Roses 2012: Saturday as it happened

Welcome to the Nouse live blog of Roses 2012 from Lancaster

Our reporters and photographers will be covering all of the action from every sport on the second day of Roses. Check out our slideshow for some of the best pictures.

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Lancaster took a 47-28 lead after the first day of events yesterday

The target York must reach this year to secure victory and retain the Carter James trophy is 144.5 points.

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Live blog coverage: Martin Spurr and Jonathan Frost
Reporters: Dan Holland, Luke Gardener, Neil Johnston, Rohan Banerjee, Sam Shepherd, Will Light, Rose Troup-Buchanan and Harry Hawkins
Photographers: Philippa Grafton, Agatha Torrance and Hoagy Davis-Digges

9:41 pm

That’s all from us today as Saturday finishes with York trailing 133-107.

Come back tomorrow for the final day of Roses 2012.

9:40 pm

It’s all over in the men’s water polo. York have won 15-12 – a great result and a much needed 4 points on the board.

And everyone’s in the pool to celebrate – cries of “Yorkshire!” ring out as the White Rose enjoy their win.

9:29 pm

York are 14-12 up as a timeout is called. Cracking game and a cracking atmosphere

9:24 pm

Women’s water polo

Image: Philippa Grafton

9:22 pm

York now 12-8 up in the men’s water polo, and chants of “You’re not in the Russell Group!” are ringing around the swimming pool. Will reckons this is game of the tournament so far.

9:08 pm

It’s now 8-7 York with two periods to go. Exciting stuff, and York could really use the points here.

9:04 pm

It’s a thriller in the men’s water polo – York leading 7-6 at the minute

8:54 pm

York lead 4-3 at the end of the 1st period of the men’s waterpolo. Great atmosphere in the swimming pool.

8:42 pm

We have triple checked the scores now, even against the Roses Live backend. We are 110% confident we’re right. Stick with Nouse for the correct scores, fastest.

8:31 pm

Table tennis seconds lose 9-3. 2 points for Lancaster.

8:28 pm

Water polo final score: 12-5 Lancaster.

York recovered some pride in the last period, and scored a nice goal. The two standout performers for the White Rose – Louise Highton, who completed a fine hat-trick, and Hannah Carter, who showed impressive strength in scoring her two goals.

8:14 pm

York win in the firsts table tennis! It finishes up 9-4.

8:11 pm

The score in the waterpolo is now 12-4 to the Red Rose. All hope has faded, really. They look exhausted.

7:58 pm

8-4 in the waterpolo to Lancs.

7:54 pm

In the waterpolo it’s 7-2 to the Lancs, but York are standing their ground, and there’s increasing support at the poolside: the football team, the swimming team, and more have turned out. The atmosphere is electric. 2 quarters remain.

7:52 pm

7:47 pm

In the table tennis, York now lead 7-2. Two more consecutive wins and we’ll be all done there, and take the 4 points.

7:45 pm

Also, the seconds table tennis are having something of a come back, but are still 5-3 down. More work still to be done.

7:43 pm

York’s women are now 4-0 down, but the atmosphere is fantastic!

7:36 pm

The women’s waterpolo is underway, and disappointingly York’s women are down by two goals in as many minutes.

7:27 pm

The York firsts table tennis team are poised to take York over the hundred points threshold!

7:25 pm

Women’s water polo is about to start in the swimming pool

7:01 pm

Chung in the York firsts has been beaten narrowly, but York still lead 2-1 overall.

6:49 pm

I’m so tired I’m seeing double. Academic Affairs Officer Graeme Osborn and his identical Lancastrian twin are both in the Sports Centre lobby.

6:46 pm

At the table tennis, Frank Chung of York and Zhi Cao of Lancaster are putting on a spectacle, with a 50 shot rally. In the seconds, York have slumped to 3-0 down.

6:45 pm

6:43 pm


6:41 pm

In the debating, York bring home 4 points! I won’t lie, we didn’t send anyone. Is it really a sport?

6:39 pm

BREAKING: The Archery is all totted up, and, to look at it in a positive light, our entry for Novice Male has come up trumps! They brought home a point!!

In other news, Lancaster have taken the other 9 points available. Damn.

6:34 pm

It’s now 2-0 overall for the table tennis firsts. Bring on the points…

6:33 pm

Andy Coupe of the York seconds is struggling and loses resoundingly in the first game of table tennis, but Anders Hammerback of the firsts has just schooled his opponent, winning by a 7 point margin, in the third set. He looks set to take it.

Photo credit: The Hoagster

6:27 pm

The York firsts are dominating in the table tennis, and lead in both their games constantly. This could be welcome points: the White Rose desperately need to break 100 before the day is out if we want to stay in this. The Lancs are leading in the seconds.

6:20 pm

At the archery, the officials are finally ready to total up, after what was supposed to be a 10am start! Tension mounting, with a whopping ten points about to be assigned.

6:18 pm

In the men’s firsts hockey, York have equalised! Laurie Torrington collects from a superb short corner, and fires home, making it 1-1.

The goal is quickly followed by the final whistle, and York steal a share of the points.

6:16 pm

A gap of 28 points currently separates the two sides.

6:13 pm

Alex Lonsdale, men’s rugby seconds captain, speaks to Neil Johnston

6:13 pm

Apologies for the technical errors here, the team is very tired after little sleep on a lecture hall floor. Furthermore we were all woken up by a drunk York darts team at 5am who then wouldn’t leave the room. Tip: If you’re going to wake lots of people up, don’t wear a t-shirt with your name on, Chris West, YUSU Student Activities elect.

