Wentworth graduate committee election results announced

The graduate committee will represent the interests of the post-grad students living in Wentworth College Image Credit: Laura Kishimoto

The graduate committee will represent the interests of the post-grad students living in Wentworth College Image Credit: Laura Kishimoto

The 2011/12 Wentworth College Graduate Committee elections have been held, in which Amber Li was voted into the position of chair beating rival Lusia Li to the position.

Amber commented on her success saying that although it would be a “big challenge” it was a “chance to try something new.”

One of the positions which gained the most interest was Events, and this saw a team of three students elected into the role – Qing Xia, Emily Torricelli and Dan Jiang. Torrilelli stated that she hopes to “strike the balance between large scale cultural nights to regular ping pong tournaments.”

Another popular area of the Wentworth GCRC was the position of Sports Officer, where a team of Lusia Li, Yidi Wu and Paul Engelen were elected. Although Lusia later admitted that she had, “attended the election accidentally and had originally been trying to find another room” she nevertheless was now keen to “use her role to enable socializing with the other colleges.”

Erin White gained one of the vital roles of Secretary – which was uncontested – and Paul Engelen, an Economics and Finance postgraduate student, was elected to the position of Treasurer. Engelen described his happiness at, “being able to contribute his experience and carry out a role in line with his studies.”

A new position was created during the elections with the intention of bridging the gap between Wentwoth graduates on campus and the three off campus accommodation: Catherine House; Constantine House & 54 Walmgate. Dan Jiang claimed this position, being apt for the job as he is an off campus member of the college himself.

Tuyuan Cheng, one of the college tutors who is currently doing his PhD in Electronics and has been in the college for two years, commented that although, “more people attended last year’s elections, it was a good atmosphere” and he was, “looking forward the new team.”

Russel Yates, the Wentworth provost, also spoke of his satisfaction with this year’s elections; he described himself proud of his college’s cultural awareness and international dimension. Adding that last year’s successful Chinese new year celebrations are a, “prime example of the college’s ability to come together through their shared cultural awareness and international diversity” and he was sure this “year’s team would fulfil their roles successfully.”

However the committee is far from finalised and willing participants are urged to join in future discussions as non-official members at the meetings three times a term. Amber Li, the new Chair, concluded by saying: “the more who attend the merrier.”

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