The Christmas Meal Timetable

It’s a logistical nightmare. But Nouse is here to help

So, it’s Christmas Eve, and if you’re responsible for cooking on the big day, then fear not; Nouse are here to help you out.

This is a fail-safe Christmas Meal Timetable to guide you on your cooking adventure, and give a reliable, relaxing plan for the day to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Time Duration Things to do
14:00:00 4:00:00 Prepare vegetables in advance
15:10:00 0:20:00 Prepare Turkey by putting butter, salt and pepper and bacon
15:30:00 2:00:00 Put Turkey covered with foil in the oven (depending on the size, change the duration time)
16:00:00 0:30:00 Peel potatoes and par-boil them for 10 mins and shake to fluff them
16:30:00 1:00:00 Put potatoes in the oven in the hot fat (olive oil, goose fat, etc.)
16:30:00 1:00:00 Take a cover off from the Turkey – don’t forget to keep basting
17:00:00 0:30:00 Prepare gravy and bread sauce
17:20:00 0:40:00 Put stuffing into the oven
17:20:00 0:40:00 Put parsnips and carrots in the oven
17:30:00 0:30:00 Turkey to be rested
17:40:00 0:20:00 Cook your other vegetables (sprouts, etc)
18:00:00 1:00:00 Steam Christmas pudding (depending on the size and your method)
19:00:00 Christmas pudding eating time

The above timetable is set to start at 2pm on Christmas, but if you want to start yours earlier or later, then click on the link below and key in your preferred meal time in the green box.

Now pour yourself a glass of something mulled, put on the Glee Christmas CD and enjoy your meal!

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  1. 27 Dec ’11 at 1:23 pm

    Food & Drink Editor

    Here is the link to the interactive spreadsheet version of the timetable. If you click on it, the timetable should instantly download. Save it for next year.

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