6:09 pm

The score is now 116-88 to the home side.

6:08 pm

Milly Harvey, Women’s A Canoe Polo captain, talks to Neil Johnston

6:02 pm

In the men’s hockey firsts it’s 10 minutes to go, Lancaster is up one: 1-0.

6:01 pm

Men’s Hockey 1sts: York are really struggling now, they are pushing fowards and getting caught on the break too often. Lancaster are winning a lot of short corners and they finally make one pay. Lancaster goal, from a short corner scooped finish.

5:56 pm

So far we’ve seen two competitors hospitalised. Let’s hope that the rest of the event can continue without serious injury.

5:54 pm

Men’s Hockey 1sts: Lancaster now looking dangerously near scoring.

5:53 pm

York have won women’s canoe polo, which was delayed earlier, however score finished 2-0 to York!

5:52 pm

Men’s Hockey 1sts: Second half underway, and it has not started well for York with Leo Watton put in the sin bin. Lancaster now have the upper hand. Still nil-nil.

5:48 pm

Men’s Hockey 1sts.
Photo credit: Agatha Torrance

5:42 pm

Harry Hawkins has been a busy boy. Here he talks to man of the match Gregor Morris

5:41 pm

Harry Hawkins talks to York rugby stars Tom Chadwick and Gabriel Adebiyi

5:31 pm

Honours even at snowsports. York win the freestyle ski, and Lancaster win the freestyle boarding. Two points each. Hope the snow was decent.

5:31 pm

Men’s Hokcey 1sts: Half time at the hockey, and it is nil-nil. York have thus far been the better team and will rightly fustrated if they can’t make their chances count. Captain Mellor has been impressive along with every man on the team.

5:27 pm

Men’s Rugby 1sts: And there’s the final whistle! UYRUFC have secured their fourth consecutive Roses clean sweep, a useful 7 points in total. 1st XV final score: 22-6.

5:26 pm

Men’s hockey 1sts: Things are getting tense here at the hockey. York are getting fustrated as they haven’t made their chances pay. Henry Mellor was brought down and the Lancaster player has a green card. Mellor was not happy with the challenge at all.

5:22 pm

Men’s Rugby 1sts: Mesmeric passing by York’s backs. Bremner and Lord carry well, but a knockon destroys the attacking momentum.

5:17 pm

Men’s Hockey 1sts; Another short corner for York and they so nearly score. Fantastic double save by the Lancaster keeper denies Simon Lowen.

5:16 pm

Men’s rugby 1sts: A penalty from the scrum gives lancaster their best attacking opportunity of the half. And now there’s a York scrum just outside their 22 and York empty their subs bench.

5:15 pm

Men’s Hockey 1sts: Unbelievable defence splitting chip pass from york which is put wide by one foot by Dougie McAteer. york are pulling all the strings and they look to be a matter of time away from scoring.

5:13 pm

Men’s rugby 1sts: lancaster keep on trying to come back, but every fresh attack is swarmed by black and gold defenders.

5:10 pm

The netball is over: York lose 54-29 despite a spirited final quarter display. In all fairness, Lancaster dominated from start to finish and definitely deserved to win.

5:09 pm

5:08 pm

Men’s Hockey 1sts: Lancashire team earn a contentious short corner as the York players go mad at the decision. However, it’s easily saved and York regain possession and control of the movement of the game.

5:05 pm

Men’s Rugby 1sts: the pressure tells as the Red Rose of Lancaster concede a penalty. Chadwick nudges it over and York are 2 scores clear at 22-6.

5:03 pm

Men’s Hockey 1sts: Lancaster have their first chance and hit the post, but York goalkeeper Sam Harriman had it covered. Lancaster coming back into it in a hostile mood, the atmosphere is getting tense.

5:02 pm

Men’s Rugby 1sts

Photo credit: Philippa Grafton

5:02 pm

York are millimetres from the try line! All credit to Lancaster for this absolutely Herulean defence.

5:01 pm

Men’s rugby 1sts: slick handling by Chadwick, Pollen, and Watson. York will gave a scrum 5 meters from Lancaster line.

4:59 pm

Lancaster are not giving up easily. First sam Lord and then watson are dumped backwards by an impressive defence.

4:57 pm

Men’s rugby 1sts: Morris keeps the ball in play after winning a fantastic turnover. Chadwick makes another telling break on the right, before the rampant figure of CMorris chases a clever Will Ward chip – the attack ends as Morris was deemed offside! Crowd is loving this match.

4:55 pm

Men’s hockey 1sts: first chance of the game comes from Henry Mellor, captain of the team, just deflected wide. They now have a short corner but nothing comes of it. Great start for York.

4:53 pm

Men’s hockey 1sts: have just pushed back. A massive four points to be battled for, York are pumped.

4:53 pm

End of 3rd quarter: 40-39 to Lancaster in the Netabll 1sts.

4:51 pm

TRY! York win the lineout and drive forward. The pack collapse over and it’s Gaskell who stajnds up last to put his name on the score-sheet. Credit goes to the whole pack though. Conversion missed: 19-6.

4:47 pm

Men’s rugby 1st: Watson goes through again, with Bremner on his outside but the move breaks down. Lancaster take a scrum 5 metres from their own line.

4:45 pm

TRY YORK! Watsom once more carries in midfield, the ball comes back to first-year fly half Tom Chadwick, who spots a poorly aligned defence on the blindside. He chips, gathers and side steps a few weak tackles to triumphantly dive over in the corner. He can’t add the extras so it remains: 14-6.

