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Why Melissa McCarthy should win the Best Supporting Actress award

I can’t be the only person who in recent weeks has set an alarm at 9.15am everyday to be able to make a cup of coffee in time for the closing season of The Gilmore Girls re-runs. It wasn’t just because I needed another reason to procrastinate further but also to learn my life lesson of the day: ‘always tell the truth’ or ‘let them know how you feel’. Thanks Gilmore Girls; you’re the best.

Sookie (Melissa McCarthy) is such a crucial component to the whole girl dynamic – the stable friend who is constantly churning out children – of the show. I wanted her to be my friend and I didn’t think I could want to know her more until Kristin Wigg’s masterpiece – Bridesmaids. If any sceptic sexist out there scoffs at this female written film then I don’t want to know you. I have my qualms; the heroine’s passion is baking – way to go guys, put us back in the kitchen. It really isn’t a great example of a feminist piece of film (as many critics labelled it) and there is still that niggling subplot – ‘you must find love’ but it does do such an amazing job of finally giving the female sex a sense of humour.

Annie (Kristin Wigg) is as hilarious as usual and her one-liners are on par with those of Anchorman’s. It’s not the main character though that makes us howl with laughter but Megan (Melissa McCarthy) the bride’s soon to be sister-in law. The over weight, outrageous, fight club attending, government working
bridesmaid. The first time we see her she is wearing a carpal-tunnel bandage (that is never explained), a golf shirt and a string of pearls –I’m sold. Post watching the film (I sound quite coy – it’s actually been at least 20 times) I’ve researched a lot into the making and interviews. Melissa McCarthy pretty much came up with the character herself and was a late addition to the cast. It’s hard to imagine the film without her now; the fast wit and dead-pan delivery of lines are so natural.

I hope we see so much more of McCarthy and in roles like this. Her quick wit needs to be shown off more and the originality she brings to a character is unmatchable. Megan is the woman we should all want to be – not a ‘Helen’ the bridesmaid who has everything, is a size six and sparkles – she never see’s her
husband and is deeply unhappy. Megan is sexually liberated and unaffected by rejection. She talks about how she was bullied at school but fought back and earns more money than anyone she knows. Megan also knows where all the “nukes are and all the codes… a lot of shopping malls”, she proves herself as a
friend and is ultimately the one who gets Annie out of her rut and back on track. McCarthy’s ability to rouse inspiration through a speech that starts with her biting Annie’s arse and shouting ‘I’M LIFE’ is what so many people watching that film need. She brings out the humour in us and makes us want to have the same out look of life as her.

Previous BAFTA supporting actresses such as Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen Mother last year and Mary Lee Johnston as Mo’Nique in Precious (the most harrowing film of all time) are very well deserving but this year I’d like to see someone with a sense of humour crack a joke at the award ceremony. Not a
little laugh joke, as most previous winners are more than capable of making but a Megan style gag. One that makes you worry for your bladder and wish that she had presented the Golden Globes not ‘self-absorbed Gervais’.

We watch McCarthy literally shit her knickers in a bridal wear shop and lift her leg up in an aeroplane inviting ‘Air Marshall John’ (McCarthy’s actual husband) to join the mile high club with her. This year I’d like to see an actress win the role because I want to be just like them. Carey Mulligan’s performance in Shame is by no means less worthy of the title but I think its about time the world of film celebrate female wit and encourage more writers and directors to do so. Let 2012 be a year of change in the cinema and please ladies – learn to laugh at ourselves and in turn maybe soon men will want to have sex with the ‘Megan’s’ in this world as much we want to be her.

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  1. 23 Jan ’12 at 5:24 pm

    Regina Falange

    This is hilarious, I really identify with Megan and am glad you feel the same. Keep up the good work!!!

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