Productivity over publicity

The students who we have elected as our representatives for individual college JCRCs have a responsibility beyond that of managing the college. They are, for better or worse, among the most prominent members of any college. As a result, their behaviour and actions are integral to the image that colleges project to the rest of campus. Elected members of any committee must ensure that they conduct themselves in the highest esteem; this applies to both parties in the current JCRC dispute.

Many college chairs perform an essentially thankless task quietly and without self-publicity. However, these chairs are often eclipsed by those who seek to turn the office and its associated power into an extension of their own personal influence. It is these individuals who are more interested in their personal legacy, than that of the college and the students they will leave behind.

In terms of the public argument that has engulfed the Goodricke JCRC, maintaining members’ trust in those that represent them should be of upmost importance.

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