4:41 pm

The men’s rugby is underway once more: early knockon by Lancaster gives York immediate field position.

4:39 pm

Men’s rugby 1st: this match is tight. Fitness and substitutes are going to be key for the second half. Morris, Adebiyi, and gaskell are all putting in particularly eye-catching performances, but the whole team looks in great shape.

4:34 pm

The game is moving back and forward, bit of chasing and kicking on the pitch resulting in a very kickable penalty for York.

4:33 pm

Lancaster turnover a York maul. Mutterings among York fans that it was illegal (this game looks like it is going to get a bit unpleasant.) York are looking to vent fustration on the next scrum and appear to have done well, but the ref. is now blasting his whistle and it is Lancaster who surge forward.

4:28 pm

Adebiyi pulls off a fantastic tackle on the Lancaster scrum hlaf, who otherwise looked destined to score. York have a penalty and are marching up the pitch once more.

4:26 pm

Adebiyi cuts a fantastic line to take York within 10 of Lancaster’s line, but a turnover allows the homeside to relieve the mounting pressure.

4:25 pm

In the netball it is the end of the first quarter and 13-5 to Lancaster. In truth, it could have been more. GK Knight being given the runaround by Lancaster’s Goal shooter. A late flurry gave York hope, but it’s all Lancaster.

4:24 pm

Group shot of the men’s seconds rugby team

Image credit: Agatha Torrance

4:23 pm

Industrious work from York’s forwards yields little, so Chadwick kicks and York have the lineout after Lancaster clearance.

4:22 pm

A Lancaster canoe player was lifted out of the water by fellow competitors and medical staff. All the other players are out of the water and the match has been suspended for now.

Image credit: Hoagy Davis-Digges

4:21 pm

CHANCE! Watson carries the ball well in the midfield, before Will Ward very nicely spots a gap and shhotts through. Adebiyi is on his inside shoulder but Lancaster illegally knock theh ball on before it reaches him. York fans are baying for a penalty try right now, but three points from Chadwicks boot semi-appease them.

4:21 pm

York have been pushing for an equaliser in the women’s firsts hockey, and are rewarded! It’s a lovely low reverse sweep into the corner of the net, courtesy of Emily Lucas.

4:19 pm

A great chip by Chadwick looks like it is knocked on by Lancaster, but the referee gives away nothing. Eventually York win a scrum just outside Lancaster’s 22.

4:17 pm

Injured player is UP! Shooing away medical team he joins the next scrum.

4:17 pm

The Lancastrian canoe player was lying back in his canoe, not sure what happened but there are alarms going off and medics running to the poolside as his team attempt to get him to the water’s edge. It looks serious, will update with more shortly.

4:17 pm

Men’s rugby: play is delayed as one of Lancaster’s props goes down with what looks like a nasty injury. Lancaster huddle to talk tactics, and York are keeping movement flowing with drills.

4:16 pm

Nouse make the Roses 2012 score 81-71 to Lancaster at the moment. Still a long way to go today though.

4:15 pm

There is a Lancaster canoe polo player injured in the water – we will update more as soon as we have concrete details.

4:12 pm

York captain, James Faktor, is injured and is replaced by Tim Ross. His shoulder looks to be the problem. Matt Pollen inherits the captaincy.

4:11 pm

For anyone concerned about discrepancies in scores between Nouse and Roses Live, I’m convinced they are assigning way too many points for the climbing. Stick with us!

4:10 pm

York are recvoering well after the restart, with the forwards tackling well and Gaskell is leading the push. Lancaster forward pass hands possession back into York hands.

4:09 pm

Watson carries up the left flank, but can’t seem to off load to Adebiyi, ultimately leading to a kickable penality for Lacaster. Their outside centre, apparently with the kicking duties today, knocks it over from wide out. Lancaster lead: 6-3.

4:07 pm

TURNOVER! Lancaster win the ball and charge upfield via their left winger. Bremner covers and York get the lineout.

4:07 pm

The teams are exchanging kicks, bubt Chadwick has now run the ball back, unfortunately meeting a well-drilled lancaster defence. James Factor wins a lineout inside the Lancaster 22.

4:06 pm

We keep going over the scores to check, and new additions keep flooding in, but I’m confident there’s only two points in it. It’s getting close.

4:05 pm

4:04 pm

Lancaster shoot and York block it. It hit her in the face, and sounded painful. The York player in question maintained her composure with “presence of mind” says Will. Impressive stuff. Still 1-0 to Lancaster there as we hit half-time.

4:03 pm

Another long kick down the pitch – there’s a scrum in the Lancaster 22 – both teams are beginning to hit their stride now.

4:03 pm

TRY for York! 62-7 as it is converted. Straight afterwards the final whistle goes. 4 points to Lancaster but a match played in really good spirits. What Roses is all about!

4:01 pm

Lancaster build momentum in York territory, but our defence is holding strong. Gabriel Adebiyi and Gregor Morris are noticable rocks of strength in the moment.

4:00 pm

Men’s rugby 1st: Chadwick kicks long and the Lancaster team concede a knockon. York win a penalty from the resulting scrum which Chadwick routinely knocks over, leaving the score at 3-3.

3:58 pm

Our rugby reporter Harry speaks with the seconds captain following their domination on the field.

3:58 pm

The netball firsts match has been put back to 4 so should get underway shortly.

3:57 pm

Several tries in the women’s rugby firsts. Lancaster are now on 62-0 but the York players are as enthusiastic as ever, even though they are lost this match.

