LFW Interview with… Jungeun Lee

Fashion comes in all shapes and sizes. Jungeun Lee explains why her creations require no sewing or pattern cutting

Jungeun Lee creates garments that cross the boundaries of textiles, fashion and product design. The large, yet lightweight structures she creates grab your attention in their mesh made forms. Nouse takes a closer look at Lee’s innovative creations.

Q/ Main question I must ask first is, what are your designs made from?

A/ This is a synthetic fibre, that I wrapped around my old mannequin or a shape and then took heat to bond it together. So there is no sewing.

Q/ What are your reasons behind your colour choice for the garments?

A/ For the black it is because black is always showing the 3 dimension or shape quite strongly. And also if I want to see the line bright colours are good.

Q/ Where did you study?

A/ I studied at the Royal College of Art, in mixed media and textiles.

Q/ Where do you see your garments being worn or are they more conceptual pieces?

A/ They are more conceptual for showing the process, but I am trying to keep the balance between the two.

Q/ Are there any reasons for making them with ‘peek a boo’ style gaps in the fabric?

A/ If you have a see through garment you can always wear it together, with other garments. But the main reason was to show the fibre. I wanted to show the construction of the garments. On some of the garments I only heated the fabric on one side, the other side has loose string like structure.

Q/ What events or places do you want your garments to be worn to?

A/ Designer!

Q/ Or any celebrities?

A/ I am not very keen on celebrity. It is always great to see someone wearing them.

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