Future Sounds: Jonti

A blend of woozy loops and layers of sickly-sweet production make an impressive, if exhausting, listen



“It’s somewhere I never dreamed I would be” says Jonti, when asked what it feels like to be the first Australia-based musician signed to Stones Throw. But you can see why the head of the predominantly hip hop – based label, Peanut Butter Wolf, got him on their lineup; a blend of woozy loops and layers of sickly-sweet production make an impressive, if exhausting, listen: “I understand the pop references because his music is so catchy, but the arrangements blew me away. I couldn’t figure out how the hell he did what he did” says Mr. Stones Throw himself. But perhaps most impressive is that the 20 something multi instrumentalist did it all himself. His debut album ‘Twirligig’, released last month, feels like an avalanche of ideas squeezed into just thirty three minutes of electronic pop chaos. Opener “Hornets Nest”, one of the more controlled songs off Twirligig, snaps its way through its two minute lifespan with a Dilla-esque offbeat taking precedence over Jonti’s rather hushed lyrics, whilst “Koi Moon’s Daughter” is eighty seconds of crooning atop a background of synths and shakers. Quite the audible feast.

Despite Jonti’s apparent musical identity crisis, it’s refreshing punch in the face when it comes to electronic beats. Whilst lacking the mainstream appeal of similar acts such as Passion Pit or Baths – two artists that have carved out a similar ecstatic electronic sound – what Jonti lacks in decision-making he makes up for in ideas. And what with his apparent “personal discography” covering a huge range of styles, we can hope he has more planned for us in the future.

Who: Jonti

Where: Australia

Sounds: Electronic, dreamy, beats

For fans of: Animal Collective, Passion Pit, Bibio, J Dilla

Listen to: Hornet’s Nest, Cyclic Love, Koi Moon’s Daughter

Buy: Twirligig (released on Stones Throw last month)

Go to: Last fm

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