3:57 pm

Nouse’s Comment editor snatches several awards for his slick moves on the floor. You should see him in Willow.

Photo credit: Philippa Grafton

3:56 pm

Men’s 1st rugby: a tidy lineout and some slick passing through on a crash ball, but York have lost possession and only Gregor Morris’ intervention stop Lancaster from diving on the loose ball for a certain score.

3:54 pm

York win in the American Football. In a close game, York nick it 15-14.

3:53 pm

Men’s 1st rugby is OFF! And we start off with an early penalty for Lancaster 3-0

3:49 pm

Men’s rugby is about to kick off … stay with us!

3:48 pm

Lancaster try in women’s rugby, York are looking at their best all game and are in their opponents 22, but loose the ball and aaare left short at the back as the Lancaster flanker runs the distance to convert. She fails to make the conversion, so score is now 48-0.

3:45 pm

Women’s rugby score is 43-0 as conversion hits the post … unlucky Lancaster.

3:45 pm

3:44 pm

Women’s rugby: Lancaster score again, as their wonderwoman comes through for the fourth time. York supporters are howling that Lancaster is a one woman team … true?

3:42 pm

Bad news already from the women’s hockey despite the best efforts of Keeper Laura Porter, as a close range Lancs effort trickles in. 1-0 Lancaster, but still all to play for.

3:41 pm

In the men’s hockey seconds, Lancaster win 3-2. York had one decent chance before the end to level it, but Lancaster secure the points.

3:35 pm

York win in the rugby seconds, after a great performance. Valuable points for the White Rose.

3:30 pm

One of today’s big fixtures has just got underway, as the women’s firsts hockey push back.

3:29 pm

Some quick thinking by Luke Cunnah creates acres of space for the sniping scrumhalf. York can’t finish straight away, but moments later Rishi Naidoo burrows over for a try. Harris cooly converts, making it 34-12 to York.

3:27 pm

In the dancing there’s only one York couple remaining now, as we enter the final. It’s getting energetic!

3:25 pm

York continue to pin the Lancastrians back, and lead the men’s seconds rugby 27-12, despite a recent Lancastrian resurgence and try.

3:23 pm

The women’s rugby firsts match has just started again after the injury to a Lancaster player – starting from a scrum.

3:21 pm

The air ambulance is taking off from the rugby field.

3:19 pm

York’s men have won the tennis. They lead 5-2 with two singles matches to play after comprehensive victories for Max Reby (6-2,6-2), Sam Davies (6-1,6-3), Nila Morosz (6-0, 6-1), and Max Andrews (6-3,6-2).

The remaining women’s doubles match looks close to a conclusion as York take a 4-2 lead. The singles are looking remarkably even, with it all to play for.

3:18 pm

Netball seconds result: Lancaster 51-21 York. A convincing win for the Red Rose, but they were as frustrated by the refereeing as the result.

3:15 pm

The crowd is applauding as the Lancaster player is stretchered into a road ambulance parked near the rugby pitch.

3:14 pm

We hope the Lancaster rugby player is okay. The officials were quick to call for the air ambulance.

3:12 pm

Air ambulance arrives for injured female Lancaster rugby firsts player. Lots of concern on the sidelines.

Image credit: Agatha Torrance

3:11 pm

3:09 pm

She’s been told not to move; it’s a neck injury. She will be airlifted out momentarily.

3:08 pm

There’s now an helicopter landing on pitch, to collect a Lancaster firsts women’s rugby player.

3:07 pm

Lancaster are running away with the Ulitmate frisbee – 11-2 now and the points are going to the Red Rose.

3:06 pm

Eight couple remain in the rock and roll semi final at the dancing, of which only 2 couples are York. Our very own Nouse Comment Editor is one of them!

3:05 pm

Replacement Tim Ross barges through the Red Rose midfield and gets around the fullback and under the posts to make it 24-7. It’s York’s game to lose now.

3:05 pm

Lancaster take a 3-2 lead in the men’s hockey. Dong-oh Shin makes a good save but Lancaster get to the ball first and slot it him.

3:02 pm

News from the women’s rugby is that we’re waiting for an ambulance after that injury to the two players.

3:01 pm

Marc Handley, LUSU Vice-President (Activities), speaks to Hoagy Davis-Digges

2:58 pm

Bad injury in the women’s rugby – two women down and being attended to by sports centre staff. York’s player looks to be ok, but Lancaster player isn’t moving.

2:58 pm

TRY for Lancaster! Imprecision by York’s backs invites Lancaster inside centre seizes the ball and sprint to the try line. Conversion makes it 17-7 to York still.

2:57 pm

TRY for York! A solid scrum provides the platform for some neat passing in the backline which sends the irrepressible Conan Osbourne through. He steps the covering defence and dances under the posts, silencing the Lancaster crowd. Conversion is an easy one, 17-0.

2:55 pm

Half time in the ultimate frisbee – 8-2 to Lancaster in that one.

2:55 pm

Final score from the men’s kumite – convincing Lancs win, dominating all 3 rounds.

2:51 pm

Image credit: Agatha Torrance

2:51 pm

We’re back underway in the women’s rugby. A win there would require a monumental effort from York.

2:50 pm

Roses 2012 currently stands at 68-53 to Lancaster. The White Rose are closing the gap, but there are ten points worth of archery yet to come in and we’re expecting most of those to go to the Lancs.

2:50 pm

Image credit: Agatha Torrance

2:49 pm

Lancaster are bossing the men’s kumite over in the Dance Studio. They’re on to grab another point there.

