York Sport budget gets £2,000 boost

THE UNIVERSITY is to provide a £2,000 cash injection to York Sport so that they can train students to be coaches, in exchange for clubs going out into the local community

The University is to provide a £2,000 cash injection to York Sport so that they can train students to be coaches, in exchange for clubs going out into the local community, or coaching freshers, and putting their newly learned skills to good use.

David Duncan, Registrar of the University, and John Greenwood, Head of Commercial services have created a grant to get students qualified in coaching. In return they will be asked to volunteer on or off campus after they have qualified.

The University administration are said to be very keen on the plan as it impacts on a number of key action areas. It is hoped that the newly allocated funds will lead to improvements in volunteering, employability, development and links to the local community.

In previous years York Sport’s budget for such programmes approached £10,000 but the in recent times the purse strings have been tightened, which makes the new grant more impressive.

The funds will be placed under the budget of newly appointed Head of Sports Keith Morris but clubs will be able to ask the York Sport committee for the funding with the committee’s decision being based on how beneficial granting them money will be to all parties in the long-term.
York Sport President Sam Asfahani has reacted positively to the news saying: “It’s great to see sport high up on the University’s agenda and a real desire to push sports at York.”

Third year Badminton player Talfryn Provis Evans concurred with the YUSU sabbatical officer saying: “I love playing badminton and it would be a great experience not only to learn the fundamentals of coaching my sport but to then put those skills to a positive use with freshers or the local community.

“I think it’s a real step forward for the University and in a time of recession it’s comforting to see that schemes such as this, that much such a difference, can still thrive in the current climate”.

YUSU Volunteering officer Hannah Brearley has also responded to the prospect of increased finances by saying: “this initiative is a fantastic opportunity for student volunteers to do something new and exciting in a field which they clearly love to participate in.

“A recent volunteering survey shows a lack of diversity in the volunteering community, and this is something we have been working hard to remedy, but this initiative is a massive step in the right direction.

“Volunteering is getting more important in terms of CV bolstering, as is involvement in sports teams and gaining extra-curricular qualifications. This initiative will create incredible opportunities for York students, and I am excited to watch its inevitable success.”

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