Roses 2012: Friday as it happened

Welcome to the Nouse live blog of Roses 2012 from Lancaster

Our reporters and photographers will be covering all of the action from every sport on the first day of Roses. Check out our slideshow for some of the best pictures of the day.

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The target York must reach this year to secure victory and retain the Carter James trophy is 144.5 points.

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Live blog coverage: Martin Spurr and Jonathan Frost
Reporters: Dan Holland, Luke Gardener, Neil Johnston, Rohan Banerjee
Photographers: Philippa Grafton and Agatha Torrance

10:29 pm

And that is us done for the day. Lancaster have taken an early lead but most of the points are up tomorrow and they will be York’s strong sports. We think the white rose will reign victorious and retain the Carter James trophy.

See you bright and early tomorrow morning! Now for a well deserved drink.

10:26 pm

The only event left tonight is the men’s pool, Lancaster are leading there and look set to take the points.

10:25 pm

Now that was a crazy few hours. But York take victory. Only one pint was thrown, which is an improvement!

10:22 pm

And YORK TAKE THE DARTS 5-4! An epic game finally comes to an end. I can’t hear anything apart from the York cheers, but who cares? That’s 4 points in the bag for York.

10:08 pm

Next round in the darts, surely Lancaster can’t win another one!

10:08 pm

There is 37 minutes remaining on my laptop battery…will that be enough to see out the last few events tonight?

10:05 pm

In the midst of the darts, the York people on the 7pm bus are in Lancaster, but seem to be lost. Not the arrival they were expecting.

10:01 pm

9:59 pm

Lancaster bring it back to 4-3 in the darts. When will this end!?

9:48 pm

In the men’s pool, York are losing 3-2 overall. It is the first to five.

9:46 pm

We are into the next round in the darts. The tension is building.

9:42 pm

This is an epic game of darts. The crowd are loving it.

9:40 pm

Same as before in the darts. York need this round to win. And the singing continues.

9:36 pm

Lancaster take the round to make it 4-2 to York. And we continue.

9:28 pm

York wins an epic men’s squash match. Shanon beat Lancaster’s Hill 3-0 to take the overall score to 3-2 for York.

9:25 pm

If York win this match in the darts, we win. Exciting times.

9:24 pm

9:23 pm

Alex Harrison is up next for York in the darts. Big cheers, but some boos from the Lancaster fans.

9:22 pm

Shanon takes a 2-0 lead for York in the deciding squash match.

9:21 pm

Chris West takes the 5th game in the darts to make it 4-1 for York.

9:18 pm

Lancaster have won the women’s pool 5-1 to give them another 4 points.

9:16 pm

An amazing comeback by Chris West in the second set. The 5th game could go either way!

9:15 pm

The York men’s pool team have overcome a 2-0 deficit tobring it back to 2-2. It is a best of 9 contest.

For York’s women, they are still trailing 4-1.

9:12 pm

Nick Hall just screamed for York in the darts behind us. It’s very exciting!

9:11 pm

In the squash, it is not over yet. It’s down to a decider between York’s Ed Shanon and Lancaster’s James Hill. A tense few minutes remaining.

9:09 pm

Lancaster claw their way back into the darts

Image credits: Agatha Torrance

9:06 pm

Lots of shouting and chanting at the darts tonight. Last year’s event descended into chaos, here’s the link for a trip down memory lane:

9:04 pm

Update from the women’s pool and Lancaster have taken a 4-1 lead.

9:00 pm

Lancaster pull a round pack in the darts, to make it 3-1 to York.

Chris West, YUSU Student Activities Officer elect, is up to the oche now.

8:51 pm

8:50 pm

The first 180 in 5 or 6 years for a Lancaster darts player sends the crowd into ecstasy. York still winning though.

8:49 pm

Luke Gardener reporting from the squash courts, an epic 5 set match just finished 2-1 to Lancaster. Another two matches to go. Great games.

8:47 pm

8:46 pm

Nouse’s very own Sports Correspondent Sophie Gorman (blue helmet) biking the torch onto Lancaster’s campus

Image credits: Philippa Grafton

8:43 pm

Luke Wildgoose pulls one back for the men’s pool to make it 2-1. He dominated throughoutand opponent Reece Dizenzo was chasing him all the way. Luke wins in two straight frames.

Overall in the pool, it is still 2-1 to Lancaster. But Luke’s win has put us right back in it.

8:40 pm

A heated contest in the darts

Image credits: Agatha Torrance

8:38 pm

Great atmosphere here, especially as York are winning at the darts. Will bring you updates from the pool and squash soon.

8:36 pm

And York increase their lead to 3-0 in the darts.

8:34 pm

Both sets of fans are going crazy at the darts. We are loving it!