2:48 pm

That’s now 7-1 in the Ultimate. York facing losing another 4 points there.

2:47 pm

Lancaster currently 5-1 up in the Ultimate Frisbee.

2:46 pm

Photo credit: Philippa Grafton

2:45 pm

York’s errors proving very costly in the women’s rugby. A huge 38-0 to Lancaster at half time. York have barely been out of their own half and are facing humiliation here.

2:45 pm

Drama down on pitch 2, in the men’s rugby seconds as we reach half time. Lancaster build pressure on York’s line, and think they score, but the ref calls play back for a confused Lancaster penalty. York’s defence holds, and the half ends 10-0.

2:44 pm

Karate update: Lancaster win in both the men’s and women’s kata, but York hit back in the women’s kumite. Men’s kumite still to come.

2:40 pm

In the women’s first rugby, Lancaster have a break, cheered on by the crowd.

2:37 pm

After disappointment in the doubles, the York men have pulled it together in the singles, and are ahead in all their matches so far.

2:35 pm

Lancaster are getting all the decisions at the netball seconds. Captain Tess Webb is not happy. York trail 22-11.

2:32 pm

10-0 to York in the Men’s seconds rugby currently. York spend some time in York territory, but miss a penalty. Moments later, Woodward intercepts a sloppy Lancaster pass, and looks certain to score but is shut down by the Lancs full back. Great fitness by York’s forwards, who chase upfield and win a penalty, but it’s unconverted.

This all bodes very well for the firsts game later!

2:31 pm

2:29 pm

York clamber out of a hole in the men’s hockey seconds. Unsworth and Talbot score in quick succession with brilliant shots to make it 2-2. The Lancaster fans are strangely quiet now…

2:28 pm

York have it all to do in the women’s rugby. Two tries and two conversions in quick succession from the same Lancaster player – both converted so it’s 19-0 to the Red Rose

2:23 pm

Michael Bloom, one of the try scorers from the men’s rugby thirds game, speaks to Harry Hawkins

2:23 pm

And with the extra field goal that’s now 7-0 to York in the American Football

2:22 pm

York touchdown in the American Football! 6-0 up

2:21 pm

James Faktor, York’s rugby firsts captain, speaks to Hoagy Davis-Digges

2:20 pm

The American football game is still ongoing

Image credit: Philippa Grafton

2:18 pm

2-0 to Lancaster after they break from a York short corner and fire a powerful shot from the right leaving Dong-oh Shin raging.

2:17 pm

At the end of the 1st quarter York’s netabll 2nds trail 13-8, largely due to not tracking back. However, Rohan says that Shadyn Nikzad’s playmaking is being done justice by their attacking play.

2:17 pm

Lancaster fall short in the last minutes of the Lacrosse, and things wrap up 9-4 to York.

2:16 pm

Action from the lacrosse which York won 9-4

Image credits: Philippa Grafton

2:15 pm

Try for Lancaster in the women’s 1s; penalty awarded for a high tackle, quick tap taken from outside the 22, York missed their tackles and paid the price. Conversion missed so it’s 5-0.

2:14 pm

York trampoliners lead 1-0 after winning the novice round.

And the netball 2nds are involved in a thriller. 12-7 Lancaster with York struggling in defence, but Amy Moll and Amy Moye are looking imperious with their shooting.

2:10 pm

In the men’s seconds rugby, outside centre Rich Rhodes pierces through the Lancaster backline and only a magnificent cover tackle prevents the score. York win the penalty and take 3, only to immediately follow up with a try, from right wing Ollie Woodward, and conversion, from Peters. 10-0 lead YORK.

2:06 pm

The men’s hockey seconds match has kicked off and Lancaster are ahead within two minutes after some early pressure. The huge home crowd is pleased.

2:05 pm

The York netball seconds trail 4-2 in an end to end clash. It started with free scoring, but York’s GK Tess Webb has managed to stem the tide well, and York are now beginning to apply some pressure. 2 points on offer here.

2:04 pm

The men’s seconds rugby has kicked off – the second of four big rugby matches this afternoon

2:04 pm

Entering the last quarter at the lacrosse, and York’s player’s are really pulling together and increasing the pace to drive the win home. 4 points right around the corner!

2:03 pm

The tennis is looking close in both the men’s and women’s contest.

2:01 pm

Luke tells us that women’s rugby is now going ahead – they’ve found a referee! Good chance for us to claw back some points there

1:59 pm

Action from the men’s tennis

Image credit: Hoagy Davis-Digges

1:58 pm

Ready, aim…fire!

Image credit: Hoagy Davis-Digges

1:58 pm

It’s all over at the rugby, York taking the point by a mile, as they finish 37-5, Ollie Oates squeezing in a final try to complete the White Rose’s dominance there.

1:56 pm

Rugby thirds update: Lancaster try after a promising York backline move breaks down, then York hit back with a try of their own as Parelli goes over and Darroch converts to make it 30-5

1:56 pm

That’s another 4 points to Lancaster.

1:55 pm

The york players are taking an aggressive 8-2 lead in the lacrosse. They seem determined to open the gap and are consistenly crowding the Lancastrian net. Looks like York will take the 4 points on offer here.

1:52 pm

The women’s seconds netball finishes 4-0 to York. A good performance which needs to be repeated across other sports now.

1:48 pm

We’re hearing that the women’s rugby may be called off due to lack of a referee, which would be a great shame. I know they were keen to right the wrongs of yesterdays 7s fixtures, in which Lancaster dominated York.

