2012 College Cup Draw

The draw for the 2012 College Cup was made this lunchtime, with holders Halifax 1sts facing a tough group.

They will take on Goodricke 1sts, as well as James and Derwent’s 2nds teams in Group 3.

Last term’s league winners James 1sts are in Group 2, alongside Alcuin 1sts, with Winter League champions Derwent drawn in Group 1 with Wentworth 1sts.

Here is the draw in full:

Group 1:

Derwent 1sts
Wentworth 1sts
Langwith 2nds
Goodricke 2nds
Halifax 3rds
James 3rds

Group 2:

James 1sts
Alcuin 1sts
Wentworth 2nds
Vanbrugh 2nds
Goodricke 3rds
Halifax 4ths

Group 3:

Halifax 1sts
Goodricke 1sts
James 2nds
Derwent 2nds
Alcuin 3rds
Vanbrugh 3rds

Group 4:

Vanbrugh 1sts
Langwith 1sts
Alcuin 2nds
Halifax 2nds
Derwent 3rds
Wentworth 3rds

Group stage fixture list:

Week 3

Monday 7th May

2pm: Wentworth 1sts v Halifax 3rds
3pm: Goodricke 2nds v James 3rds
4pm: Derwent 1sts v Langwith 2nds

Tuesday 8th May

2pm: TBD v Vanbrugh 2nds
3pm: Wentworth 2nds v Goodricke 3rds
4pm: James 1sts v Alcuin 1sts

Thursday 10th May

2pm: Halifax 1sts v James 2nds
3pm: Derwent 2nds v Vanbrugh 3rds
4pm: Goodricke 1sts vs Alcuin 3rds

Friday 11th May

2pm: Halifax 2nds v Wentworth 3rds
3pm: Alcuin 2nds v Langwith 1sts
4pm: Vanbrugh 1sts v Derwent 3rds

Week 4

Monday 14th May

2pm: Langwith 1sts v Vanbrugh 1sts
3pm: Derwent 3rds v Wentworth 3rds
4pm: Halifax 2nds v Alcuin 2nds

Tuesday 15th May

2pm: Derwent 1sts v Goodricke 2nds
3pm: Lengwith 2nds v Wentworth 1sts
4pm: Halifax 3rds v James 3rds

Thursday 17th May

2pm: Wentworth 2nds v James 1sts
3pm: Alcuin 1sts v TBD
4pm: Vanbrugh 2nds v Goodricke 3rds

Friday 18th May

2pm: Derwent 2nds v Goodricke 1sts
3pm: James 2nds v Vanbrugh 3rds
4pm: Halifax 1sts v Alcuin 3rds

Week 5

Monday 21st May

2pm: Alcuin 3rds v Vanbrugh 3rds
3pm: Goodricke 1sts v Halifax 1sts
4pm: James 2nds v Derwent 2nds

Tuesday 22nd May

2pm: Derwent 3rds v Alcuin 2nds
3pm: Wentworth 3rds v Vanbrugh 1sts
4pm: Langwith 1sts v Halifax 2nds

Thursday 24th May

2pm: Goodricke 2nds v Wentworth 1sts
3pm: Derwent 1sts v James 3rds
4pm: Halifax 3rds v Langwith 2nds

Friday 25th May

2pm: Wentworth 2nds v Vanbrugh 2nds
3pm: Goodricke 3rds v Alcuin 1sts
4pm: TBD v James 1sts

Week 6

Monday 28th May

2pm: James 1sts v Goodricke 3rds
3pm: Wentworth 2nds v TBD
4pm: Alcuin 1sts v Vanbrugh 2nds

Tuesday 29th May

2pm: Halifax 1sts v Derwent 2nds
3pm: James 2nds v Alcuin 3rds
4pm: Goodricke 1sts v Vanbrugh 3rds

Thursday 31st May

2pm: Langwith 1sts v Wentworth 3rds
3pm: Vanbrugh 1sts v Alcuin 2nds
4pm: Derwent 3rds v Halifax 2nds

Friday 1st June

2pm: Halifax 3rds v Goodricke 2nds
3pm: Derwent 1sts v Wentworth 1sts
4pm: Langwith 2nds v James 3rds

Week 7

Monday 4th June

2pm: Wentworth 1sts v James 3rds
3pm: Goodricke 2nds v Langwith 2nds
4pm: Derwent 1sts v Halifax 3rds

Tuesday 5th June

2pm: Alcuin 1sts v Wentworth 2nds
3pm: James 1sts v Vanbrugh 2nds
4pm: TBD v Goodricke 3rds

Thursday 7th June

2pm: Vanbrugh 3rds v Halifax 1sts
3pm: Derwent 2nds v Alcuin 3rds
4pm: Goodricke 1sts v James 2nds

Friday 8th June

2pm: Vanbrugh 1sts v Halifax 2nds
3pm: Langwith 1sts v Derwent 3rds
4pm: Alcuin 2nds v Wentworth 3rds


  1. Lets face it, College Cup 2012 will not provide any shocks.

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  2. got to fancy Derwent 1s for the Cup with this draw

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  3. Derwent bottle it….again

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  4. 22 Apr ’12 at 11:55 pm

    The black magician

    Derwent 1s have no strikers, Yfks Derwent till i die

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  5. True. I am backing Derwent to bottle it in the Final again. Oh wait they wont get there.

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  6. It would be interesting to get a couple of line ups scrutinised to see the new blood.

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  7. 6 May ’12 at 2:13 am

    Andy Jeffreys

    derwent ones will be playing a 3 6 1


    boughtflower jeffreys brandreth

    brinkworth tapper farrell harrison whittall atherton


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