8:32 pm

A bit hectic at the darts, but Aggie tells me that York have won the first two pairs and are a set up in the third. Let’s keep it up!

8:22 pm

The men’s seconds squash match continues to be very close. Will bring you updates as soon as we get them.

8:21 pm

8:18 pm

8:17 pm

In the pool, the women are still losing 2-1 and the men are 1-0 down after the table-angle-gate delay.

8:15 pm

Currently underway is the darts, pool and the men’s firsts squash

8:15 pm

We have relocated to Baker House Farm to bring you the remaining coverage from this evening’s Roses events

7:49 pm

In the men’s squash, York have turned the game around and are leading 2-1 overall.

7:40 pm

Controversial news from the pool. York are complaining about the angle of the table! Time to get the spirit level out.

7:38 pm

7:32 pm

A buzzing atmosphere at the pool, that’s where we are going soon

Image credits: Agatha Torrance

7:30 pm

Very busy at the pool. Lots of shouting and screaming according to Aggie.

7:26 pm

In the women’s pool, York are trailing 2-1. The men’s pool game has only just started because of a delay.

7:23 pm

Luke informs that the men’s squash looks set to be a very close affair. Let’s hope they can scrape back some dignity for the White Rose’s disappointing last hour. We’ve given up a lot of 4-pointers…

7:22 pm

Jamie Smith, the Ultimate Frisby Open Captain, talks to Neil Johnston

7:19 pm

7:18 pm

43-20 to Lancaster so far today.

7:16 pm

Lancaster take the final volleyball set 25-11, snatching an overall victory 3 sets to 1.

7:15 pm

And now the Lancaster women finish off York in the squash. A pretty one sided contest.

7:13 pm

Sounds like the cyclist may just make it before sundown.

7:13 pm

Lancaster are in control in the women’s squash.

7:07 pm

Neil has just told us that he almost had his head taken off at the frisby. Seems like it isn’t such an innocent game.

7:05 pm

In the volleyball, Lancaster are winning 15-7 in the fourth game. They look like they are on course to wrap this one up and secure a valuable 4 points.

7:01 pm

The final score is 6-2 to Lancaster at the mixed indoor frisbee.

6:55 pm

Bad news from Neil…Lancaster win 4 points in a row to make it 6-2 in the mixed women’s indoor frisby. Need another York comeback here.

6:54 pm

We’ve just had a clarification from the volleyball. They are playing best of 5 sets, rather than 3, which means it’s still all to play for. That said, if Lancaster win this set, they will take it 3-1.

6:53 pm

6:52 pm

The York women are also 2-0 in the squash, as Emily Lowery is bested 11-7, 11-5, 11-6. If they lose the next match, the Lancs will grab yet another 4.

It was all going so well! Tomorrow may change things, but it looks like Lancaster will hold the lead for Friday’s fixtures.

6:50 pm

In the mixed indoor frisby the score is 2-2. Lancaster were leading 2-1, but Jody Martin got the point for York to level the scores.

6:49 pm

And the volleyball is all wrapped up, with lancaster taking the last set in 23-18. Overall, the home side takes it 2 sets to 1, and secures the 4 points.

6:46 pm

6:46 pm

The score now stands at 20-29 to Lancaster.

6:43 pm

York lose 5-4 in the women’s darts. A spirited defeat, as York lost out 2-1 in the decider.

6:37 pm

In the volleyball, Lancaster lead 15-9 in the last set. York has faded too soon, but it’s not beyond reach. 4 points up for grabs here.

6:37 pm

6:36 pm

Lancaster confirm their victory in the men’s seconds squash. York were losing 3-0 and lost both of their last two games to make it a 5-0 whitewash. Nans Dixit loses 11-2, 11-9, 11-6 to seal Lancaster’s dominance.

The women’s and men’s firsts are due on court any second according to Luke Gardener.

6:34 pm

6:32 pm

It’s 4-4 in the women’s darts, with a tense decider, as Laura Dodds steps up. Come on York – it’s been a long game!

6:29 pm

Might smell a bit?

6:27 pm

Neil is there at the frisby and York’s women have won 9-4. Good win, but not worth any points. A shame really.

6:25 pm

Photo Credit: Agatha Torrance

6:25 pm

Action from today’s squash matches

Image credits: Agatha Torrance

6:24 pm

DAN IS HERE. The volleyball second set has gone to Lancaster, 25-12. We’re heading into a decider; should be good. Remember the team talk guys!

6:20 pm

The volleyball rolls on – I’m expecting an update on the score at any moment from Dan.

Photo Credit: Agatha Torrance

6:18 pm

Back to the frisby. York lead 6-3 in the women’s match and Annie Hughes has scored 3 points for York. Great play!

