Men’s basketball seconds suffer defeat at the hands of Newcastle

York’s men’s basketball seconds suffered their second defeat of the season against Newcastle University. The visitors were strong from the start and York found themselves 0-9 down within the first five minutes


Images: Philippa Grafton

York men’s basketball seconds suffered their second defeat of the season against Newcastle University. The visitors were strong from the start and York found themselves 0-9 down within the first five minutes.

The away team then quickly added another four points to their tally before York took a time out to regroup. At first this seemed to have paid off as Andrius Gailiunas found the basket from the right. However Newcastle responded by taking three more points.

After a good build up Richard Zhang made it 4-21 from close range. Just before the first break Yuanzhang pulled another two points back for York when he hit the target from just inside the semi-circle.

In the second quarter York began aggressively and shot at the basket from the left. However the home side were caught off guard by a Newcastle counter attack and the visitors extended their lead. St John scored another basket before York started to put some pressure on the visitors.

After a good build up Theo Sideris was fouled and York gained a penalty. York gained a point from the penalty before Captain Matt Gosden scored a basket from a tough position. Richard Zhang then dribbled through the away defence to score a basket.

York’s run soon came to an end though when Newcastle took a point from a penalty at the half way stage. In the third quarter Newcastle only increased their lead. The away team were all over York and added 15 points to their total in a few minutes.

From then on there was no way back for the home side. While they clawed two points back the visitors marched on to a 37 point lead.

Richard Zhang scored a basket when he was allowed space in the semi-circle but this wasn’t enough to halt the side from the north east. York gained two penalties but could only get one point out of them before St John’s added to their lead.

With the score at 17-62 Kazolis Kincius gained three points for York when he found the basket from the right wing. Theo Sideris then hit the target from another long shot to put York on 23 points.

York gained two points after a Sideris pass found Webb who was waiting near the basket. With the clock ticking down Newcastle finished the match by scoring an additional five points to make the score 25-69. On his team’s performance York Captain Matt Gosden said, “Our defence was very poor today. Bad defence almost always leads to bad offence and that really contributed to today’s disappointing result.”

Team: A. Gailiunas, J.Zicanis, M.Gosden (Captain), K.Kincius, R.Zhang, T. Sideris, P.Andriuskevicius, C. Webb, P. Yuanzhang, T. Humphries, J.Prescott, M.Brook


  1. I highly doubt anyone at Nouse is going to read this, but it’s worth a shot.

    General basketball terminology advice:

    Indicating the type of shot is fairly important. Two basic types: jump shot and layup.

    ‘Jump shot’ (aka ‘jumper’): self-explanatory I’d hope. When the player is standing still, that’s a regular jump-shot, if they are falling backwards while shooting, that’s a ‘fadeaway’, if they dribble, stop and shoot in one quick motion, that’s a ‘jump shot off the dribble’ or a ‘stop and pop’. Indicate the range: ‘mid-range jumper’, ‘close-range-jumper’. If it’s beyond the three-point line, it’s generally called a ‘three’, ‘trey’, ‘triple’ (and rarely, if ever, a jump-shot. Say, ‘X connected on a three/trey/triple from the corner’). Additionally, if it’s from far beyond the arc, it’s a ‘deep three’. If a shot is high-arcing, it’s called a ‘rainbow’.

    Inside the arc, the corners of the key at the free-throw line are called the elbows ( see here for a nice, complete guide). The ‘sides’ are called corners. Inside the arc, they’re referred to as the short corners.

    Scoring a jump-shot is rarely referred to as ‘scoring it’, it’s often called ‘hitting the jumper’ it or ‘connecting on a jump-shot’, ‘hitting a jump shot’. As in, ‘X hit the mid-range jumper from the corner…’ or ‘X connected on the fadeaway three from the wing…’

    Layups are generally simpler since to be a layup, you’ve got to drive in and score it from under the basket so no confusion about range or (generally) type. Example usage, ‘A layup by X made it 43-56’ or ‘X drove to the basket and made it 43-56’. No need to say ‘X gained 1/2/3 points’ because anything from inside the arc is 2, beyond it 3 and 1 from the free throw-line. Saying ‘A three/drive/layup by X made it 43-56’ is enough.

