Vanbrugh College

Vanbrugh is centrally located by the lake, helping its students gain the reputation as some of the most sociable on campus. Its Volume Events are its most successful, and Vanbrugh’s proximity to the main lecture theatres means you can literally roll out of bed and wander over in your pyjamas.

The college is split into ‘old’ and ‘new’ Vanbrugh. The new part is the luxurious Barbara Scott and the old part is the unfortunately dilapidated Eric Milner. Fairfax House is also a part of the college, but is located off campus. Despite the varied levels of accommodation, or perhaps because of it, college spirit is runs high with many Vanbrugh students across all walks of college life.

The prospectus missed out: Eric Milner is very creaky; the buildings are essentially falling down around your ears and there have recently been problems with the plumbing. Fairfax House is an isolated pocket therefore a massive gamble should you be placed there.

Favourite college hangouts: Le Page students spend most of their summer term lounging on the grass outside. Vanbrugh Paradise (inappropriately named slabs of concrete bordering the lake) is a great hangout for students of all colleges. Few people drink in V-Bar outside of Volume events, but is a good centralised meeting place.

625 rooms
Catered and non-catered available
39 week lets
Quiet areas
All kitchens are equally stocked

Mythbuster: “Vanbrugh is the musical college.” There’s a converted garage space in the provosts house, but aside from that musical direction is thin on the ground.

Stereotypical student: Unlike other students Vanbrugh will continue to loudly proclaim superiority long after the alcoholic haze of Freshers Week has dissipated. Vanbrugh students are generally characterised by their contribution to college life.

Best Freshers event: ABC – Anything But Clothes

Best event of rest of the year: When I Grow Up – Volume Event involving dressing up as your childhood ambition, featured a bouncy castle and oversized children’s games

Fi Stuart-Clarke, History second-year, Fairfax House
Pro: “the accommodation is at the centre of campus so at least for the first year it is really easy to get involved in uni activities and settle in properly. Volume events are always good.”
Con: “there is a big discrepancy in the quality of accommodation in Vanbrugh, especially when you look at what you are properly getting for your money.”
Summary:“There is a huge variety of people so you’re able to find something you’re interested in and people you enjoy hanging out with.”

Michael Sutcliffe, History and Politics first-year, Le Page Court
Summary: “Vanbrugh is in a good location, and there is a great college spirit through mixing with other blocks.!
Con: The accommodation can be really bad, depending where you are put.”
Pro: “Generally though, if the accommodation is bad the people are more up for a laugh. Vanbrugh is all about college events, sport, and general college spirit.”

“Vanbrugh’s got it all – it’s at the heart of everything, punches above it’s weight of student numbers in terms of sports, music and its own weekly events, it still has it’s own bar and even the name sounds classy.”

Vanbrugh Chair – Kallum Taylor


  1. 23 Aug ’11 at 2:45 pm

    Sarah Haywood

    WOW. Thanks Nouse, these college profiles have really helped me in choosing my college for next year!


    Already one step behind Vision in my books, why did it take so long to get this up?

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  2. Sarah, I’m guessing you’re a fresher if you think the Nouse site is one step behind Vision – just wait until something like Roses and then decide which site you want for the best info! In terms of the papers themselves, wait until you get to campus ;)

    It seems that it did take a while for Nouse to get this stuff up (especially compared to Vision) but apparently applying for accommodation was all of this week (as in Monday to Friday) and this went up on Tuesday according to the date at the top…

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  3. Hi Dan,

    Would one of the examples of Nouse providing the best info be the “Guide to Union Democracy”? (

    I see that it has been copied and pasted from a few years and has actually had comments from random people offering to re-write it because it was so out-dated.

    It is nice to see Nouse finally put up their freshers minisite, but lets keep the facts a bit more factual please.

    P.S. I really should use a pseudonym for this post, but I think when debates descend into anonymity it really doesn’t do anyone any good. Sorry for the criticism and it would be great to hear your response.

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  4. Donald Barron Court is also part of Vanbrugh – you are very lucky indeed if you get to live here – there is a grassy court with barbecues outside and it’s the closest accommodation to town… cheaper taxis! :-)

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