Why isn’t Harry Potter a proper film?

Harry Potter films don’t get taken seriously by the awards. Why?

Harry Potter is a global phenomenon. But, for some reason, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association at the Golden Globes this year don’t like films that are global phenomenons. Not only did the entire series deserve recognition, having culminated this year after an incredible stint sustained in British cinema over the last 10 years, but individual actors as well.
The franchise is a multi-billion pound one, so obviously it falls into the blockbuster category, but it is an outright abomination that this seems to have undermined the extent to which the extraordinary visual effects, soundtracks, and actors themselves can be taken seriously by award panels. Even if you take into account that each film is not a stand alone story and relies on the rest of the series for the drama of the final conclusion, you can still appreciate the part they play individually.

Alexandre Desplat’s score for the 7th installment was a beautiful, poignant element to the end of the series and truly affirmed the journey of the characters and the stories throughout the series. It deserve a Best Score nomination. Alan Rickman as Severus Snape throughout the series created a character who was more profoundly complex than the other nominations in his category. Not only was the consistency and development of his performance almost unblemished across the series, but one of the greatest portrayals of the villain, with whom we empathise unfailingly at his demise. He should have got the Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

Of course, a big budget crowd pleaser like Harry Potter has a fan base of people who generally not obsessed with film. But the majority of them are people who read the books, grew up with the characters, and adored the films. The popularity of the films adapted so well from the books and the success of the franchise should be enough of a reward for the impact the films have had on the industry and individuals. But it wouldn’t hurt to have a nomination.