    Free-throws: awarded when someone is fouled in the act of shooting or the fouling team are ‘in the penalty’, i.e. have committed their 5th foul. Meaning, any subsequent defensive fouls result in free throws. Never referred to as ‘gaining a penalty’. Standard number of free-throws: 2. If fouled in the act of shooting a three: 3, if fouled but the shot is successful, the basket counts and an additional free throw (very often referred to as an ‘and 1’) is awarded. So, ‘X hit a mid-range jumper and converted the and 1 to make it 64-73’. Or, ‘X converted/hit/made both free throws to make it 82-85’

    I’ve left a lot of things out but that much would infinitely improve this article.

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  2. 10 Nov ’11 at 9:19 pm

    Ungrateful so-and-so

    ‘Thanks for giving up your spare time to cover our (seconds) sport, we really appreciate it. I realise you’re not an expert on Basketball but you’ve tried and we’re grateful for it.

    To be honest, we’re not exactly experts on Basketball either, seeing as we play in the seconds of a middling-poor sporting University. Oh well, at least we have a laugh.’

    If only.

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  3. 11 Nov ’11 at 5:01 am

    Not a keyoboard coward


    It is quite obvious you are involved with York basketball in some way. If you were put under the same critique as the York sports media the team would crumble. They can barely handle the pressure of a seconds BUCS match never mind anything else. While you may know the rules of basketball that does not mean you’re skilled at it. The York team lost accept that. They were well beaten. I’m a follower of many sorts and societies at the Uni but to be honest the men’s basketball team are lucky any paper covers them. They are not even very good and show little progress. Furthermore it is not exactly a high priority sport. If this is the feedback Nouse or any other media society recieve then they should stop covering sports like this which they are actually HELPING AND PROMOTING by covering them online and soemtimes in print.
    Oh yeah if you’re so interested in the sport then why did it take you a week to comment.

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  4. 11 Nov ’11 at 9:53 am

    Ollie Linguistics

    Yes Andrius

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  5. Guys, what’s with the anger? It’s nice that you covered our match, in which we were well and truly embarrassed (which I have no problem admitting). However the reasons for that aren’t as simple as us being crap basketball players individually but that’s not even the point, my comment was completely well-intentioned and had nothing to do with the manner or fact of our defeat – I genuinely thought that if someone maybe had a look at it, they could use it as a guide for all future basketball reporting. Apologies if it came across as brisk, brusque or brash.

    I thought that there are a few simple things that could have improved the article quite a bit but if that’s going to take up too much of your time, that’s genuinely OK. I was only trying to contribute in a positive way but I got insults and put-downs in return. What happened to being excellent to each other? I suppose I forgot to preface my original comment with some ego-stroking which I will accept and hope this will make up for it:

    “The article was a great read, a real page-turner. I couldn’t put it down (or click that little ‘x’ on the left side of the tab) even when I really needed a pee at around the third paragraph. At the 6th paragraph, I was really disappointed when York’s run came to an end, I really though they had a future together. It was brilliantly written, the author is clearly the next Caroline Cheese/Charles Dickens/William Shakespeare/J.K. Rowling (delete as appropriate) and while my sub-par and, frankly, embarrassing basketball abilities indicate I don’t have a right to voice my opinion, I would offer the following guidance… (refer to original post)”

    Really, in all seriousness, I do appreciate there being an article, it’s nice that you spent time on it and you really could’ve done a much worse job. So, genuinely, thank you.

    Also, it took me a while to comment because I wouldn’t have though you’d be reporting so it took a comment on a week old post on the UYBC facebook group for it to come up on my news feed.

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  6. Apologies for any anger. Nothing personal, your first comment came across slightly differently than perhaps you intended but your second comment explains that.

    Thanks for your help and advice.

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  7. 25 Nov ’11 at 6:21 am

    what on earth

    @ Not a keyboard coward

    What on earth are you talking about?

    bit harsh. The basketball team are lucky that they are even covered????

    Sorry didn’t realise that the purpose of university media was to purely report on the successes of the university? The basketball club is a big club and the second team is only in their second year, so cut them some slack. What exactly constitutes a high priority sport??? The basketball club is pretty big and the women got team of the year last year.

    Very quick to attack this guys basket-balling ability too, when to be honest I don’t think much of this ‘match report’ and its five word sentences. If you don’t want to report on it then don’t!!! You obviously don’t grasp the point of journalism.

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