6:17 pm

Let’s not have any repeats of last year, in which a pint was thrown at a darts player. It missed and went all over the audio equipment. Chaos ensued.

6:11 pm

Volleyball update! York are struggling to find their rhythm and have called a timeout at 11-3 down.

6:09 pm

It’s a close one in the women’s frisby with the score at 2-2. Jody Martin and Annie Hughes getting the points for York. Though, the women’s frisby isn’t worth any points.

6:08 pm

Pool is delayed and darts is over running. York women lead the darts 4-3 while the York men’s pool team are stuck in traffic.

6:00 pm

York win the first set in the volleyball 25-18. Dominated throughout and Lancaster’s serve let them down.

6:00 pm

News just in that Lancaster have taken the men’s seconds tennis 7-2 as we suspected earlier. After a strong day, it looks to be all falling about for the York teams.

Definitely time to call it a day to go to the pub soon.

5:56 pm

It’s a bit of a runaway victory for the Red Rose at the Indoor Frisbee Open, as they take it with ease 10-3.

I saw the teams compete last year, and to be fair, that’s a lot closer than I’d expect. Maybe York can fair better in the remaining frisbee matches.

5:56 pm

Lancaster win the first indoor frisby match

Image credit: Philippa Grafton

5:51 pm

Lancaster take the lead again: 20-21.

5:49 pm

And in a thrilling match York finally lose the cricket. Although Lancaster were 8 for 5 at one point, they fought bravely to win by 1 wicket.

5:48 pm

Men’s seconds squash team have lost all 3 matches so far, so the Lancastrians take the points.

5:43 pm

Big crowd for the open indoor frisby and it’s a close game. But Lancaster are ahead 4-2.

5:41 pm

York run out Lancaster’s Joe Wozniczka-Wells but Lancaster are only 10 runs away from victory.

5:41 pm

5:40 pm

Sam Asfahani, York Sport President, has been flitting between sports all day. Most recently spotted in the Sports Centre lobby.

5:35 pm

5:27 pm

Lancaster are now on 91 in the cricket. Have they staged a comeback after their terrible start to the innings?

5:25 pm

5:22 pm

Hughes finished with figures of 6 for 26 after taking the wicket of Lester. Lancaster now on 77 for 7.

5:22 pm

The squash is now underway, and there’s frantic action on all 4 of Lancaster’s courts. It’s best of 5 sets, first to 11.

5:20 pm

5:19 pm

Frankie Hall, York’s indoor hockey women’s firsts captain speaks to Neil Johnston after their 5-2 victory.

5:18 pm

We’ve reached the halfway stage at the women’s darts, and the scores are locked at 2-2, as York managed to overturn a 1 match lead, only to lose it soon after. Audience tempers are flaring with both men’s darts teams having had a fair whack before their later showdown.

5:12 pm

Wicket! Make that 77/7 in the cricket after 21 overs

5:10 pm

Lancaster are recovering in the cricket – now 77/6, chasing 105 to win

5:07 pm

Neil Johnston speaks to the men’s firsts indoor hockey captain, Oliver Wheatley, after a crushing 8-2 victory over Lancaster.

5:05 pm

@CS We believe the magic number to be 144.5, given that the current total of points on offer is 288. Still a long way off yet, and this may change if we have cancellations.

4:59 pm

Lancaster have reportedly won the College A Netball 45-18. This secures them the point.

4:59 pm

4:58 pm

Lancaster have been fighting bravely in the cricket and have taken the score to 60 for 6. This match has been swinging back and forth all afternoon. I can’t call it, can you?

4:55 pm

The overall Roses 2012 score is currently 20-14 to York.

4:55 pm

Action from the darts

Image credits: Agatha Torrance

4:54 pm

The mixed tennis is all wrapped up, with Lancaster winning the last match 11-9. The 4 points available are therefore splie, which has to be disappointing for the White Rose given their early lead.

4:52 pm


4:50 pm

That means York take the 2 points on offer!

Photo Credit: Philippa Grafton.

4:49 pm

And it is all over in the hockey. York’s men’s firsts win 8-2. A great performance!

4:47 pm

8-2 to York in the hockey, with minutes left. Great goals from Lee Watton and Laurie Torrington.

4:46 pm

Blimey! Reminds me of the drive up this morning…Jonathan

4:44 pm

Pringles are going down a storm in the lobby. More are needed though!

4:40 pm

York are continuing to put pressure on Lancaster in the hockey and Hugo Christie scores again from a short corner to make it 6-2.

4:38 pm

We’ve just been sat next to the York volleyball team, who are preparing to play at 5:30pm. They seem determined not to sacrifice points, and left the lobby with a cry of “YORK”.