1:47 pm

York score again in the hockey to bring it to 4-0. Nat Montezuma scored from right side after passing sliced open the defence.

1:44 pm

In the men’s swimming, it finished even stevens. York took the final points to even up the contest.

1:42 pm

In the women’s swimming, York come out victorious beating Lancaster 59 to 43.

1:41 pm

1:40 pm

At the lacrosse, there is a lot of confusion around the score. I make it 6-2, but that seems to be in dispute. We’ll let you know for sure as soon as possible.

1:39 pm

A neat offload in midfield culminates in Manuel Sarmento collecting his own gurbber. Lancaster kick the ball clear, but it’s an inaccurate one and York return with interest, the move ending with replacement wing George Davis sliding over with style in the corner. Conversion missed, 16-0.

1:38 pm

Aha, 3-0 to York in the hockey. Harriet Mills taps it in after receiving a pass from the right corner of the goal. Good news everyone, we need a few more points.

1:32 pm

Some score updates from the tennis:
York top seeds Reby and Davies lose the first set in the tennis doubles 6-4. Masters and Andrews lost 6-4 in the first set. Moroz and McNichol won the first set 6-2. A mixed bag there then.

The women on court are dominating though, with Thanner and Harrison leading their 1st set 4-1, and Sarah White winning with ease 6-1, 6-0 in her match.

1:32 pm

York’s rugby thirds have scored another try in their match

1:29 pm

Yet another goal for York in the lacrosse.

1:25 pm

I would report on that- a brilliant idea. And knowing Roses, it’s be worth a good 12 points… just sayin’.

1:24 pm

York are getting careless over at the lacrosse, as Lancaster piece together their first goal. Rose says they need to step up their game.

1:23 pm

Lancaster give away a free kick in the men’s thirds rugby at a lineout, and York send some big runners into the Lanc defence. The ball is recycled and finds its way to Michael Bloom on the right wing, who gets outside the cover defence to dive over. 11-0 to York, as Harris misses the conversion.

1:21 pm

Two yellow cards in the women’s seconds hockey. One for each side. Anna Williamson gets the card for York, but York supporters are questioning the decision.

1:20 pm

York remain 2-0 up in the mixed lacrosse, but player Chris Menon has been hit and is out. Let’s hope York can maintain their lead until full-time.

1:19 pm

Lancs win 38-26 in the Netball thirds. Lancaster appear to have taken the win in a calm and collected fashion, and York couldn’t compete.

York captain Paisley Ross said:

I couldn’t be prouder of the team. Everyone played their hearts out to the final whistle.

Reporter Will Light says that Lancaster seemed totally overjoyed with their 1-point victory, likening their celebration to that of an FA Cup win.

1:18 pm

York win 3-2 in the sailing in a final race decider. 4 points to us, yipee!

1:16 pm

In the canoe slalom, the Lancaster women win by half a second. Very unlucky for York.

But in the men’s contest, York wins by half a second. Tight stuff!

1:12 pm

In the tent, Bailrigg FM are blasting out Carlie Rae Jepsen – Call me maybe. Such a big tune that Martin wants to stop blogging and have a sing-song.

1:08 pm

Deputy Editor Rose has FINALLY arrived, and informs me it’s 2-0 to York at the mixed lacrosse. Slacker.

1:06 pm

The competitors are just warming up

Image credit: Philippa Grafton

1:05 pm

A clarification on the trampolining scoring. Each jumper gets 10 jumps, and deductions can be from 0 to 0.5, while a bad jump will earn you a deduction of 0.5.

1:04 pm

Back to the women’s hockey seconds where it is now 2-0 to York. Tamsin French knocks it in after Anna Williamson passed it across goal.

1:01 pm

Two penalties for York in quick succession in the rugby men’s thirds. Haris pushes the first wide after Lancaster were penalised for hands in the ruck, but makes no mistake with the second soon after. Score stands at 6-0.

12:58 pm

12:58 pm

It’s 27-20 to Lancaster in the netball thirds. Possession seems even, but the Lancs just seem more proficient in their attacks.

12:56 pm

Great shots from the men’s thirds rugby. A really competitive match, but only worth 1 point.

Image credits: Agatha Torrance

12:54 pm

The rugby is proving hard fought. Lancaster get a kickable penalty of their own after York are penalised at a breakdown. The Lancs can’t convert though, the kick falling a good 5m short.

12:54 pm

Probably Australians?

Image credit: Agatha Torrance

12:53 pm

York top seeds Maxime Reby and Sam Davies have recovered from an early break of serve to lead 3-1 in the 1st doubles set. Elsewhere at the tennis, the men’s lead and the women are yet to start.

12:50 pm

At the women’s hockey seconds, a bizzare man with a megaphone is trying to mock the York team and failing miserably. Harriet Mills silences the wannabe comedian by putting York into a 1-0 lead

12:50 pm

Lancaster break through the York line in the rugby, but a scrambling York defence succeed in shutting down the opportunity. It remains 3-0.

12:48 pm

Photo credit: Philippa Grafton

12:47 pm

At the swimming, the women are cruising for a comfortable win but we’re having breaks in the competition. The men could go either way. Sophie Gorman, of the women’s waterpolo team says that they are stronger when it comes to the backstroke, so they hope to destroy them in their match later.

12:46 pm

A few shots from the opening ceremony (taking place on Saturday?)

Image credits: Agatha Torrance

12:43 pm

At the trampolining, Rebecca Pedley has been singled out as our key competitor. She’s competed nationally and won medals in all of her last three competitions. I also know her from sixth form, and she’s a lovely girl. Claim to fame there.

