Leeds: The Real Fashion Deal

So you love fashion and take care in your appearance. You read the latest glossy magazine and religiously follow the trends, or even create the trends because you are that cool. Everything about you screams style. If this is the case you might feel a little disappointed in York. Although beautiful and historically rich, it does not compete in the shopping league tables of having a good selection to offer us boys and girls. But what is the solution you wonder? No it is not internet shopping, but the wonderful land of opportunity that is our neighbouring city of Leeds.

This legendary location has given the world Scary Spice and Keith Lemon, but on a serious note, it will provide an adequate helping of fruitful shop to York University addicts. With it being a quick train ride or scenic bus trip away from, one must venture into these plentiful lands throughout the term to maintain a healthy fashion diet. With the first fresher term being packed with possibly the best nightlife events of the year, a lady magnet shirt or sparkly party dress will be needed on many occasions. It really will help stimulate your style taste buds and just breaks up the term nicely. York, although stunning and providing of great experiences, such as an adventure to Deep vintage, is still small. Leeds should be treated as your fashion fix.

Leeds is where this fashionista hailed from

Leeds is not better than York, it just offers you a better selection and in abundance. For example it has two Topshops, a titanic size Pri’armani, Harvey Nicks and so much more. The two locations complement each other nicely as they are so different in atmosphere. You cannot deny that the more the merrier approach applies when you are a hardcore shopper. But this is probably a blessing for those who follow my viewpoint. By having Leeds a fair distance away, it has certainly benefited a few students’ grades due to its not so close proximity. Definitely seek pleasure on the high streets of Leeds, but remember York in all its miniature glory will hold a fashion addiction at bay during these crucial years.

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