Best of luck to them, but I hope their play is more inspiring than their team talk, which consisted mostly of don’t lose, and let’s not hit each other.

4:38 pm

4:35 pm

Both teams appear to be struggling in the women’s darts firsts, with 6 no scores in a row.

4:34 pm

Another wicket in the cricket for Hughes and Lancaster are crumbling. Now 21 for 6 and York can see the win in their sights.

4:34 pm

The men’s indoor hockey is still underway, where the score is still 5-2 to York.

Photo Credit: Philippa Grafton.

4:32 pm

Half-time in the hockey and York have moved into a 5-2 lead after Kris Stragnanan and Hugo Christie produce good finishes. Looking good for another 2 points.

4:28 pm

Singles are all underway at the tennis. For York to win the points on offer, they must win 4 of the 6 matches. Brad Hudson just lost the opening set of his match 6-1, so things are not looking great…

4:21 pm

And now Lancaster are 8 for 5 in the cricket. Hughes has his third and York are dominating Lancaster. Who saw this coming?

4:19 pm

York go ahead in the hockey through a penalty by Hugo Christie.

4:18 pm

And the final game of indoor hockey today has started. The men’s firsts are up and James Branton scored an early goal for York. Lancaster immediately equalise and score a controversial penalty. York respond and equalise through Leo Watton to make it 2-2.

Exciting stuff!

4:11 pm

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised with the cricket score. Yesterday, Lancaster cricket seconds also had a batting collapse. For the first time in the game, York look like the favourites.

4:09 pm

Crazy scenes at the cricket as Gillespie picks up two Lancaster wickets in quick succession. Including the prize of Lancaster captain Purvis, leaving Lancaster on 4 for 4.

What a turnaround!

4:03 pm

York are anticipating a loss at the darts because Lancaster have their own women’s league.

Image credit: Agatha Torrance

4:02 pm

Some shots from the College Netball earlier.

Photo Credit: Philippa Grafton

4:00 pm

In the cricket, Lancaster need 105 from 46 overs to win. But in the first few overs, York get the early wickets they desperately need. Two wickets for Hughes in the first over leave Lancaster at 0 for 2.

York are bringing themselves back into the game!

3:59 pm

3:56 pm

And the women’s indoor hockey firsts match is over. York win 5-2 with a convincing performance over Lancaster. I am such a fan of hockey after today!

Next up is the men’s firsts hockey match at 16:15.

3:56 pm

Luke tells me that 1 match is still in progress in the mixed doubles. Of the 5 matches complete, York lead 3-2, guaranteeing them at least 2 points. If they win the final match they will take all 4.

The fate is to be decided by Maxime Reby and Charlotte Baldwin. 4 more points, here we come.

3:53 pm

3:52 pm

Lancaster score in the women’s hockey to bring it to 5-2. Surely the comeback is too late though?

3:47 pm

Half-way through the mixed doubles and Lancaster have taken 2 victories, meaning they lead despite their earlier forfeit. York have it all to do, as they also struggle in their other matches.

3:44 pm

Rachel Faustino scores for York in the women’s indoor hockey firsts to make it 5-1 after great link up from short corner. Lancaster have a goal disallowed.

3:41 pm

3:36 pm

The men’s seconds for York have the tennis won with Ben Sainsbury and Tom Freedman carrying it home 6-2, 6-4.

There’s another doubles match still going before the singles starts.

3:36 pm

York fans making lots of noise at the women’s hockey firsts. Lancaster fans subdued according to Neil Johnston. Let’s hope they remain that way for the rest of the match.

3:35 pm

Men’s rugby firsts captain James Faktor after helping his side to a 12-5 win:

“We were a bit rushed, having only arrived at 2. Half the guys here haven’t played 7s before, so I was really impressed. We had more pace than them and took them in midfield.”

3:35 pm

3:33 pm

York dominating in the women’s indoor hockey firsts. Emily Lucas fires in from close range just before half-time to make it 4-1.

3:31 pm

Some action shots from the men’s Rugby 1sts

Image credits: Philippa Grafton

3:29 pm

At the pool, Agatha says that the alcohol is flowing. I wouldn’t mind a pint.

Photo credit: Agatha Torrance

3:28 pm

But Lancaster bring it back to 3-1 in the hockey.

3:28 pm

York make a great start in the women’s first hockey. York 3-0 in quick succession after Imy Storm, Frankie Hall and Emily Lucas all score.

3:27 pm

Now it is the turn of the women’s indoor hockey firsts, if it is anything like the previous two hockey matches it will be a cracker!

3:27 pm

Lancaster pile on the pressure in the dying minutes, but it’s not enough! York’s men take the rugby 7s 12-5. A great show, and nice to see some redemption for the rugby club, given the rest day’s performances.

