The societies showdown

Well readers, if you’re looking for a bloody battle this election season, it looks like the realm of student activities shall provide generously. Always a contentious position, this looks to be York’s answer to the Republican nomination contest, only with fewer sexual misdemeanors and better policies; here’s hoping anyway.

In an unusual turn of events, this looks to be the year of the media maestros stepping into the ring. Whilst us campus media types are usually content to serve as harsh critics from the sidelines of student politics , rather than get our hands dirty, this set of rumoured candidates could break the mould.

Ex-Deputy Station Manager and current treasurer of URY, Helen Marrison, is apparently putting her name forward for the role, keen to swap the Vanbrugh paradise shed for the glossier offices of James. Indeed, her recently adopted position as chair of the Student Development Assembly makes it seems all the more likely she will declare her candidacy.

An outside to the YUSU clique, and with a wealth of media society experience, Marrison could definitely bring some interesting policies to the table. In any case, TR is definitely not adverse to having a media- sympathetic ear on the ticket.

But the might of the media looks to be divided, with ex-Nouse sub-editor, and YUSU volunteering officer Hannah Brearley also with her eyes on the prize. Her breadth of volunteering involvement, as well as her closeness to the current Sabb team could bring in the votes and having won two YUSU elections in a row, she is no stranger to winning over the student masses.

Supposedly throwing some muscle into the mix is last years Vanbrugh press and publicity rep Chris West. Involved in Rugby and Badminton, it certainly gives him a strong voting base from those who haunt the Ziggy’s basement of a Wednesday evening. With Kallum Taylor already making his election ambitions clear, could this be the year of dual Vanbrugh victory?

And finally, TR has a sneaking suspician that RAG officer Baxter Willis will emerge as another nominee for the activities crown. Willis is a familiar face around both the YUSU offices and campus in general, and has an impressive record as RAG officer that includes bringing the first ever ice rink to campus. But will this be enough to skate him to success?

Never one to ignore a tip-off, TR has also heard wild rumour that YUM chair Jaime Riley is putting her name in the game, though the same source reported that ex Vision Editor Dan Goddard was also considering the YUSU presidency. Doubtful? Yes indeed, but it certainly would be one for the history books. Stay tuned- TR most certainly will be.

Well that’s enough rhetorical questions for one day. With student activities looking to be the battle of the BNOCs, candidates are going to have to rely on more than a cult of personality to guarantee election victory. Remember folks, policies are where the power lies.

Know something TR doesn’t? Keep your rumours, tip-offs and insults coming to [email protected]


  1. The Yorker published that there was an International Officer candidate and a Presidential candidate teaming up to campaign together- truth?

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  2. Not entirely sure where you’ve got your information from Hannah. Chris west was never ents rep, he was press and publicity in his first year. He ran for chair in second year but lost to Kallum. He’s captain of vanbrugh rugby, captain of Uni and college darts and has played badminton. But he’s never played college tennis and has only ever played lacrosse once in a one day tournament…You might want to make sure you actually know who you’re talking about before you confuse potential voters.

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  3. 7 Feb ’12 at 12:25 pm

    Activities Maverick

    Marrison and Brearley could be a brilliant race. Student Activities is pretty much always a two-horse race, and these two are the strongest likely candidates.

    No chance Jaime Riley or Baxter Willis will run.

    There’s bound to be a performance societies candidate in the offing, and there’s bound to be a RAG candidate…

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  4. 7 Feb ’12 at 12:35 pm

    Graeme Osborn

    It’s good to see a position other than President and Yorksport President getting some attention.

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  5. Helen has not ‘recent adopted a position on Socs committee’, she is Chair of Student Development Assembly. Get your facts right Nouse.

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  6. 7 Feb ’12 at 3:03 pm

    Sports insider

    Word on the street is that BNIF (big name in football) and resident LAD Jonny Hyde is running for Sports Pres.

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  7. A great tip for TR- Jade Clifford, a well known face around campus and amongst the SABS, is rumoured to be recruiting a campaign manager for her President Campaign. Following Croydon’s success last year, perhaps Clifford is hoping to do one better and use her RAG support to get her to the top?

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  8. 7 Feb ’12 at 4:42 pm

    Activities Maverick

    Looks like Ben McGladdery isn’t the only unsuccessful candidate from last year to re-run…

    One of the Activities nearlymen is going to aswell?

    Is it Arthur, or is Janderson making a comeback?

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  9. 7 Feb ’12 at 8:33 pm

    Avid Clifford supporter

    I do believe Jenni Hammond has already offered to run Jade’s campaign.

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  10. “BNOC” is so 2010. Still, some good battles (as always) for Student Activites and President. Waiting to hear what Academic Affairs (aka Dullsville) will bring. Ac/Welf sabbs possibly rerunning?

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  11. james carney. coming to a yusu near you. apparently.

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  12. 8 Feb ’12 at 9:07 am

    James Croydon

    Not one of them fit to lace my boots (they’re velcro).

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  13. York deserves a moon base! Where’s my candidate?

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  14. God, I’d happily see anyone win but Kallum Taylor.

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  15. Great, reasoned contribution there chap.

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  16. A casually informed N can confirm that Jaime is not running.

    Neither is this Goddard chap.

    Carney is.

    Arthur and Janderson will not be making a return to proceedings.

    Also, obv, Hannah B will be partaking.

    Baxter isn’t.

    There will also be a few unexpected candidates running for the presidency… Quite a few.

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  17. 12 Feb ’12 at 6:32 pm

    keen follower

    rumours of kallum taylor already trying to out manouvre the other presidential candidates by organising meetings with well known and influential faces

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  18. N is correct.

    Also a surprising Sport candidate.

    A battle between little and large awaits.

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  19. Keen follower.

    That’s common sense.

    Any potential sabb who doesn’t speak to people knowledgeable in areas they’ll be working in is a fool.

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  20. Chaped is clearly Kallum Taylor

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  21. @chappede

    Not close. Definitely no cigar.

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