Local Spotlight: Berlin Black

There’s nothing quite like the thuds of synth layered with atmospheric guitar, a groove ridden drum beat and anguished crooning, that either mean you’re in Reflex or have fantastic taste in your 80s music. In this case, you’d be listening to York based post-punk band, Berlin Black. They define themselves as post-punk, but when founding member and lead singer Chris Tuke (also ex-Screaming Banshee Aircrew) sings, it’s like David Bowie and Robert Smith have climbed inside him, done something unspeakable and the audible result is his tormented yet distinctly dulcet tones, singing some darkly memorable lyrics. Alongside Tuke the aural masseur, he is accompanied with other experienced musicians like bassist Jo Violet, also a member The Mach Violets who gained considerable fame in the 80s. Although the 80s sound is pretty authentic, Berlin Black undoubtedly feel modern and their achievements up until now are proof of this. After having only played 4 gigs, Berlin Black were asked to play main stage at Whitby Goth weekend and since then have supported bands like Pop Will Eat Itself and Chameleons Vox (ex 80s band The Chameleons). The foursome are signed to Trash Vogue Records, which they commendably set up themselves and released the E.P “Burn it Down” in 2010 and the single “The Only Ones” in 2011 through the York-based label. They plan on releasing another record June this year and regularly play at the Duchess.

Listen to Berlin Black here

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