3:25 pm

Ammendment to York’s cricket total: York made 104, leaving Lancaster 105 to win.

3:24 pm

Back at the mixed doubles, all matches are now in full swing. York’s pairing of Steve McNichol and Annie Campbell have won 7-6. Disappointingly, the tense atmosphere seen earlier in the badminton tent is completely non-apparent.

3:22 pm

Alix Haywood, the women’s seconds indoor hockey captain, speaks to Neil Johnston after a narrow loss.

3:18 pm

3:17 pm

The first tennis match has finished. Alastair Killin and John Graham lost 6-3,6-3. 8 matched left to play though.

3:17 pm

Not a good day for York’s batsmen in the cricket. Apart from Tom Brandyth, who scored a good 47.

3:16 pm

And York’s innings is over in the men’s cricket. All out for 110.

3:14 pm

At the men’s rugby 7s, York score another before half time. This time Gabriel Adebiyi chips over the top to score, and Tom Chadwick converts. Lovely stuff!

3:14 pm

Image credit: Philippa Grafton

3:13 pm

At the tennis, one set is now complete in the mixed doubles worth 4 points. Lancaster have it 6-2, but don’t forget York already took one as Lancaster had to concede the rubber.

Another set just in, Lancaster take it 6-4. Time to pray for rain?

3:13 pm

Great shots from the hockey!

Image credits: Philippa Grafton

3:11 pm

Back to the cricket, where Lancaster have got their ninth wicket. Padiarchay is bowled for 13. Just one wicket left for York and the score is 104 for 9.

3:11 pm

Photographer Agatha Torrance tells me it’s “buzzing” as the first table is set up for the pool. You have to hand it to Lancaster, the atmosphere is brilliant.

3:09 pm

York take the first try in the men’s firsts rugby 7s. It’s the work on captain James Faktor, who goes over in the corner after some sustained pressure. Well deserved.

3:09 pm

And it has finished in the hockey, 4-3 to Lancaster. A valiant performance from York to bring it back to 3-3 after half-time. But early mistakes cost them and Lancaster managed to clinch a winner late on.

The hockey has been fantastic today! My new favourite sport.

3:05 pm

It is Lancaster who take the lead in the hockey. A shot through the York keeper’s legs to bring it to 4-3.

3:05 pm

York are a set down in the men’s doubles, with Ben Sainsbury and Tom Freeman being the only pairing to have won a set, 6-2. However, Lancaster are 3-0 up in the second, and of greater concern to our reporter is the large black cloud looming overhead.

There’s no electric roof here, Luke, sorry.

3:03 pm

And York bring it back to 3-3 in the hockey! Magnificent performance from the women’s seconds. Anna Williamson finshes off a good move down the right side of the pitch. Can York snatch a late winner?

3:00 pm

2:58 pm

York have moved to 104 for 8 in the cricket now. Slowly grinding out the runs.

2:57 pm

The White Rose’s cyclists have now, finally, reached the half way stage. Let’s hope it’s all downhill from there!

2:56 pm

Sounds dangerous…

2:56 pm

An update from the hockey: the last Lancaster goal before half-time was disallowed. In the second half, two quick goals by Sally Warrington and Alix Haywood bring the score back to 3-2. Lancaster still winning, but York are now back in the game

2:52 pm

Luke reports from the tennis: “York are coming back with a bit of fight. They lead in one match, while in another it is tied at 5-5.”

One Lancaster player has broken two rackets already, which sounds expensive, but the question is – will he run out before the end of the match?

2:51 pm

A short corner from Lancaster makes it 4-0 in the women’s seconds indoor hockey. And it’s half-time. York need to stage a dramatic comeback to claim victory in this game. But anything is possible.

2:48 pm

It’s all gone quiet in the Sports Centre now that the netball has finished. Sure signs of a great weekend ahead, and good to see people turning out to support.

2:47 pm

More photos from Lancaster’s win in the men’s indoor hockey earlier today.

Image credit: Agatha Torrance

2:44 pm

2:44 pm

2:43 pm

Image credit: Agatha Torrance

2:43 pm

And it’s 3-0 to Lancaster in the women’s hockey

2:42 pm

And the netball is all over, with a gutting loss for the College Select. Barratt and Yeomans made a spirited last ditch attempt, but the game goes to Lancaster, concluding 21-18 to the home side.

2:42 pm

After 24 overs, York are on 94 for 7 in the cricket. Can the last few batsmen increase York’s score? They need to to have a chance at winning.

2:39 pm

The women’s indoor seconds hockey match is underway and Lancaster have taken an early 2-0 with a couple of scrappy goals.

