Colleges bid for further funding

Halifax College

Halifax College

Colleges have started bidding to receive a portion of the Vice-Chancellor Initiative Fund. Vanbrugh, Goodricke, and Halifax have all put forward ideas for using the money.

College JCRCs are able to request money for projects which will directly benefit their college and the student experience. The initiative is part of a University push to improve college services, and the University will be working closely with YUSU in order to achieve this objective.

There will be up to £30, 000 of funding to be distributed to colleges from the start of next term as only around £10,000 has been bid for out of the Vice-Chancellor’s Initiative Fund so far.

The money has been made available from the £80, 000 the Vice-Chancellor allocated to help support events and projects announced earlier this year.

Jane Grenville, Pro Vice-Chancellor for students, has been placed in charge of distributing the funds. £40, 000 has already been distributed, based on the number of students in each college.

David Efird, Vanbrugh Provost, has put forward a submition to sound-proof The Garage, which is attached to the Provost’s house.
This is a space where bands from the college can play and practise, however, at the moment time in the space is limited as they cannot perform whilst the Drama Barn are performing. Efird has bid for £5, 000 which and hopes “The Garage will help to foster inclusivity.”

Kallum Taylor, Vanbrugh College Chair, supports the Provosts bid. However, he did express the sentiment that the bid was separate and the Provost’s project alone, rather than that of Vanbrugh College JCRC.

Goodricke College have bid for some outdoor gym equipment to be placed around Heslington East.While Davedass Mootanah, Halifax Chair, has forwarded a bid for the money to be put towards supporting ‘Faxifal’.

‘Faxifal’ this year will coincide with Halifax’s ten year anniversary. First run last year, there are plans to include carnival rides, vintage clothing stores, and a hog roast amongst others.

Mootanah said: “The event last year was such a success – it was among one of the favourite events we put on.” As a result Mootanah wishes to expand the event to include all colleges, facilitated by a portion of Initiative Fund.

The amount he requested was originally £2,000, however, the JCRC has now re-entered into negotiations with Grenville to establish a new amount that the college with receive. The money would have to provide a benefit to the community also to be allocated.

Grenville is required to spend the remainder of the funding by the end of the financial year, so new college chairs will have a term to submit bids for projects to be considered.

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