Freshers’ week mix-ups anger students

First-year students in Alcuin College have complained about the way freshers’ tickets were handled after they did not receive wristbands for the tickets they had paid for

The wristbands for Alcuin’s Fresher’s Fortnight went missing just as the new students started to arrive this year, provoking questions over whether the tickets were worth the £25 most had paid to gain entry into the college’s events that week.

Along with the red and black Alcuin t-shirts, the wristbands were used to gain free entry into all of the fortnight’s events, both on campus and in the city.

However, without a wristband, the students who had paid were asked to wear their t-shirts for three consecutive nights to allow them entry into events such as Prehistorical.

Annie, one of the students who bought a ticket and received a t-shirt said: “The fact that we had to wear the t-shirts meant that we weren’t able to wear our fancy dress that we had bought for the fortnight.”

“It seems a little unfair that we were made to pay £25 for something other people got for free

Alcuin first year

The package containing the wristbands was signed for by one of the porters on Wednesday 5th October, just in time for the first year students to arrive.

However, the box was mislaid in the porter’s lodge and was never found. The JCRC searched for the wristbands until it was decided that the t-shirts would have to suffice as proof of purchase.

Nightclubs in the city centre such as Tokyo and Salvation were informed and students were still granted free entry into them on the allocated nights, providing they wore the t-shirts.

One Alcuin first-year student was delighted at the mix-up, commenting: “I never bought a ticket and the only thing I missed out on was a t-shirt.”

“It seems a little unfair that we were made to pay £25 for something other people got for free.” commented Emily, another first-year Alcuin College student, “and none of the other colleges had this problem.”

Lizzie Bartholomew, Alcuin College Chair, made it clear that the committee “worked tirelessly to put on this years’ Freshers’ Fortnight” and reiterated that the wristbands are still beneficial to have, “we will continue to run as many free nights as possible for the foreseeable future.”

The money made from the sales was spent on providing free food, Q jumps, free entry into night clubs and additional events such as the free ghost walk which over 100 people attended.

Despite the lack of wristbands, Alcuin College’s freshers’ week went ahead as planned.

The wristbands were ordered again by the Alcuin JCRC and a second batch arrived on Thursday for Alcuin students.

The last collection available for students and STYCs to get the wristbands will be today at 6pm.

These wristbands will continue to give students discounted entry into York nightclubs on certain events listed on the Alcuin College website and Facebook group.

Alcuin’s Fresher’s events included: two bar crawls into town; a sports night at Motey’s bar in the centre of York; a caveman themed party and a ‘back to school’ themed quiz presented by RAG.

Article amended after requested changes


  1. Some freshers had to wear a shirt for a few nights because the bands went missing, no fault of the JCRCs…


    If this is the worst thing to happen at Alcuin’s freshers fortnight then I’ll assume it was a great success.

    Can’t wait for Vision to come out, may contain actual news

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  2. 2 Nov ’11 at 3:34 pm

    Gunter Von Alcuin

    What an absolute non news story – quiet day at the office was it?
    You miss the point entirely, surely this article should be celebrating Alcuin JCRC’s ability to run a fresher’s week successfully when the ticketing system that was being relied on was lost through no fault of their own.
    You state in the article that the week went ahead as planned… and the people in the photograph clearly seem to be having a good time, regardless of the chaos.
    Also there are serious issues concerning your facts – welfare events cannot be charged for.
    Congratulations Nouse on another effort to destroy college spirit and undermine JCRCs.

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  3. Right, first of all, both of the comments fail to realise that hundreds of students and STYCs paid £25.00 for a ticket when they apparently could have attended most of the events for free. They had to wear the red Alcuin tops for three consecutive nights out, just to get into the major clubs they had paid for. Agreed, the JCRC did as well as they could under the circumstances but at the end of the day, the article is about the fact that the wristbands were mislaid, not that the JCRC didn’t do a good job. Finally, although some may consider this to not be news-worthy, a lot of people were affected by this and the details in the article are beneficial to them because nobody really knew why they didn’t have the wristbands.

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  4. Taking for granted STYClet knows little about running events. It makes clear in the story that two events in particular were missed out on- pizza nights and pub quizzes. The pizza night would be run through the Grenville fund (welfare event budget) so that would not have been included in the ticket price. The bar quiz at most would cost £40 quid to run, so maybe the Alcuin JCRC can refund everyone 1p?

    Shirts cost about a fiver each, events in the college cost £1200+ just to run, the wristbands would have cost about a quid per person, postering and advertising runs well into the hundreds, and everytime alcuin did a trip into town, the clubs would then charge them £1 per person, so on the assumption there fore 4 or so events that ended up in a club in town, that’s nearly £2000. Then small costs like food for stewards at events etc all add up to probably a few quid a head. And as Lizzie has made clear in the article, any money made will be used to subsidise events for the rest of the year, so £25 seems like a fair price.

    Also, if someone did not buy a ticket, they still would have had to of paid to get into the clubs and the events in Alcuin, so the quote ““I never bought a ticket and the only thing I missed out on was a t-shirt.”” may be true as in going to the events, but not monetary wise.

    Definite slow day in the office.

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