Helen Marrison – Manifesto

From a corset-wearing villain with Pantsoc in Central Hall, to broadcasting with URY, playing the trumpet with Concert Band and fighting it out in Doxbridge and Roses, my life at York has gone way beyond doing my degree – something I believe to be an essential part in making the most out of your time at university, and a passion for which encouraged me to become involved with YUSU as Student Development Assembly Chair, and run for Student Activities Officer.

So, what do I stand for? The five big policies:

1. Activities on Heslington East – Allowing societies, RAG and volunteering access to the new campus; be it using the rooms, or sessions with the equipment. With several departments, two colleges and the sports centre set for residence in 2012/13, I believe reaching out to be an achievable and understandable demand.

2. YUSU ‘Pot of Gold’ – I want to make new fund available where Grant and Alumni applications have past or been unsuccessful so that every awesome, yet unexpected, idea can be made a reality. The increase in tuition fees should improve all aspects of the university, and the Union is no exception. This could work in cooperation with YorkSport.

3. The future – Working with York Alumni is an untapped resource for applying and communicating the advantages of being involved in student activities. I will work with the Alumni Office and Careers Service to tailor speakers and guests to engage with the kinds of activities we offer to give students a face-to-face link with future career paths.

4. Face time – I will have a dedicated weekly Student Surgery, where anyone – from societies, RAG, volunteering and beyond – can come along to suggest a great project, thrash out a problem or just have a chat.

5. The experience – RAG really makes a mark with campus events like Woodstock and the new Winter Wonderland, so let’s make them bigger and better! With more involvement from all areas of Activities. Bring more owls on campus! And maybe a couple of reindeer…

Alongside all that, I promise to keep student interests at heart by looking to make ratification, grant applications and handover simpler, push the use of campus bars, improving the reach and awareness of volunteering and continue to develop the strength and effectiveness of Societies Committee and the Student Development Assembly to make a more integrated and effective YUSU.

With these realistic and achievable goals, and more and more students coming to York next year I will put all my energy into encouraging, enabling and enhancing societies, RAG and volunteering. I believe my involvement in a variety of societies from a fresher to committee member, to my position as Student Development Chair has given me the dedication, insight and organisational skills to do this job to the full, and love every second of it.

Vote Marrison for Activities!

Thanks and love, Helen.

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