2:39 pm

Lancaster lead in all the men’s doubles tennis. They had a break in two matches and are about to close out a set. York’s best chances look to be the pairing of Alasdair Hunt and Brad Hudson.

2:38 pm

The men’s indoor hockey seconds captain talks to Neil Johnston after York lose 5-2 to Lancaster.

2:33 pm

York women’s rugby captain Emma Nugent on two defeats this afternoon:

“I’m so proud of the girls even though we lost. We didn’t give up and really played fantastically”

2:31 pm

Now heading into the final quarter at the college select netball, and York score again, making it 15-19 to Lancaster. Atmosphere electric, and just minutes remain.

2:28 pm

More pictures from the women’s Rugby 7s seconds earlier in the day.

Image credit: Agatha Torrance

2:26 pm

All tennis matches are underway in the men’s seconds. The doubles and mixed are about to start too. Luke says he feels like a big target standing against the back of the courts, with tennis balls flying towards him at all angles.

Come on guys, be nice.

2:25 pm

Another wicket in the cricket, Gillespie is out LBW leaving York on 88 for 8. Surely not long until Lancaster rattle through the rest of the tail.

2:24 pm

In the netball, York have improved with an attacking trio of Winter, Yeomans, and Barrett. However, for all their goals, the defence is unable to deal with the Lancaster breakaways. The 3rd quarter score is 11-17 to the Lancs.

2:24 pm

And it is full time in the men’s indoor hockey seconds. Lancaster win 5-2 in an exciting match.

2:22 pm

Lancaster now 5-2 up in the exciting hockey match with litte time remaining for York to stage a comeback.

2:21 pm

The new York batsman Wells, edges behind to leave it 84 for 7 in the cricket. Lancaster are currently dominating the play.

2:21 pm

It’s 22-0 at full time in the women’s firsts rugby 7s. A poor performance, but Dan seems insistent we can beat them in the 15s tomorrow.

2:20 pm

And now Brandyth is out in the cricket for 47. Trapped on his crease by the Lancaster bowler, Wells. Leaves the score at 84 for 6.

2:20 pm

17-0 in the rugby. York are being careless now, and concede yet another try. They’re failing to piece together anything that resembles an attack.
Fingers crossed that we see a better performance from the York men.

2:18 pm

The war paint is on

Image credit: Agatha Torrance

2:17 pm

Sports Development Officer, Chris Unsworth has finished his leg of the cycle relay. Sounds like the torch is now in safe hands…

2:15 pm

2:14 pm

Lancaster make it 3-2 from a short corner and then to 4-2 straight after from another short corner. A fast paced game according to our reporter Neil.

2:14 pm

In the women’s firsts rugby 7s, Dan tells me Lancaster have secured their second try, and it’s proving harsh on York: “They were getting back into it back were caught out by another aggressive counter-attack.”

2:13 pm

Image credit: Agatha Torrance

2:12 pm

2:11 pm

And another wicket for Lancaster! York falling to 77 for 5 after Dickinson is bowled. Just before the wicket, Brandyth swatted the Lancaster bowler for six. So there is still hope.

2:10 pm

Despite a late York resurgence, and a new domination of possession, the women’s netballers can only make it 8-12 at the second quarter of the College Select. The Red Rose look tired, and with a refreshed Charlotte Winter and an enthused Anna Yeomans on court, York may have the stamina to see this through.

2:09 pm

York Captain Cook is run out in the men’s cricket firsts. A straight drive from Brandyth is deflected onto the stumps by the Lancaster bowler. Now 70 for 4.

2:08 pm

Luke Gardener is now at the mixed tennis. It will consist of six double matches, but Lancaster have already conceded one rubber as they fail to field six pairs.

In the men’s seconds, there will be 3 doubles and 6 singles. All best of three sets.

2:07 pm

2:06 pm

York equalise in the indoor men’s seconds hockey to make it 2-2. Great pass by Henry Meller to Bercis who slotted it through narrowly between the keeper and the post. Half-time.

2:04 pm

2:03 pm

2:02 pm

Cricket update: York hitting lots of boundaries to take the score to 66 for 3.

2:01 pm

It seems that the final score at the rugby was 32-0 – some confusion in the torrent of tries.

2:00 pm

But Lancaster equalise in the hockey after a long shot hit the post and was deflected in. And Lancaster follow it up with a shot from close range to make it 2-1.

1:59 pm

And it’s over at the rugby. Not a pretty sight, 33-0 being the final score there. In their defence, 6 of York’s team have never played 7s rugby before.

1:58 pm

York have taken an early lead in the indoor hockey seconds courtesy of Harry Bercis after dribbling through defence and firing into the bottom corner.

1:56 pm

Gearing up for a leg on the bike to bring the torch Lancaster.

