Derek Acorah: The Art of Unlocking the Mind

Derek Acorah contact the spirits of the dead and is one of the leading names in British mediumship

Derek Acorah is one of the leading names in British mediumship, and he’s currently touring a show in which he does what he does best – contact the spirits of the dead; with the help of his Ethiopian spirit guide, Masumi. Realising his gifts at an early age, Derek became a full time medium while he was still a young man. His career in the public eye began with Granada’s magazine show ‘Livetime,’ and Acorah soon set off for Los Angeles to investigate paranormal activity in Hollywood. Today, Derek is one of Britain’s best-loved mediums, and arguably the most notable male medium in the UK.

“It’s all about energy and readingenergy – and it’s called psychometrising, on programmes like the ‘Antiques Ghost Show,’ when I’m reading residual energy left on objects” says Acorah, concerning his ability to explore the paranormal through other things, like objects and buildings. “When I hold such an object, that energy comes to the fore, and gives me an insight into the history of that object. The more objects, or the more personal the objects, the greater the energy, the more accurate the reading” he goes on to explain. The leading medium elaborates on the information that can be extrapolated from personal possessions: “If I could get all of someone’s possessions together, I’d know almost everything about them – you can pick up health conditions, emotions, important times for that person – there’s a huge amount of information forthcoming with psychometry.”

“Sensitivity is not a closed shop for a select few – it’s open to all, to everyone, Everyone has latent psychic ability.”

Acorah is not just interested in human spirits however. Animals also feature in his study of energy: “My belief is that, very often, domesticated animals such as dogs and cats which people take into their homes and look after, and love- they’ve also got spirit within. And after death, they’re transported to the animal kingdom in the world of spirit. They can and do come back, in their numbers, just as any other family member would, and when they do it’s a visitation just like any other” the medium comments. His childhood was shaped by a love of animals: “I was brought up from an early age with animals all around me, from a very early age – so I’ve always felt a real kinship with animals. Maybe that’s why I’m more interested in them than perhaps other mediums are. But whoever you are, your life will be enriched by surrounding yourself with animals – I know mine is.”

In his first book, The Psychic World of Derek Acorah: Discover How to Develop your Hidden Powers, Acorah discussed how we all have some sort of dormant psychic ability. It is clear he still maintains this belief: “Yes, without question. Everyone is born with this facility, this talent. I’ve always said, that sensitivity is not a closed shop for a select few- it’s open to all, to everyone, because everyone has latent psychic ability.” In fact, having animals around is a good way to develop that; animals, unlike us human beings, don’t have intellect – they work by instinct” he explains.

Although, psychic powers may be available to all, Acorah has encountered his share of sceptics throughout his career; yet he remains unfazed in his work: “I believe there is an arrogance in people who are sceptical-minded, and cynical-minded. I’m sorry to say, James, that a lot of them are journalists. But I’ve lived with sceptics for so long, I’ve realised that in order to do my work and stay committed and vocational, I have to deal with this sort of thing like any medium. It doesn’t alter my attitude, my actions, my thought- it doesn’t alter me. In fact, if anything, it strengthens me sometimes. There are times when I can really get the bit between my teeth and say ‘Really? Is that really what you say?’ because it means nothing.” In the face of criticism, some of it bordering into the ridiculous, Acorah continues to do what he does best: “Onwards and upwards- I will not stop working. It’s amazing to me – for example, I’ve had write-ups of my stage show where a journalist has come along and written something totally, totally, totally different from what went on during the evening. They’ve made rude, arrogant, horrible statements, one even said he’d seen my dressing room; he said it was all dressed up, full of flowers and chocolates and lights – he made out that I was a bit of a diva. And the truth of the matter was, it was actually a very bare little room, very minimal. I don’t know what he was talking about- it didn’t even have a carpet,” says the personality.

Derek’s new tour ‘True Vision’ began before Christmas and comes to York on 3rd February.


  1. If he thinks his powers are real, he should have no problem in taking part in the Randi Foundation’s Million Dollar Challenge:

    Of course, he won’t, because he’s happy to make money from gullible, vulnerable individuals.

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  2. Actually you might like to know that there are several well known mediums that have taken Randi up on his offer and proven beyond doubt the continuation of life after death. It is just Randi himself that refuses to accept it and lose face. I have seen Derek work and he is an outstanding medium.

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  3. Then you’d be able to name these mediums that have proven life beyond death? What other details do you have of the tests they have passed? Dates? Format of test? Evidence provided?

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  4. Hello, Trevor.

    I’ve Googled extensively and can find no evidence that anyone who took up Randi’s $1 million challenge managed to progress beyond a preliminary test to see if they have any paranormal powers at all.

    Do you have any names and independently-verifiable links? Cheers.

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  5. @Trevor

    Sorry Trevor, that is completely untrue

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  6. Nothing Trevor?

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