Categories are split into Novice, Intermediate, Intervance and Elite.

12:35 pm

It’s 19-5 to Lancaster in the netball thirds at half-time. It’s close but Lancaster’s attacking trio are dominating.

12:34 pm

Shots from the ballroom dancing

Image credit: Agatha Torrance

12:33 pm

Edward Harris nudges over for an early penalty in the men’s rugby thirds. 3-0 to York!

12:33 pm

Complaint of the day: my back is hurting. But apparently there is a massage service on campus, but only for competitors. Do we count as participants?

12:30 pm

York seem to be over one hour late for the clay pigeon shooting.

12:29 pm

Men’s rugby thirds has just kicked off.

12:28 pm

Yet more delays to report from the trampolining. This is becoming a regular occurrence. The scoring starts at 10 and is marked negatively by deduction. This means that a good move earns 0 points, while the worst deduction is 5 points.

12:27 pm

Action from the women’s thirds netball

Image credits: Hoagy Davis-Digges

12:26 pm

There’s a sizeable crowd gathering the tennis, which is good to see given that it was dead yesterday. Sam tells me that the steward is wielding some exquisite mutton chops.

12:23 pm

Full-time in the women’s hockey thirds and Lancaster have held on to win 1-0. Not a good game at all and although York tried to push forward, they had no luck.

12:21 pm

Our very own YUSU President is hanging around at the Opening Ceremony. Nouse Photography Editor Philippa Grafton wouldn’t think much of his efforts here though – look at that flare.

12:17 pm

It’s 9-7 to Lancaster in the thirds women’s netball. There’s not much to divide the two teams at the end of the first quarter.

12:15 pm

10 minutes to go in the women’s thirds hockey as York waste two short corners in quick succession. Hasn’t been a great game, but Lancaster are still winning 1-0.

12:15 pm

Free T-shirts and wristbands at the Nouse table in the tent: come and gear up.

12:14 pm

The swimming club should be delighted with their performance so far today.

12:13 pm

Mixed badminton Captain Baillie Watterson, speaks to Neil Johnston about today’s 5-4 win

12:12 pm

At the archery, Rohan tells me it’s a very one-sided affair. Lancaster outnumber and outclass York, and seem set to take all ten points available there. Let’s hope we can scrape some small victories, or this could be a real blow to York’s chances.

12:10 pm

In the pool, the women lead their swimming by 14 points, and the men lead by 2 points. This has to bode well for the water polo later.

12:08 pm

At the women’s thirds netball, Lancaster are up 3-2.

12:04 pm

12:03 pm

Lancaster’s Kevin Touutain has almost more than all of York’s archers combined, with 150 points.

12:01 pm

The Lancaster Cheerleading squad has just surrounded the Nouse liveblogging table. Politics Editor Sam is enjoying himself immensely.

12:00 pm

Amazing breaststroke from the women’s team too, who are really outperforming their Lancastrian counterparts. 1st place goes to Vanessa Donhowe Mason, and 2nd to Becky Williams (who was drafted in last minute because of illness).

11:58 am

In the 50m backstroke, York’s women take 1st, thanks to Kim Briscoe, and 2nd, Eloise Man. That puts York ahead overall in the swimming, but that’s plenty left to run.

11:57 am

York win overall in the mixed badminton. York’s firsts beat Lancaster’s thirds 21-18, 21-14 to take the score to 5-3.

There is one game still going, but York have an unassaliable lead.

11:54 am

1-0 to Lancaster in the hockey. A scrappy goal, but at least it gives Dan something to report. Not something to celebrate though.

11:53 am

In the women’s hockey a man is doing live commentary with a megaphone to get the crowd excited. But it’s not working.

11:53 am

We so are!

11:52 am

Alice Cary dominates in the 50m fly- she is performing so well in the water today.

11:50 am

Moves into a decider between York’s thirds and Lancaster’s seconds in the badminton…tense times.

11:49 am

11:49 am

In the mixed badminton, York are down in the thirds v. firsts match but up in the firsts v. thirds match.

11:45 am

In the men’s 4x50m it’s a mixed bag:
1st – Lancaster A
2nd – York A
3rd – York B
4th – Lancaster B

11:44 am

Action from the today’s climbing events

Image credits: Agatha Torrance

11:43 am

At the swimming, York have bagged their first win in the 4x50m relay medley. A great swim from Alice Cary and Louise Highton!

11:42 am

In the Women’s 5k race, Andora Perkins finished first with a time of 33minutes and 4 seconds. York take second place 38 seconds behind.

11:41 am

Nouse has now relocated to the tent overlooking the rugby pitches. It’s a good space, and a great view.

11:40 am

Really awful from a spectator’s point of view at the women’s thirds hockey. Crowd are getting very restless.

11:38 am

Our man at the rugby men’s thirds says that kickoff is minutes away. The rugby club have been swarming round the sports centre all morning, anticipation brewing. Will be good to get their fixtures underway.

11:38 am

Full-time score is 6-0 to Lancaster. Quick-fire double for Erin Davison to complete her hat trick puts Lancaster 3-0 up before Charlotte Egen adds a hat trick of her own.

York will be disappointed with their performance.

11:31 am

11:22 am

Watterson and Breare win 16-21, 21-9, 21-11 to make it 4-3 to York overall in the badminton.

11:20 am

Farrington and Dainty win the thirds v. firsts match in the badminton, while Watterson and Breare are level in the firsts v. seconds match.