Image credit: James Croydon

1:56 pm

1:54 pm

There’s plenty of action on the #Roses2012 hashtag, but most of it seems to be Lancastrian support. Must try harder, people.

1:52 pm

York putting up a better fight now, but are still stuck inside their own half. Lancaster are 6 tries up.

I’d say it’s a write off.

1:50 pm

We’ve got some photos of the domination at the women’s rugby 7s on the way. Photographer Aggie Torrance says it’s embarrassing.

1:49 pm

York lose their third wicket at the end of the 11th over. Illingworth edges to slip and makes it 43 for 3.

1:47 pm

1:47 pm

It seems to be getting away from the women at the netball, as the scoreline shifts to 8-2 for the quarter. Winter, York Sport President elect, is “cold and isolated”, says Banerjee.

How appropriate.

1:45 pm

Despite sustained pressure, York are being wasteful with their chances in the netball – they’re getting punished on the break and the score now lies at 7-2 to Lancaster.

“Bloody hell girls,” says our reporter, Rohan Banerjee.

1:43 pm

The Lancastrians have now scored their 4th try as we go into half time. York’s women need to change the tides in the second half to prevent themselves from being completely overpowered.

1:42 pm

In the cricket, York have steadied themselves to reach 39 for 2 at the end of the 10th over

1:41 pm

Indeed they are.

1:40 pm

Disappointment at the women’s rugby, as the Lancs appear to be running riot. They’ve bagged two more tries in the space of as many minutes.

1:38 pm

York make it 23 for 2

1:38 pm

In the netball, York are back in it. Russell scores for the White Rose with a looping shot. It’s been end-to-end stuff in the first quarter – looks like York might need to slow things down.

1:37 pm

At the cricket, Joel Hughes is bowled first ball making the score 19 for 2 so far for York

1:37 pm

At the rugby 7s, the women’s seconds concede an early. York have an attacking team, and could struggle defensively says Dan.

1:35 pm

Despite and early York push, Lancaster stun York with a quickfire double against the run of play. It’s 2-0 to Lancaster in the women’s firsts netball.

1:17 pm

First wicket has fallen at the cricket. York are 19/1 after 4 overs

1:15 pm

Quiet before the storm here. Rugby 7s and netball due to start in around 15 minutes

1:11 pm

Photo Editor Philippa Grafton reckons the flag here is representative of Lancaster’s ailing fortunes

Image: Philippa Grafton

1:07 pm

Image: Philippa Grafton

1:02 pm

1:01 pm

We’ve had an update from York’s cyclists, who are carrying the torch from York to Lancaster throughout the day, in ten legs.

Sophie Gorman, who will be completing the last leg, has told us that they’re on the 4th leg, having left 5 hours ago. She’s concerned it might be dark when they arrive!

When it arrives, the torch will then be carried round the Lancaster campus.

12:55 pm

If you are feeling nostalgic, here is a summary of all the action from Roses 2011 in York. Ah, good memories of a fantastic win.

12:53 pm

Next up is the cricket, due to start in the next 5 minutes.

12:50 pm

12:49 pm

Great start to the day for York, with the badminton team performing admirably. They’ve picked up the full 10 points to give the White Rose a 12-6 lead

12:49 pm

There is a bitterly cold wind in Lancaster. Though there isn’t any rain forecast for the weekend.

12:48 pm

In the words of our Sports Editor, Dan Holland: “Six down, a hundred and something fixtures to go.”

12:46 pm

Men’s firsts captain, Baillie Watterson, had this to say about their Badminton win:

Everyone played unbelievably well, Lancaster never stood a chance. We haven’t lost in the past ten years.

Clare Breare, the women’s captain added:
“I’m very proud of the way every member of the team stepped up to the plate – it’s even better because we won away.”

12:45 pm

Lancaster win the toss and choose to bowl – a no-brainer given the conditions

12:43 pm

Badminton men’s 2nds win 6-3. Another 2 points in the bag

12:38 pm

Cricket update: Now a 1pm start and 46 overs each

12:36 pm

12:35 pm

Who do you think will win Roses? Answer on our Facebook poll:

12:33 pm

That puts the scores at 12-6 to York.

12:32 pm

An update from the badminton, which is wrapping up now. York have snatched all 10 points available!
Men’s firsts: 8-1
Women’s firsts: 5-4
Men’s seconds: 5-3 (1 match to play)
Quotes to follow from the captains, from our reporter at the courts, Luke Gardener.

12:30 pm

Duck of the day…from Lancaster

Image credit: Agatha Torrance

12:25 pm

It’s the place to be.

12:20 pm

Just a reminder that you can get involved today either through the comments, or by tweeting @yorknouse, @nousesport, or @nouselive. We’ll be sticking your tweets in the liveblog, so send your messages through!

