Cem Turhan elected new YUSU LGBT Officer

Cem Turhan won the YUSU LGBT Officer by-election last week and will hold the position for a term until the YUSU elections

Turhan wants to put on larger events for the LGBT community Image credit: Peter Iveson

Turhan wants to put on larger events for the LGBT community Image credit: Peter Iveson

Former Langwith College Chair Cem Turhan has been elected as the new YUSU LGBT Officer in a by-election following the resignation of Emma Brownbill in November. Turhan will hold the post until the main YUSU elections next term.

Turhan defeated the two-strong ticket of Lex Rose and Thomas Martin in the second round of voting, winning 45 per cent of the final vote. Other contenders Giovanni Pilides and Victor Bernard dropped out in the first round after no candidate reached the required 52.5 per cent threshold.

Commenting that he felt “really honoured to be elected in the role”, Turhan said that he planned to use his experience as Langwith College Chair to “plan bigger events and campaigns” and to involve “people from all walks of life” and not just the LGBT community.

The by-election was held after Emma Brownbill resigned from the post of YUSU LGBT Officer because of poor Union support earlier this term.

Bob Hughes, YUSU Welfare officer, added that he felt “the election went well” and that he was pleased in the level of interest that there had been in the by-election. He also wished Cem “all the best” for his term in office.

When asked about the circumstances of the election, Turhan said that it was unfortunate, but hoped that it highlighted, “that [YUSU] officers and college chairs need a lot more support in their roles” due to the high workload when combined with academic responsibilities. Adding that his priority now is to “work my hardest to do a great job.”

Turhan will be in the position for next term until the position is opened up again to students in the annual YUSU elections.


  1. Turhan won’t put on larger events for the LGBT community. He didn’t even deliver XL let alone XXXL despite the promise of such events going a long way to getting him elected.

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  2. @langwith lad

    Cem achieved an AWFUL lot in his time as Chair and he put on a fantastic series of events. These might not have been the XXXL series, but missing one tick out of 10 doesn’t mean he can’t deliver in a completely different role where it is his main priority.

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  3. 23 Dec ’11 at 12:06 am

    Slow News Week?

    These results were announced almost 2 weeks ago? Nouse is falling behind Vision and now even, dare I say it, The Yorker in terms of news coverage in general.

    I mean, you have a whole sub-section for College JCRC Elections and you haven’t even uploaded all of those from now over a week ago?

    Wow. Just wow.

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  4. 23 Dec ’11 at 11:08 pm

    Slow News Week

    God yeah, is it a slow news week or what? December 23rd is normally the time for all the campus buzz, can’t believe Nouse is neglecting that to put up this old rubbish.

    Plus Nouse is so behind Vision that Vision’s article on this story can’t even be found.

    For the sake of ‘Slow News Week?’, who is clearly an utter moron, that was sarcastic. Yes it’s a slow news week, it’s the bloody holidays. Idiot.

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  5. 24 Dec ’11 at 3:05 pm

    Slow News Week? MK2

    Slow News Week?’s general point that Nouse are consistently behind Vision is a fair one though, both in terms of quality and speed of reporting.

    Also, his point about having an entire sub-section on a story you’ve failed to report on (and where there are stories, they’re generally flawed with errors throughout), is entirely valid.

    Nouse, instead of calling people idiots when they’re clearly right, maybe look at yourselves and realise that you seriously need to up your game.

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  6. Perhaps because this isn’t news? Published on YUSU weeks ago, any old idiot could have read all they need to know there.

    Fair play to Nouse for trying to keep the site live over the break though…

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  7. Bit unfair to suggest Nouse are behind Vision when Vision are yet to put an article up on this, and The Yorker’s article on this also was published during the holidays…

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  8. Yeah Emma Brownbill was a good as LGBT rep as she is personable. Wait that is what were talking about right?

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  9. 27 Dec ’11 at 4:43 pm

    Father Christmas

    @ the above

    Glad to see everyone enjoyed their presents so much that they spent Christmas time squabbling over the quality of campus newspapers!

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  10. 29 Dec ’11 at 11:46 pm

    Home Secretary

    Good bit of pre-election positioning from Cem…

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