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Nouse talks to a stylist heavy weight on his latest street style blog and many achievements in the fashion world

Photograph by Paul Gonzales

Photograph by Paul Gonzales

He has styled Michael Fassbender, Elton John and Tom Cruise to name but a few. Worked for I-D, Face and Stye.com. But who is this fashion leader? We discussed with Paul Gonzales his career achievements, latest street style blog and favourite types of clientele.

Q- You have worked as a stylist for 18 years and within a variety of areas in fashion. What has been (or will be) your career high and career low?

A- My career high was getting my first fashion campaign for Levi’s Dockers shot on location in San Francisco. Career low when I had to give up styling when the work dried up. My first fashion Job was for Pied a Terre, a shoe Retailer as regards to menial jobs in retail it’s all part and parcel of the retail experience. My highlight of the celebrity experience would be styling Renee Zellweger as she was so down to earth.

Q- What type of client do you most delight in styling? Or type of style campaign you have worked on.

A- I suppose celebrities due to the fact that your work is known to a wider audience.

Q- You state on your blog ‘I like to think of myself as a leader, rather than a follower’. But who would you love to follow. Who or what inspires you?

A– Edith Head she was a costume designer for Hollywood in its heyday you would be surprised what films she has worked on from the Hitchcock film North by Northwest to Rooster Cockburn.

Q- Your blog is relatively new (only 2/3 months old) . Why did you decide to start a blog?

A-Whilst trying network for clients to style. A mutual friend suggested I set up a fashion blog which would be good for research in my styling and personal shopping.

Q- You focus in your blog mainly on street style and it is full of great pictures you have taken personally. Why have you chosen to look just at street style? Why does this fascinate you so much?

A- Well most of the larger fashion houses employ style scouts to find out the trends on the streets as the majority of their income is made in this demographic. It fascinates me as this feeding ground to new fledgling fashions and styles.

Q- Under the pictures of people you write a small piece on their garments, about them etc… do you feel it benefits viewers to have a little knowledge of the people you photograph?

A- Well there are so many blogs on the internet you need to find your niche in a market that is so over saturated. Also if you know nothing about fashion you are given an easy insight to how it all works.

Q- You also list where you source your street style pictures from, for example Brick Lane. What is your favourite location to get images in. What area is the most stylish? What is the difference between these locations?

A- Well people want know as a point of reference as when I look at blogs I like to know how people from other regions put fashions together. My favourite area is Brick Lane because a lot a fashion students reside there. Areas like the Kings Road are more reserved.

Q-If you could go anywhere in the world to gather street style snaps where would you go and why?

A – I would like to go to New York because the light is so amazing there and all the different styles are in so close proximity to each other.

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