Be a part of it: Play sport at York

Sport provides the perfect opportunity to escape from the pressures of study. The trip down to the sports centre or JLD on a Wednesday afternoon almost takes on the importance of a religious pilgrimage to the many athletes York nurtures through its sport system.
Here, Nouse asks the President of six clubs:
1) The highlight of last season
2) Their hopes for the upcoming year
3) Why you should get involved with the club
4) The all-important information for trials.

Men’s Football – Angus O’Brien

1) The first team’s victory in Roses. Although all four teams held their own in their respective leagues, having everyone down on 22 Acres watching the firsts beat Lancaster in the centre-piece game on the Sunday of Roses was fantastic.
2) Getting four promotions is the goal along with a whitewash over Lancaster. We need freshers to step forward and apply themselves to achieve our goals.
3) We are one of the biggest sporting institutions on campus with an open, welcoming and professional atmosphere. It is a unique opportunity to meet like-minded and fun people from all colleges and, though we have four teams and an even larger squad, we are one club playing for the same badge week in week out.
4) Freshers’ trials run every day during freshers’ week, meeting at the Sports Centre at 1.45pm. Look out for posters on campus, check, like our Facebook page, or ask anyone wearing UYAFC merchandise. Four final pre-season friendlies against Sheffield Uni will be held on the day of Freshers’ Fair. The teams for these games are picked during trial week.

Hockey – Sam Unsworth

1) Highlight of last season has to be Roses. Having the whole club, housemates and everyone else lined around the JLD with banter being thrown around made for an incredible atmosphere to play in, and having four of our five teams smash Lancaster obviously helped matters!
2) Freshers’ Trials will be at the JLD pitch at the following times during freshers’ week:
Men’s 2-3:30pm Wednesday 12th October & 3:30-5pm Sunday 16th October
Women’s 3:30-5pm Wednesday 12th October & 2-3:30pm Sunday 16th October
3) The men’s first team look to maintain their high position in a tough BUCS league and build on their Northern Conference BUCS Cup winning form. Our women’s firsts and seconds are aiming for promotion, along with our men’s seconds and thirds who will be looking to succeed and really push for the top in the Yorkshire league.
4) What makes us a little different to some of the other big sporting clubs is that we are a mixed club: you can’t beat a wednesday afternoon spent cheering on the men and women of UYHC, with Ziggy’s on the horizon!

Netball – Kay Masterson (Netball firsts’ vice-captain)

1) Gaining sessions with three top coaches was our main highlight. The new techniques and approaches to different areas of the game we learnt were critical to our fitness levels and to the entire club’s achievements throughout the season.
2) Promotion within the BUCS league is something we always strive towards. We expect our players to be committed and dedicated to ensure we secure key victories. We aim for all three teams to succeed at Roses to ensure we don’t succumb to the Red Rose.
3) One of the closest clubs on campus, we all enjoy great social get-togethers with fancy dress themes. We have a fantastic coach, with incredible netball experience who frequently trains us to the standard we expect. The club makes sure that every member gains a valuable and enjoyable experience.
4) We have a preliminary trial on Wednesday 12th October 11am-1pm at the Sport Tent. This is a chance for any freshers who are free to come along and play some netball before ‘official’ trials start. More trials are on Sunday 16th, 4pm-6pm and on Monday for those asked to attend.

Men’s Rugby – Sam Morrison

1) The highlight of last year was undoubtedly winning Roses. Playing in front of over 2,000 people, at the Huntingdon Stadium, was an incredible feeling for the firsts. It was also brilliant to capture a third consecutive whitewash over Lancaster after all the hard work the players had to put in.
2) The club have a brand new set of coaches in Kerry Wood and Andy Rock, the first time the club has ever had two coaches. All three teams are looking for promotion in their respective BUCS leagues whilst also aiming to win Roses for the fourth year running.
3) The club ethos is definitely its strongest attribute. Everyone is committed to the team and share a great friendship on and off the pitch. It’s also very welcoming to new members no matter what playing ability.
4) Trials will be held on Sunday the 16th October at 12pm down on the 22 Acres. All are encouraged to attend.

Badminton -Steve Hallett

1)It is hard to pick a specific highlight from the last season as generally all of the teams had a successful season, with two teams being promoted in the local badminton league, and the men’s A team narrowly missing promotion in BUCS.
2) This season we have entered a new women’s team into the BUCS league and are hoping that they will have a strong start. We are also hoping to take back the mixed doubles trophy at Roses this year, having lost it by only a few points last time.
3) The Badminton Club is one of the largest sports clubs at the University with a great social atmosphere due to the many events such as the annual Easter holiday and the popular overnight charity event. It supports the entire range of standards from complete beginners to the eight student teams which take part in both the high standard BUCS and the local leagues.
4) Trials will be Week 1, Sunday 16th October 2011 in the Main Hall at the sports centre. 9:00am ladies (all surnames), 10:00am mens (surnames A-G), 11:00am mens (surnames H-R), 12:00noon mens (surnames S-Z), 1:30pm call backs + ex team.

Volleyball – Harry Pampiglione

1) Reaching the last 16 of the UK knock-out championship and traveling to Northern Ireland to play Queen’s University Belfast was the standout achievement. To play at that level and realise that we can compete with the top teams in the UK was a brilliant experience.
2) We want to finish in the top half of our league, the highest league in the country. We’re looking to compete with all the top universities, which is why we’re looking for new players to boost the squad. And then, of course, another Roses whitewash.
3) Both men’s and women’s teams go on socials together every week. If you’re a fresher looking to continue playing volleyball in university or someone just looking to try something new, we’re a really friendly club so come down, join in, and have fun.
4) Trials will be held on Sunday of Week 1 in the Sport Tent, 6-8pm for ladies and 8-10pm for men. It won’t be a formal or arduous trial, but more of a practice session to gauge what ability people are so we can place them in the right training sessions.

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