Over 50 candidates standing in YUSU elections

Nouse can reveal the students who have nominated themselves for this year’s YUSU elections, with seven candidates putting themselves forward for the position of President

YUSU have released the final candidate list for the 2012 YUSU elections with over 50 candidates standing in what is expected to be a competitive few weeks.

In the hotly contested race for YUSU President both the Vanbrugh College Chair from last year, Kallum Taylor, and the previous Goodricke Chair, Nacho Hernando, have put themselves forward along with: Abir Ahmmed, James Carney, Thomas Stuart Taylor, Zahra Latif and Peter Warner-Medley – who ran for the position of Welfare Officer two years ago.

Bob Hughes, the incumbent Welfare Officer, and Graeme Osborn, the incumbent Academic Officer, have both submitted their application to run for a second year. This follows the success of Tim Ngwena and Sam Asfahani in clinching a second term in recent years.

Other highlights see a three-way battle for the position of Student Activities Officer between Hannah Brearley, Helen Marrison and Chris West.

The rumours of Ben McGladdery re-running for the position of York Sport President have been confirmed as unfounded, leaving the contest to be a straight fight between Charlotte Winter and Dong-Oh Shin.

There are four candidates standing for the position of International Officer and five for Volunteering Officer.

Nearly all the candidates attended the ‘Candidate briefings’ which were held on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon last week. At the briefings, the election rules were outlined and an election budget of £30 for full-time officers and £15 for part-time was announced, along with strict rules for campaigning both online and on campus.

Over 60 candidates initially nominated themselves for YUSU Officer positions, however several have withdrawn their candidacy over the weekend leaving 54 to compete over the next few weeks.

Hustings for the sabbatical and part-time positions will be this Thursday at 6:30pm in L/N/028, with campaigning officially opening on Friday for just under two weeks.

Full candidate list:

YUSU President
Abir Ahmmed
James Carney
Kallum Taylor
Thomas Stuart Taylor
Peter Warner-Medley
Nacho Hernando
Zahra Latif

Academic Officer
Eppie Leishman
Graeme Osborn

Student Activities Officer
Helen Marrison
Chris West
Hannah Brearley

Welfare Officer
Bob Hughes
Hannah Wigley
Lewis Haines

York Sport President
Charlotte Winter
Dong-Oh Shin

Campaigns Officer(s)
Megan Cross & Ben Dilks
Peter Hollingsworth

Disabled Students’ Officer(s)
Emma Hersey
Madelaine Kirkman

Ents Officer(s)
Chris Edwards & Sanchita Chawla

Environment & Ethics Officer(s)
Emma Hughes
Isobel Edwards

International Officer(s)
Mike Anstey & Ankita Chawla
Egle Vasiliauskaite
Ian Lau
Maciej Rys

LGBT Officer(s)
Leon Morris

Mature Students’ Officer(s)
Minal Niriksha Supri

Racial Equality Officer(s)
Vishnuu Nithiyananthan
Itai Choto & Rohan Banerjee
Rebekah Phiri
Asiya Elgady

RAG Officer(s)
Becky Mursell & Erin Cork

Volunteering Officer(s)
Guan Li
Louisa Moorhouse
Amy Jepson
Yu Gao

Women’s Officer(s)
Lauren Bray & Zoe Wilkinson
Emma Hawkens

Union Chair
Josh Allen
Mark Taylor
Nick Hall

Student Trustee
James Burch
Harry Clementson
Jason Rose
Mark Taylor
Megan O’Kane

Senate Rep
James Burch
Harry Toynton
Hussein Kesvani
Itai Michael Choto
Jason Rose




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  2. Luke Sandford’s not thrown his hat into the ring?

    Curious. Makes the race for President a bit more interesting.

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  3. Perhaps Sandford wanted to avoid being the fourth member of the list:


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  5. so two joke candidates (ahmmed and taylor), two ex college chairs (taylor and hernando), a radical (carney), a course rep (latif) and a failed welfare candidate (warner-medley). actually reads like an interesting race for once!

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  6. 13 Feb ’12 at 1:32 pm

    Daniel Radcliffe

    Peter Warner Medley? Really??

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  7. Where’s my name?

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  8. Forseen the future- clear winners:

    Dong Oh
    Hawkens and Rose

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  9. so it’s between kallum taylor, james carney and nacho hernando. looking forward to the candidate profiles.

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  10. Ah, Jason Rose, everyone’s favourite joke candidate.

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  11. 13 Feb ’12 at 1:52 pm

    V-Bar Manageress

    As long as the students keep spending their pocket money in V-Bar I don’t mind who wins

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  12. Finally, somebody with the vision to recognise that York needs a moonbase. I know who I am voting for.

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  13. York does not need a moonbase.

    It also doesn’t really need two (three?) joke candidates…

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  14. 13 Feb ’12 at 2:31 pm

    Cantor, or wontor...