12:20 pm

Women’s badminton has finished. York win 5-4!

12:16 pm

The rain continues to fall here. Doesn’t look good for the cricket, despite previous determination to play in spite of any bad weather.

12:15 pm

There’s a tangible atmosphere brewing in the sport’s centre. Lots of shouting, and excitement.

12:13 pm

Given 2 badminton wins for the White Rose, York is now in front: 10-6.

12:13 pm

The comeback is well and truly on! York 4-3 up in the men’s seconds.

12:11 pm

It appears the official RosesLive site is down. My advice? Stick with Nouse.

12:08 pm

We’re sat in the lobby, next to the Lancaster women’s rugby team. Think they are talking strategy… would it be wrong to liveblog their tactics for their big game?

12:08 pm

12:06 pm

The Lancastrians are clearly up for the fight. But are they all talk?

12:05 pm

The men’s 2nds are fighting their way back. 3-2 to Lancaster now

12:04 pm

Clare Breare and Rachel Farringdon win on Court 8, meaning York lead 5-2 and will take the 4 points.

11:56 am

Image: Philippa Grafton

11:54 am

Cricket was initially put back to a 12.30 start, but that is looking increasingly unlikely

11:53 am

Start of cricket 1sts match is being delayed by rain

11:51 am

11:50 am

Image:Philippa Grafton

11:45 am

Cricket 1sts set to get underway in around 15 minutes over at Morecambe CC

11:42 am

York are 4-2 up in the women’s 1sts. So close to another 4 points

11:38 am

An epic contest in the men’s 2nds eventually finishes 30-28 to Lancaster. Mammoth effort, and that was only the first set

11:35 am

With those points from the men’s 1sts, the score will be level at 6-6 with York also looking good for the points in the women’s 1sts

11:31 am

4 points guaranteed! A 5-0 lead in the men’s 1sts means York can’t be caught

11:29 am

As it stands, York are on track to take 8 points away from the badminton and take an overall lead in the competition. Still a long way to go though…

11:24 am

Baillie Watterson and Dan Hirst are doing well for the 1sts. York now 4-0 up in that one. Only one match away from putting 4 points on the board

11:22 am

The score in the men’s 2nds is now 3-1 to Lancaster overall, but York lead in the other two matches

11:19 am

It’s close in the badminton men’s 2nds. Lancaster have won one match and taken another to a deciding set

11:13 am

Second round of fixtures are underway in the badminton

11:08 am

On the other courts, the men’s 2nds are level at 1-1 and the women are 2-1 up

11:05 am

The men’s 1sts are now 3-0 up over Lancaster.

11:03 am

That final game in the men’s 1sts match finished 21-13 to our boys.

11:02 am

York men’s 1sts take a 2-0 lead. On our way to 4 points there.

10:59 am

Tense stuff in the men’s 1sts badminton. 2 matches going to the final set. It could go either way.

10:51 am

Sounds like York’s Andy Henderson is having an absolute stormer in the men’s 1sts. He and Tom Dainty have won their first set

10:48 am

Lancaster’s first and second seeds have both won their opening sets in the women’s 1sts

10:45 am

York are a set up in both of the matches in the men’s 1sts fixture. Good start

10:43 am

1 set all in the badminton seconds match

10:36 am

All 3 matches have started now, downstairs from where we are based in the Sports Centre.

10:35 am

Badminton is underway!

10:27 am

Sounds like things are running behind schedule already. Badminton still yet to start.

10:21 am

Some time changes for tomorrow’s fixtures that have just been announced: Rugby men’s 3rds now at 12.30pm, 2nds at 2pm, 1sts at 3.15pm, women’s 1sts at 1.45pm

10:14 am

The three badminton fixtures are about to get started. 10 points on offer.

9:55 am

The current score is 6-2 to Lancaster, after they won the two equestrian events on Wednesday. York picked up their first two points yesterday with a great win for the men’s cricket seconds.

9:43 am

The first #roses2012 event of the morning is the men’s, women’s and mixed badminton at 10:15

9:38 am

We’re now live in Lancaster! Badminton starts the day’s action at 10.15 and we’ll have reporters across campus all day bringing you the latest news and scores.

8:37 am

Last year, York convincingly beat Lancaster by 176.5 to 104.5. If you want to relive all the action, have a look at last year’s mini-site:

8:33 am

We have reporters and photographers on their way to Lancaster right now to bring you best the coverage, photos and opinion from the 3-day event. We will be putting all your tweets, comments and photos into the blog. So tweet us at @yorknouse and @nousesport

8:30 am

Hello and welcome to the Nouse Roses live blog! This is your place to be for the next three days as we bring you all the action from #roses2012 in Lancaster

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