Putting Sex back into Sex

It’s time to have some fun, but do you think Chlamydia is the name of a flower…

It’s time to have some fun…

But, do you think Chlamydia is the name of a flower?

5 facts that may dispel some sexual health myths:
• Remember that, for girls, being on the Pill doesn’t stop you from getting STIs.
• Some STIs such as Chlamydia have no symptoms, so you have to get tested to see if you have it.
• STIs can be caught through oral sex, as well as intercourse.
• You can only take the morning after pill once during each cycle, although there is little research to show that it is unsafe to take the pill multiple times in your life.
• AIDs can be caught by anyone, not just those who have anal sex, or sex with a homosexual person.

There is lots to be busy with during Freshers Week, and indeed your first year, without having to worry about things which really needn’t be embarrassing or complicated. Protect yourself by knowing about the consequences of drink, drugs and sexually transmitted diseases.

– Grab as many free condoms as you can during Freshers week.
– York is a pretty safe place, but watch your drinks, and don’t accept substances from unknown sources.
– Be confident to seek advice and help if you think you have a problem.

If you do think you have run into a problem with your sexual health, or any other fresher-related medical health problem, get yourself to the very conveniently located Health Centre on campus, which is across the lake from Central Hall. You will need to register there to be able to make appointments but it is free and very quick! The clinic is there for both British and International students alike.

Other good options are the pharmacy opposite the Shell garage off Hull road, which is the closest to campus, and the Walk In Centre on Monkgate is good for small emergencies without having to go to A&E.

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