James JCRC spend £4000 on one event

The James JCRC spent £4,000 on Reggie Yates for the Thursday night of Freshers’ Week, raising questions over the impact this expenditure will have on future events.

James College had booked The Maccabees to do a DJ set in the Lounge bar; however they pulled out from performing and when a second act was unable to play as well, Reggie Yates was booked as a last minute alternative.

Elle B, one of Katy Perry’s backing singers, also performed before Yates­­ on the Thursday night.
Although the night was a success, there are worries about the amount of money spent.

“we had advertised the night as having an acr and wanted to make sure the freshers got the full value of their tickets

James College JCRC Chair – Emma Bartlett

Colleges spend the profit that they make from Freshers’ Week on subsidising events throughout the year – which usually make a loss – and any fall in the revenue will subsequently have an effect on those events.

One James College student commented on the night saying: “It was really good night, I had a lot of fun. But £4,000 does seem a lot to spend at the last-minute for a freshers’ night.”

Emma Bartlett, James College JCRC Chair, commented on the impact the night might have: “The decision to book Reggie Yates was for several reasons. We had advertised the night as having an act and wanted to make sure the freshers got the full value of their tickets.

“We also wanted to create opportunities for future JCRCs to use the Lounge and the Roger Kirk Centre for acts; its a fantastic space and the night was a huge success, and my decision was designed to facilitate future JCRC’s ability to put on act nights throughout the year.”

Freshers’ tickets were charged at £30 this year with an on-the-door charge of £10 – originally because of The Maccabees’ performance.
However, Bartlett added that she wanted to set a precedent for the James JCRC and its use of the Lounge bar as a venue.

“On-campus college events need to be really exciting to get involved, and we definitely achieved that with Reggie Yates.”


  1. 2 Nov ’11 at 1:34 am

    Cameron Lane-Ley

    I’m afraid I have some issues with this report. As an entertainments rep on the James JCRC I was involved with the night in question. Not only are a multitude of the facts wrong, for example: we did not charge £10 on the door to the event. The night was included with the Freshers Week ticket purchased and there was a charge of £6 for anyone who had not purchased said ticket and may well not be a fresher, or even a member of James College. Furthermore, I struggle to believe that a James College student commented on and appeared to worry about the cost during the night. The event was well attended and well enjoyed; besides the fact that no-one bar the JCRC, senior members of YUSU, Reggie Yates himself and his management were aware of the cost of the event. If the author feels the need to chastise James College for spending on Freshers Week entertainment then perhaps it would interest them to know that in fact Reggie Yates agreed to perform at a lower fee than other potential acts. I can confirm that the author is not a member of the James JCRC and thus has no up to date information on the James College account and the management of its cash flow. Readers may consider myself to be biased when I say that the event was a roaring success and has set a precedent for music acts in the Roger Kirk Centre, as proved by YUSU’s Live and Loud with Rizzle Kicks attracting an enormous crowd, but this is how we as a team and those who attended the night truly feel. However if I must, then I apologise to the author for James College breaking the mould to provide an all-inclusive nighttime event different to the perhaps more traditional bar crawl into town. If we had not booked Reggie Yates the night would have failed: only then would college money have been wasted as the stage and lighting hired would have been left empty. Not to mention the disappointment of those who had purchased their ticket to find nothing provided for their money. I happily welcome any suggestion the author may have to what we should have done instead. I can reassure anyone truly anxious about the future of James College events that there will be no affect on their quality.

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  2. 2 Nov ’11 at 11:52 am

    James College BNOC

    Reggie was quality, might as well spend the money there!!

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  3. I don’t get this article at all. A JCRC worked round the clock to ensure people who had bought a freshers’ week ticket got a decent event. They managed this, people enjoyed it. Furthermore they managed to put on an event that could be attended for a modest price by those who had not wanted to shell out £25 for the week-long ticket.

    What’s the problem?

    You assume that £4k is a huge amount for the JCRC, how do you know that it is? For that matter how accurate is your figure of £4k?

    Not that it matters. The JCRC have pumped money into freshers’ week in the hope that everyone enjoys their first couple of weeks. Surely that’s what they’re meant to do?

    I could possibly, maybe, understand your argument if you had any evidence that this spend would cause serious problems for future events. But it will not.

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  4. 3 Nov ’11 at 11:37 am

    Outraged Student

    “One James College student”-classic Nouse. You do make me chuckle Martin.

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  5. If the reporter of this article was even remotely aware of the purpose of putting considerable money into Freshers’ week they would see the vital flaws in their argument.
    Firstly, I believe it to be of paramount importance to James College that Freshers enjoy their first week at the University and this was most certainly achieved.
    Secondly, the best way to encourage people to come to your events is to impress them with the first few; any conerns that this supposed 4k was wasted should be negated in the knowledge that future income will be provided by James College students coming to events put on by their JCRC, something they are sure to do as they are safe in the knowledge that those events will constitute a decent night that they can enjoy.
    I am confident that future James College events will in no way suffer as a result of the money spent on Reggie Yates, and as a direct result of the popularity of the night in question, attendance is sure to be high.

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  6. What, just out of interest, would you have written if the event had been cancelled or a DJ from Toffs brought in? A cursory review of your commentary of similar situations involving other colleges or YUSU show that someone would’ve penned a stinging critique of the college replete with incandescent rage at the way James students had been let down.

    You were gonna write a piece either way. The JCRC was damned irrespective of what course of action they chose. At least his way everybody had fun

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  7. Completely agree with “Confused”. If the James JCRC hadn’t booked another act, all Nouse would have done would have been to publish an article bitching about they didn’t get anyone in to replace the Maccabees… I might also point you towards the James JCRC’s newsletter, which clearly states the events for the rest of the year will in no way be damaged by this occasion. It’s much better written than Nouse as well… Get some tips!

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