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CALIFORNIA: Steve Jobs, former CEO and co-founder of Apple, Inc. died on 05 October following a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Apple fans, government officials and tech industry leaders expressed their sense of loss following Jobs’ death. Despite concerns of labour exploitation in the Chinese factories developing Apple products, many have acknowledged the fact that Apple revolutionised the way humans interact with technology.

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BRITAIN: A pensioner led police on a 27-mile low-speed chase at 10mph before eventually being stopped by an officer tapping on the window while running alongside the car on a dual carriageway. Caroline Turner, 76, drove the wrong way round a roundabout, then drove into incoming traffic on the A12 in Essex, refusing to stop when pursued by police. Turner was disqualified from driving for 12 months, fined £100, and ordered to pay £100 costs

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CHINA: China has halted plans to continue developing its high-speed railway system after safety concerns arose following July’s deadly bullet train crash, which led to the deaths of 40 people and injured a further 200. There is no word yet as to when development will recommence.

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BRAZIL: Christ the Redeemer, the iconic statue towering above Rio de Janeiro, turns 80 this week. Tourists have flocked to its base for decades and it was declared one of the modern wonders of the world in an international poll in 2007. Celebrations and religious ceremonies will commence this week and near the end of the month, replicas of the statue will make their way around the world, arriving in the cities of New York, Buenos Aires and Jerusalem.

[mmplace location=”KENYA”]
KENYA: As a number of 99-year land leases begin to expire, the Kenyan government is aiming to reacquire large plots of fertile lands currently in the hands of foreign nationals. The Kenyan Constitution states that non-citizens or companies with at least one shareholder who is a non-citizen are only entitled to 99-year land leases. The land grab would could potentially benefit local Kenyan farmers, but it might stifle already productive foreign-owned crops.

[mmplace location=”AUSTRALIA”]
AUSTRALIA: An ultra-light aircraft collided with a Ferris wheel in eastern Australia earlier this month. No one was seriously injured, but two children were trapped on the ride for 90 minutes until rescuers were able to extract them. The pilot and passenger of the aircraft were trapped inside for a total of three hours. There has been no news as to why the craft veered into the wheel.

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