Cricket Club criticised over “offensive” email

York University Cricket Club has come under severe criticism following the circulation of a number of highly offensive emails, containing elements of homophobia and sexism

The University of York Cricket Club has come under heavy criticism after circulating emails containing elements of homophobia and sexism. The emails were sent to the entire Cricket Club mailing list.

Nouse received the email from an anonymous source, who commented: “their emails are always offensive and, as someone who likes a joke, I can’t believe how rude they are.”

Sam Asfahani, YUSU Sports President, has condemned the Club for their actions. Asfahani said: “What has been written in the UYCC emails is plain unacceptable. Certain clubs need to realise that they not only have a social responsibility for their members but also reputational responsibily for our university. We will now follow the regular disciplinary procedure with it first going to the York Sport Committe for suggested punishments.”

A spokesperson for the Cricket Club released the following statement: “I feel it would be unfair to use the incident as a representation of our club. Though what was said was inappropriate on reflection, no offence was ever intended to be caused to any member. The emails were sent carelessly, with little forethought, and appropriate action will be taken, both by our club and York Sport itself.”

Nouse‘s source felt the society deserved condemnation after the latest email appeared to make light of Gary Speed’s recent suicide. Nouse‘s source continued: “I still find it incredibly offensive that they would seek to make light of a situation in which someone has committed suicide.”

The Cricket Club has responded by stating that: “As a society, we obviously do not condone offensive or inappropriate emails. The email subject, though seemingly a reference to Gary Speed’s death, was actually a quote from Knocked Up, however the timing was very poor and the writer showed bad judgement.

“The emails were not intended to be insulting to anyone, the references were merely in-jokes within the club. I would like to apologise to anyone whom may have taken offence to any emails sent, on behalf of myself and the whole club.”

Attached with the latest email were examples of other emails sent to all society members. Nouse’s source went on to state his disgust with how the Club has treated society-wide emails as a chance to further personal “in-jokes”. They expressed his anger over the Club’s complete lack of sensitivity over issues ranging from cancer and sexual abuse to rape.


  1. 29 Nov ’11 at 1:36 am

    lord Leverson

    Racism? There is no racism in the email and given the current climate, where gutter press like this tordy rag under are pressure to meet basic standards of journalistic decency – you should know better.

    By journalistic standards I mean not telling LEIS

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  2. 29 Nov ’11 at 1:37 am

    lord Leverson

    *Lies* ha

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  3. The hype about Gary Speed is absolutely ridiculous. Such a twisting of words and meaning. I am almost inspired to write an article about how your newspaper’s title, “Nouse,” is a pun mocking Gary Speed’s hanging.

    The facts; an email full of in jokes was sent out and was misinterpreted by somebody who has decided to go public rather than finding a solution within the club.

    Best of luck UYCC

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  4. I am just shocked to learn UYCC have banter!!! Nearly fell from my chair! As for the paper… Get over yourselves ;)

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  5. @Sir ******

    Are you actually making a joke about a death that happened less than half a week ago? This is not only incredibly offensive to anyone who has ever experienced anything on this level, it is absolute nonsense and shouldn’t even be classed as a valid comment. You have completely discredited your view by suggesting that ‘Nouse’ could be considered linked to such a horrendous and tragic event. Stay off the comments page if you’re only going to offend people.

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  6. The point sir ****** is making is that it was crass of the paper to make that connection

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  7. The paper didn’t make the connection. As the article here (and on Vision) points out the person complaining made the connection.

    The person who wrote the original email may not have meant it as anything to do with Gary Speed’s death but it was taken that way by the person and you have to admit it does seem that way – even if it was an innocent mistake.

    It is, at the very least, bad timing and displays some naivety on the part of the person writing the email.

    Even taking away the Speed link you can’t argue that the emails aren’t offensive – you wouldn’t send them to your Mum – they’re disgusting and the cricket club should just accept that they have been a bit foolish and say sorry.

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  8. 29 Nov ’11 at 4:14 pm

    They have said sorry

    The cricket president immediately condemned the emails and the timing is poor. However, it is clear that the paper endorses the Gary speed issue and that could be considered crass.

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  9. @ Fresher

    I hoped that students doing degrees would have basic intelligence.

    The example of “Nouse” is in no way making humour out of a tragic loss to sport. It is an example of how you can take any word or joke out of context and turn it into something that could be perceived as offensive. Your very reaction to my comment is a prime example of offence taken when something is misread or not understood.

    I also understand that it is not the newspaper who have made this connection, and that the source has unfortunately found an undercurrent of subversive malice to an innocent joke. That said, the weight of the article given over to the death of Gary Speed is surprising, especially since the situation was quickly cleared up by the UYCC hierarchy. As the above says, it seems apparent that it was an innocent mistake.

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  10. The UYCC emails have been immature and offensive- continued references in all group correspondance to certain committee members being homosexual, unable to drink or impotent are boring and immature. Grow up and get on with enjoying your sport- that’s what your society should be there for!

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  11. “Are you actually making a joke about a death that happened less than half a week ago? This is not only incredibly offensive to anyone who has ever experienced anything on this level”

    Being Welsh and from a town that was in the press for having a series of suicides, from this comment you would think I was offended and really upset by the cricketers comments. Funny enough I’m not because I’m not an idiot! They are all ”in-jokes” and to take them personally is being anal. I have too much of a life to complain and worry about jokes which are not targeted at me, despite having ”experience anything on this level” and being a massive Gary Speed fan….

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  12. Yes, the UYCC emails are immature and offensive. One would hope that young men, many in their twenties, would have outgrown jokes about sex and homosexuality, but wishing doesn’t make it so.
    However, just because something is unsavoury, immature or offensive to someone doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a right to be spoken/written down.

    The emails are not public domain, they go to a specific mailing list. They are not the views of The UYCC as an institution, nor to they pretend to be. It is a shame that the offended individual did not just ask to be removed from the mailing list or raise his objections within the club. There was no need for any action outside of the club, beyond perhaps a reminder that some people are more easily offended than others and crude jokes aren’t everyone’s idea of comedy. There is certainly no justification for infringing on the club’s right to free speech, even if they are going to use it to be immature, rude boys.

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  13. 13 Dec ’11 at 12:55 pm

    Bantersaurus Rex

    Having read the email I can’t really see any homophobia or sexism in the e-mail? The Gary Speed reference is pretty flimsy at best and seems to be more of a guess at an in joke from the informant/journalist.

    2/10 for banter from the informer as well.

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