The Race returns

Welcome back to The Race, reborn and revitalised in all its controversial and gossip-mongering glory. Some may even call it the Phoenix of all blogs, rising again from the ashes of YUSU censorship – nothing like a pretentious analogy to get our election juices flowing.

Relinquished from the burdens of editorship, I have chosen to shrug off my admittedly feeble cloak of anonymity this year. TR is here to fuel the fire of election rumours, give you all the unofficial dirt on the candidates and put the cat among the pigeons with a few rogue names now and then, just to keep you all on your toes.

I have no agenda, no alliances and am surprisingly difficult to bribe. If you are a boring candidate I will say so. If you are an innovative candidate I will say so. And if you are the owner of a T-shirt that says “tonight Matthew, I’m going to be wasted” I will say that as well. Politics is a dirty business, so who knows what sordid tactics will come into play this year?

It may be early days, but the race for President looks to be hotting up already. The inevitable wrestling match between college chairs has already become apparent, with Vanbrugh Chair Kallum Taylor, and Goodricke Chair Nacho Hernando both rallying for the throne. Will Taylor’s Scouse charms be enough to dampen down the fiery Spaniard? History shows us that Goodricke can carry even the underdogs to power, with Dan Walker and Tim Ellis case in point, but Vanbrugh is certainly a force to be reckoned with. TR can only recommended you watch this space.

Women’s Officer and former Labour Club Chair Cat Weyland has also apparently thrown her name into the ring, which certainly makes a nice change to the testosterone-fuelled team of this year. Having been very outspoken on issues of tuition fees and university arms investment over the last year, she could certainly give the boys a run for their money.

Word on the street last year was that Union Chair, and former campaigns Officer, Luke Sandford had his eyes on the Presidential prize, though TR has since heard otherwise. Similarly with Andreas Gabrielsen, current YUSU campaigns Officer, who last year hinted at his ambition for the top office, though has been keeping quiet of late. Retaining an air of mystery, or simply lost interest altogether? As TR’s favourite phrase goes, only time will tell.

Points for persistence can only go to Ben McGladdery, last years York Sport hopeful who lost by a landslide yet whose thirst for sporting supremacy has yet to be quenched, and who has boldly put his name in the running. Yet he may have to step up his game from 2011’s Scooby-Doo strategy, for he faces tough competition from popular fellow York Sport Committee member Charlotte Winter. Can badminton beat netball? Can anyone bear two years of election shame? Is that one rhetorical question too far? In any case, it looks to be a game of two halves, and not everyone is a winner.

That’s enough election talk for one day ladies and gents. TR has plenty more up its sleeve, so keep your eyes and ears peeled. Nominations open on the 30th January and close on the 9th, so there is still time to throw your name in the ring and hide from unemployment for one more glorious year.

Heard something TR hasn’t? Send all your election rumours, scandals and general gossip to [email protected]


  1. YUSU needs Hannah Brearley….

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  2. 4 Feb ’12 at 5:22 pm

    Elections oracle

    Sam Agass has said he is running for sports pres this year – current UYBC Senior Men’s Captain

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  3. 4 Feb ’12 at 6:08 pm

    Normal student

    So long as all the sabb positions are blokes and middle class, I don’t really mind.

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  4. Hernando won’t be able to count on Goodricke’s support as Ellis did with the controversial James Carney rumoured to be running a radical campaign on the backing of Hes East. Can’t confirm if it’s true, but should be interesting to say the least.

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  5. Nobody gives a f*** about YUSU elections. Even less of a f*** is given about its coverage and even less of a f*** will be given about this comment. If you want votes give us something we want. Don’t promise what you have no intentions of delivering to further your cv.

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  6. Heard that Angus Hill (ex-Debating society president, vision comment editor and who is on societies committee) is planning to run for student activities.

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  7. The only candidate that I see doing a good job this year is Nacho. Having seen what he has done with Goodricke and when compared to Vanbrugh etc- he really is the only choice.

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  8. @john b – Carney needs to get a life and focus on other things than to always undermine Nacho.

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  9. I believe John Terry is running for racial equalities officer.

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  10. 5 Feb ’12 at 2:43 pm


    @MA – if youre suggesting somebody is running so another can’t win the that’s quite ridiculous. but i’d love it if carney ran. imagine an anti-YUSU YUSU president.

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  11. Seen the future, winners are:

    Kallum Taylor
    Charlotte Winter
    Hannah Brearley
    Zahra Latif
    Bob Hughes

    Place your bets now.

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  12. @electiontime Of course anyone can win! But im just saying i personally believe that one is more suited than the other as a result of the last year as Chair. Agree on the carney point.

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  13. don’t know any of the mentioned candidates personally but the college chairs have apparently done good jobs. same old rubbish. carney is the only name that excites so long as he isn’t a joke. personally i think having a college chair as president would be a poor move. theres a lot that needs to change and running yusu like a college jcrc just isn’t the answer. here’s to a dozen more manifestos promising jargon nobody cares about which will never get done anyway.

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  14. 5 Feb ’12 at 6:42 pm



    You must be Nacho’s mate or speaking s***.

    Strides have been made in Goodricke, but we have also seen how Hernando cannot run a committee, and with a half successful bus service as his main achievement I don’t think we can all worship his time in charge.

    On the other hand, Vanbrugh events are much bigger, over 10 grand in sponsorship, a 100 grand bar refurb, an accountable committee and the main campaigner in ensuring the new, low bar prices which has seen the bar income increase dramatically…I know who I’d rather win.

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  15. I’ve seen what I think is Carney’s manifesto.
    It’s a 400 word poem alongside the quote

    ‘we will run the university; the university will not run us.’

    I’m excited.

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  16. ellis AND hernando won’t both run they share the same friendship group and live together so it would be ridiculous if they did. it’ll be one running with the other supporting.

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  17. Carney is an ideas man. proven unafraid to stand up to authority. maybe a tad too controversial though. hopefully he won’t be seen as a joke candidate.

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  18. “York needs a moonbase.

    That’s what I heard.”

    – beautiful words.

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  19. @jbd seems like you were wrong on that one buddy.

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  20. A moonbase? Why hasn’t anyone addressed this vital question before? I hope this is the year the real issues get answered!

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