    There aren’t many things more embarrassing than joke candidates that aren’t funny. It’s not like you tell a bad joke, people cringe and you move on. You essentially are a bad joke for about two weeks – brave, brave people.


    That would be a good team, I reckon.

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  15. Two weeks?

    These things stay up online for years/decades.

    Which reminds me, I wonder if Mark Picard or Peter Saul have got a job yet…

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  16. These elections are a farce. We all know David Hansen should brought back to York and instated as YUSU Emperor with supreme powers until death. At which point he should be succeeded by his cat.

    I can’t be the only person that thinks this is the only reasonable future the Union has?

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  17. 13 Feb ’12 at 2:46 pm

    William Hilll

    Nacho Hernando
    Hannah Brearley
    Graeme Osborn
    Bob Hughes
    Charlotte Winter

    safe bet

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  18. 13 Feb ’12 at 2:49 pm

    Inside Knowledge

    Osborne has not done his job this year. We all had high hopes, but he’s not followed them through. He palms work off to other officers, theres not been a single big academic campaign. Without YUSUs brilliant staff students would have had very little academic support this year.

    I was a big fan of Graeme, but he’s not lived up to the hype. He’s an embarrassment to the work that Ben & Charlie started. Time to move over and give someone else a go I say.

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  19. i believe the best team would be

    For the core positions:

    Kallum Taylor
    Hannah Brearley
    Graeme Osborn
    Bob Hughes
    Dong – Oh



    what do you guys think?

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  20. Kallum Taylor
    Hannah Brearley
    Bob Hughes
    Charlotte Winter
    Eppie Leishman

    Would be the strongest sabb team for a good while…

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  21. Carney Osborn West Hughes Winter

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  22. looking forward to this! no need for the two joke candidates though

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  23. My money is on:

    Ollie Hutchings – President
    Peter Warner Medley – Welfare
    Jason Rose – Academic
    Janderson – Student Activities
    Ben McGladdery – Sport
    Sharpy – Democracy and Services

    Dream Team…

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  24. Aside from the joke candidates, why the small number running for Sport.

    You’d have thought after Asfahanis glittering 2 years as one of the best sabbs for a while, more people would want to take over from him.

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  25. 13 Feb ’12 at 5:22 pm

    Anon. Bystander

    Anyone that thinks Nacho has a chance is highly misguided – a flagship policy of a failed idea 5 years ago to buy a “YUSU CLUB”?!?!

    Nice one, Nacho. Way out of his depth.

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  26. Jason Rose is running for a Union position?

    I feel as though I’ve stumbled onto the set of Groundhog Day.

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  27. For the people in the know, and those that are well informed there can be only the following for one of the best and well rounded sabb teams for years:

    President – P Warner-Medley
    Welfare – Bobby Hughes
    Academic – Eppie Leishman
    Sport – Don oh Shin
    Activities – Hannah Brearly

    really cant understand why you would want any other candidates?

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  28. – Expand Nightline
    – Finish the library
    – Transparency
    – Censorship (possibly with relation to the postering ban?)

    They’re all pretty good policies. And not massively ambitious, like a moonbase.

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  29. 13 Feb ’12 at 9:06 pm

    Engaged Citizen

    @Andrew G

    Glad to see that the moonbase policy is focusing minds. Student politicians have been extremely guilty of over-promising in the past.

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  30. TST for every conceivable public office, now and forever! An expanded Nightline, a completed Library and a real challenge to Censorship. Real, tangible and deliverable objectives by a serious candidate running a subversive campaign. His ability to have some fun whilst competing in a student election shows both his humanity and the sheer breadth of his capabilities.

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  31. 13 Feb ’12 at 9:28 pm

    Nacho Hernando

    @Anon. Bystander – I think you might have misinterpreted my policy, which is by no means a key one.

    My aim would be to make sure that the Union has in mind the idea that it needs to debate and discuss whether acquiring a venue, as a long long-term goal, would tackle the issues concerning social space and equipment.

    I would definitely agree that it would be impossible to see this achieved within a year.

    Feel free to get in contact if you have any other questions about my polices =)

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  32. Lack of ambition is what is holding York back. Moonbase now!

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  33. 13 Feb ’12 at 10:52 pm

    Sir Andrew Motion

    YUSU, who are you?
    I am me, James Carney.
    I write in poetry,
    So you know that I
    hate the bourgeoisie.

    It really is great,
    That I had the time
    To make things rhyme,
    But the ladder of power I seek to climb.

    At the moment, I’m on the outside looking in.
    When I go for power,
    Let’s hope I’m not beheaded
    like Anne Boleyn.

    The current President is Tim Ellis,
    I’m a fan of garden trellis.
    Interestingly, that is something else you can climb,
    Hopefully I’ll make it to the big time.

    Some would say that it’s a bit odd,
    To view YUSU President as if it’s God,
    In reality what will I change?
    I’m just a swap, a change, a simple exchange.

    So there you are, an alternative manifesto,
    Now look I’m Pres, how great, Hey Presto!

