Ziggy’s faces potential closure after a refurbishment fails to increase profits

The nightclub Mansion, more commonly referred to as Ziggy’s, may have closed after 28 years of business.
The reasons behind its potential closure remain obscure. Sources who wish to remain anonymous have pointed towards the activities of one of the club’s employees, who has allegedly defrauded the venue of thousands of pounds.
The club recently underwent an expensive rebranding, unveiling a £100,000 redesign in March. According to Nouse’s local source, the rebrand was funded by a personal loan from another evening venue in York which has not yet been repaid. It retained the name Ziggy’s for Wednesday nights, and continued free entry.

Lucy Dixon

“The club will be involved in a collective mourning process over the coming days”

Oliver Wheately – UYHC Social Secretary

Mansion will be open for the first two weeks of term, although after this period the future of the club continues to be in doubt. Nouse contacted the North Yorkshire Police who said they were unable to disclose any information regarding the venue.
The phone-line for Mansion has been disconnected, and it was not possible to speak to any of the management staff there. The club is currently on the market, and the popularity of the Wednesday club night may mean that a buyer will emerge in the near future.

Ziggy’s has been a traditional Wednesday night venue, mostly frequented by sports clubs and societies. Sam Asfahani, YUSU Sports President, commented: “I realise how important Ziggy’s is to our sports teams, and I will be asking our clubs what they think we should do at our AGM just before term starts.”

At the Annual General Meeting for sports this week, Asfahani stated his intention to continue to support the clubs, saying that a decision in regards to Mansion would be taken when the situation became clearer.

Many sports clubs have expressed concern at the closure of Mansion. A social secretary for the hockey club, Oliver Wheatley, said “the news of Mansion’s closure has been met with great dismay within the UYHC and the club will be engaged in a collective mourning process over the coming days.”
The fixture of Wednesday night Ziggy’s will leave many sports societies without a regular venue. Most of the societies who frequented Ziggy’s have already planned their socials around the club night. The York Hornets have listed each social’s dress-code with the tagline: “See you in Ziggy’s.” With the possible closure of the venue, many of the clubs will have to face the possibility of a loss in sponsorship.

Mansion, despite its popularity, has not been without trouble. In 2010, the owner was taken to court by residents and presented with a series of conditions in order to retain his licence. He was allowed to stay open, but said he did not foresee any future problems.

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