A sign of the times

The stance that YUSU are taking on the issue of postering around campus pitches themselves in the direct opposition to University policy. By opposing the ban (that the University has suddenly now decided to enforce after 10 years of relative inactivity) they have closed off the main avenue for the University to fine students. While they can punish individual students if they are caught putting up posters; this non-enforcement by YUSU effectively means that societies can, and many have said will, continue to put posters up around the campus.

Surely this will be too much hassle for the University to go round campus constantly removing posters that are supposed to mess up the appearance or present a fire risk? Although through the use of social media the impact of posters may be in decline; the lack of on campus advertising will hit performing societies the most who, while having a set of core followers, rely on posters and advertising to sell their tickets and fill their audiences.

The University has accepted that it will have to relax its rules during the YUSU elections in the Spring Term; but surely this contradicts its reason for banning on the grounds of a fire safety risk? If it were such a risk, would a blanket ban not be the better solution rather than a two-tiered system of hypocrisy?

YUSU are right to oppose University policy, support students and to reject University calls for fining students on this issue. Senior figures within York would be better served concentrating on enhancing the student experience instead of arguing over petty concerns that are a detriment to it.

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