Allegations of racial abuse made against University

Photo credit: Philippa Grafton

Photo credit: Philippa Grafton

A University of York student has made a formal complaint against specific members of staff and students on allegations of racial abuse. 
The student, who wishes to remain anonymous, has cited various forms of verbal abuse, and has told Nouse they feel “criminalised for existing, and criminalised for making a complaint.”

Accusations cite one member of staff ignoring the student, who feels they were racially stereotyped and prejudiced as “angry, obnoxious and aggressive.”

The case is currently ongoing and has yet to be resolved.

Nouse has been informed that the student was allegedly “over-sexualised, ignored and racially stereotyped.” The student adduces race as the reason they found themselves purportedly advised by members of staff to reduce their educational aspirations.

The student was allegedly asked whether “the University [is] letting anyone in nowadays,” and they allege they were repeatedly “racially abused” by two current students. The student claims they were ignored by certain University staff and told they did not fit the University accommodation’s “ideal candidate”.

Due to issues of confidentiality,  Nouse is unable to reveal the identities of the individuals involved. 
The University has confirmed that this case has reached the final review stage and that “any complaints made by students are investigated thoroughly and objectively.”

However, a spokesperson for the University stated that they could not comment on any cases currently under investigation.
Under the principles governing the University’s Appeals and Complaints Procedure, the University must protect the privacy of the complainant and any members of staff or students involved.

The University code of practice qualifies racial harassment as any behaviour, deliberate or otherwise, pertaining to race, colour, ethnic or national origin, which may include abusive comments about racial origins and skin colour or racist insults, jokes and comments about capability, based on assumptions relating to race.

The University advocates that a formal complaints procedure should only be used where the complainant feels that the nature of the complaint is too serious to be dealt with informally, or where a satisfactory conclusion has not been reached after following the informal procedure.

The student is claiming that previous responses to their complaints from University staff were not dealt with in a manner they found appropriate. They state: “I cannot think of one instance when anybody on campus elegantly and effortlessly interrupted racism.” The student feels their intelligence has been disparaged and their “right to be on campus questioned.”