    I hope you enjoyed my rather weird poem,
    Now let’s all drink from a big Jereboam*.

    *(My research shows a Jereboam is a large bottle, about 4/5s of a gallon)

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  34. 13 Feb ’12 at 11:56 pm

    Bev Thorogood

    I don’t really see how Tom Taylor is a joke candidate? As Andrew G says he seems to have reasonable policy ideas. Although, delivered with humour. We’ll see at the hustings!!!

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  35. Champagne as in champagne charlie? Oh hi again….

    Ahhhh Jason rose / J /~j …. Nice to see the elections furniture is still here!

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  36. 14 Feb ’12 at 10:28 am

    Modern Nursing

    tbh i believe that the women officer position should go to Bray and Wilkinson because they see the bigger issues

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  37. 14 Feb ’12 at 11:41 am



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  38. Allowed to campaign already, are we, Nacho?

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  39. 14 Feb ’12 at 1:01 pm

    Nacho Hernando

    @Sherlock – nope, just clarifying the policies that YUSU have already put up from my manifesto which can be found on their website :)

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  40. Definitely loving James Carney’s promise of less policy more advocacy. the poem highlights that the president can’t promise anything because when he comes to power there is none, well at least thats what i read into it anyway. shoot me if i’m wrong.

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  41. 14 Feb ’12 at 7:25 pm

    Cautiously optimistic

    Peter Warner-Medley running could be the best thing for this union right now. Of all the candidates, he has the most comprehensive knowledge of how YUSU works and the most experience. Not to mention the fact that he would run for such a major posititon after this student population denied him (however fairly) another one shows how committed he really is. It might just be “student politics” to most of us, but we’re all paying for this union, and to me he stands out as the best guy to run it.

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  42. Love how it says under the candidates section

    Expect candidate information here soon after nominations close on Thursday 9th February!

    how soon after nouse?

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  43. While everybody’s focused on the president, the other sabb positions are looking to be a decent fight too.
    Especially Welfare. Hughes is going to be hard to beat but I don’t think the other two are going down without a fight.

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  44. 15 Feb ’12 at 11:34 am

    Campus Junkie

    Good point made by Blink.

    Everyone always focuses on the President when, ultimately, their position is no more important to the majority of students.

    Student Activities looks like being a really good fight, probably between Hannah and Helen, although Chris West will be a good bet from the outside.

    Not exactly the most thrilling/imaginative of policies on offer though…

    Academic will be close I hope. Eppie is clearly the stronger candidate, but Graeme should edge through and become the third second year academic officer.

    As the above said, Welfare has some really strong candidates, but Bob has done a good job and has overwhelming popularity and a high profile.

    Sport’s a strange one. I imagine Asfahani will back Winter which will carry her to victory.

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  45. While everybody’s focused on the president, the other part-time positions are looking to be a messy fight which will be good to see unfold.

    In particular, i can’t believe International Officer has got so much competition this year. Although, personally I believe Anstey and Chawla are the hot favourites and most experienced, Vasiliauskaite is sure to be a tough opponent with her backing. I believe the fight is between these two candidates (or three if we are being technical).

    Woman’s officer looks like a walk over for Hawkens as well. It shouldnt be too hard for her to trump the other candidate(s). Their policies are very weak in comparison.

    Campaigns should go to Dilks and Cross, i believe they are the strongest candidates. And R.E.O should go to Choto and Banerjee as they are pretty strong as a team.

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  46. 15 Feb ’12 at 3:08 pm

    3rd Year Somebody

    PWM, Eppie, Brearley, Shin and probably Lewis Haines.

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  47. Looking forward to question time tomorrow. They are the external faces of the union. Being able to speak publicly well and answer questions is a key part of the role. WIll go a long way to seeing who is favourite. Looking forward particularly to Carney elaborating on his manifesto.

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  48. 16 Feb ’12 at 9:27 am

    Agree with YorkITE...

    …About Hawkens. Especially seeing as one of the candidates admitted in Liberation and Welfare Assembly she’d never heard of WomCom until a couple of weeks ago. Hastily doing her research just so she can run for the position despite no real personal interest in women’s issues? I think so…

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  49. 16 Feb ’12 at 11:59 am

    Frodo Baggins

    Everyone leans towards Brearley, but I’m starting to think Marrison might be a better option. Sometimes experience that hasn’t come from within YUSU is exactly what the Union needs (see; Ngwena, Ellis, Scarlett etc). Brearley would be the perfect candidate for the old SDC position, but it doesn’t exist anymore, and I’m not convinced about her Student Activities relevant experience. Marrison was secretary of one of the busiest societies in York, and one of the most recognised nationally, and did a damn good job.

    Also, Osborne – had his time, failed miserably. He’s got to go.

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  50. 16 Feb ’12 at 6:09 pm

    Dom `Uni 1's` Mckinnon Green

    None of these candidates have played Uni 1’s so I honestly don’t see why anyone would vote for them.

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