Review: Onslaught

Date: 23rd September
Venue: Relentless Garage, London
Rating: ***

It’s been a long journey for thrash titans Onslaught, disbanding in 1991, reforming in 2004 and turning over a vast amount of band members and facial hair.

The sweaty denim clad turn-out tonight is a testament to their struggling, but brilliant thrash. Kicking things off (or at least playing when I arrive, which is when things kick off) are masters of darkness, Nightlord.
Amazing, angry, sex-guitar faces firmly fixed, they growl through their cringingly “evil” set, which is also interspersed with informative inter-song asides on knives and other pointy things.

Replacing an angry overweight man, Philly Byrne’s cheeky grin beckons an insurgence of energy and a big ol’ dirty mosh-pit. Fronting the more openly confessed entertainers Gama Bomb, they unleash their punk-thrash metal baby out to play.
As compelling and awesome as Gama Bomb are, their set is painfully and teasingly too long – and there’s a noticeable feeling of restlessness. Buzzing, worked up and ready, Onslaught eventually grace the stage and thank fuck they don’t disappoint. Yelling “spitting blood in the face of Goddddd”, the opening throes of title track to their reuniting album, ‘Killing Peace’ crashes onto the small confines of gig venue Garage and I nearly explode with excitement.

However, the majority of the crowd seem less volatile than me, there is a dread that Onslaught may have peaked with their choice opener. Thankfully, after a slight dip, their set picks up again with a mixture of pre and post-reunion songs and every track you need to hear live.

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