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Precious Stones
On 6th February, we celebrated our grand Queen’s 60th year on the throne. With her Diamond Jubilee fast approaching, what better way to celebrate than a celebration of precious gemstones.

‘Silver Fox’ – RJD2
A fox built from this precious stone would be a gift fit for a Queen! However, it would also be heavy, dangerous and inappropriate economically.

‘Crystal Ball’ – Keane
I think Tom Chaplin’s getting his hopes up that a crystal ball could “save us all”. Perhaps more realistic is its function as an attractive household ornament or paperweight.

‘The Crystal Lake’ – Granddaddy
“The crystal lake it only laughs” sings Jason Lytle. I’d be laughing too if I was made of a valuable commodity. Laughing all the way to the bank.

‘Silver Trembling Hands’ – The Flaming Lips
Silver trembling hands: great for electrical and thermal conduction, bad for tense situations, flexibility, social acceptance.

‘Sound of Silver’ – LCD Soundsystem
I bet the queen wishes she could feel like a teenager, just like James Murphy.

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