome to the final day of the Nouse 2012 Roses live blog!

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  1. mike says:

    live broadcasts from ystv will all start late today. We’ve not got out of bed yet.

  2. Oliver Blackburn says:

    What’s the deal with Derwent not showing up for College A footy? Are they in Lancs? Bus late? WE MUST HAVE JUSTICE.

  3. Oliver Blackburn says:

    Looking at the upcoming fixtures, we’d have to win everything to win overall (given we’re about to loose women’s fencing) – is that even remotely likely?

  4. King says:

    Someone put the Derwent football team on a bus… playing a friendly yet taking the points when we have a team already there but not the ‘one scheduled’… no honour in that

  5. UYAFC always sh!t says:

    Just saying. Another great performance following relegation for the firsts this year. Wear those tracksuits with pride lads…

  6. curious says:

    Who decides which sport gets points? Seems pretty arbitrary – Road cycling does but Mountain biking doesn’t? Why doesn’t mixed hockey?

  7. Football lost it for us says:

    Another great performance by those athletes/footballers. Most of them played their hardest, there is no shame in losing when there is such a gulf in talent, head up lads. Let’s get out of 3B next season…Only two sides relegated this year, now that is an achievement!!

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