11:18 am

Half-time in the women’s indoor football firsts and the score is 1-0 to Lancaster. Erin Davison puts the red rose in front, however York have been much the better team hitting the post and the crossbar through Marte Wang, who is facing her sister on the opposing team

11:15 am

Support coming in for York on twitter

11:14 am

11:14 am

This isn’t the Roses hockey we know and love? 10 minutes have gone in the women’s thirds match and nothing much has happened. Remains 0-0.

11:12 am

Hockey thirds captain, John Waghorn, after his side’s 1-0 victory said:

“Absolutely brilliant, it’s the first time the 3rds have won at Roses. We didn’t play as well as we could have done, but we got the crucial goal. Craig Ferguson was immense today, but man of the match was Chris Butterworth.”

11:01 am

Our trusty sports editor, Dan, has said the women’s thirds hockey is just getting underway.

11:00 am

York’s women’s seconds were demolished 8-0 by their Lancaster counterparts

Image credits: Agatha Torrance

10:56 am

Rachael Farrington and Tom Dainty have won the thirds match in the badminton, 21-12, 22-20. That makes it 2-1 overall to York.

But Fasiani and Henderson have had to forfeit, giving Lancaster a 3-2 lead.

10:53 am

Full-time score in the women’s seconds indoor football and Lancaster have beaten York 8-0. In the second half York put up more of a fight but succumbed to Hannah Buck who scored two for Lancaster while Kayleigh Thompson completed her hat trick.

The firsts are about to kick off.

10:51 am

Back to the badminton: Watterson and Breare have won in the firsts game, but the second seeds have had to forfeit due to Fasiani’s injury. But she is still planning on playing in the other two games.

The overall score is 1-1.

10:49 am

York win the men’s hockey by a solitary goal. A well deserved victory to claim one point for the White Rose.

10:44 am

Charlotte Winter, York Sport President elect, speaks to Hoagy Davis-Digges

10:41 am

In the mixed badminton, Baillie Watterson and Claire Brear win their first game 21-11. While Tom Dainty and Rachael Farrington win their first game 21-12.

But Dani Fasiani has injured herself in the third game.

10:39 am

Ben McGladdery, ex-badminton captain, told photo-tastic Pips that the badminton team were “fucking brilliant” yesterday.

Image credit: Philippa Grafton

10:32 am

In the indoor women’s football seconds Lancaster are winning 5-0 at half-time. Kayleigh Thompson has been a real handful for Lancaster, scoring two goals. Savannah Green looks the only threat for York.

10:31 am

A goal for York in the hockey! From a penalty corner the ball is passed to the byline and Chris Butterworth fires low past a sprawling keeper. Jubilation for York on the sidelines and in the lobby.

10:26 am

The men’s hockey is only worth a point but every point counts in the Roses and the match is getting tense with the scores still level.

10:25 am

Lancaster take an early 3-0 lead in the women’s seconds indoor football.

10:23 am

York seem to be having difficulty in adjusting to the pitch in the hockey. The astro here is a lot quicker, according to our deputy sports editor Will. Might this cause problems for other teams playing later?

10:20 am

It’s on the live blog, that makes it official now.

10:13 am

Into the second half in the hockey and Chris Butterworth misses a great chance. Firing low towards the goal, he narrowly misses.

10:08 am

Half-time in the men’s hockey thirds and it remains 0-0. But York are enjoying the lion’s share of possession and chances in the day’s early match.

10:06 am

Action from this monring’s men’s thirds hockey

Image credits: Philippa Grafton

10:02 am

We’ve just seen the University of York Swimming and Water polo club in the lobby looking up for today’s battle

10:00 am

Lancaster sin bin for persistent fouling. The decision draws massive cheers from the York contingent. Things are heating up already, and this is only a 1-pointer!

9:59 am

The archery is delayed until around 11, I’m hearing. There are no targets set up yet.

9:56 am

9:53 am

York fire hard and low into the d, Declan Hall reacts quickly and manages to get a stick on it, but his intervention misses the frame by inches.

9:51 am

The battleground. We’ll be liveblogging the rugby from the pitchside today, now frankly awful WiFi has been boosted.

Photo credit: Hoagy Davis-Digges

9:48 am

In the hockey, Will assures me it’s a matter of time till York grab a goal- they look really comfortable. Still 0-0 there.

9:45 am

Controversial stuff on the #Roses2012 hashtag.

9:43 am

We’ve pushed-back at the men’s hockey thirds, and York are on top according to Will Light. The White Rose have already had a penalty corner, which was well cleared off the line. Sounds like a promising start.

9:40 am

Just found out we’ve got more reporters enroute to Lancaster too, to help us cover the simply enormous amount of sport going on today. If you’re lucky enough to be here, we’d recommend:
– Men’s firsts rugby: 3:15pm
– Men’s firsts american football: 1pm
– Women’s firsts netball: 3:30pm

And then we’ve also got two water polo matches tonight, at 7:30 and 8:30, which should be fiercely contested and provide something a bit different to the usual popular events.

9:36 am

We have reporters now at the men’s thirds hockey, and the archery, which is yet to get started. It’s a perfect day for the archery, so we should see some good scores.

9:33 am

As we left it yesterday, Lancaster lead 47-23. There’s more than enough points on offer today for either side to win today, 144.5 being the number to get to.

9:23 am

Morning all and welcome to another glorious day of sport. The sun is shining, the wind is dead and the Lancaster campus has a buzz of expectation. The Nouse sport team are up and ready to bring you all the action from what should be a crucial day for York.

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