August 2011

Putting Sex back into Sex

It’s time to have some fun, but do you think Chlamydia is the name of a flower…

The Cycling Accessory – the sexy way to save the planet and your time

If you are a fresher, you are a student of the cycling revolution. Boris may have started it off in the capital, but the rest of the country has seen a creeping trend in two-wheeled travel

Hungry? A blitzed kitchen guide

Here is the basic kitchen cupboard to help you get started with cooking at University. It’s not supposed to be a Marmite selection (foods you love or hate), just a stock pile of simple ingredients that you’ll use everyday for most dishes

THE York Venue Guide

It’s hard to ignore the pitying look or anecdote of some vague relative’s stag-do when admitting you’ve just committed yourself to at least three years of frolicking in the cobbles of York

Fashion at York

One of the most iconic films of our generation once stated “On Wednesdays we wear pink!” But now fresher ladies and gentlemen is the day in which you graduate from high school/sixth form fashion rules

James College

James College lies to the south of campus beside the sports centre but this short distance to the gym doesn’t mean that it is any easier to get out of bed to go to

Langwith College

Langwith, the oldest college at York, loud and proud about its history and itself

Halifax College

Big, bright and bold, despite not being in the middle of campus, Halifax college certainly doesn’t go unnoticed

YUSU for Freshers

As you blunder your drunken way through Freshers Week, you will come across a strange little collection of circles in orange and black, spelling YUSU. Standing for York University Student Union, these are the people who are supposed to create that mythical ‘student experience’ which everyone talks about

Jake & Dinos Chapman

Brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman have an exhibition currently spread across both of White Cube’s London galleries. Shock here has the ability to expose, rather than simply create an aesthetic reaction

How to get involved

Nouse is York’s oldest, student run, campus newspaper – and we want you to get involved

The Inbetweeners Movie

This summer we join the nation’s favourite incompetent teenagers on their quest to Malia for “sex, booze, tits, sex, fanny, minge . . . sex, tits, booze and . . . sex”