James College

James College lies to the south of campus beside the sports centre but this short distance to the gym doesn’t mean that it is any easier to get out of bed to go to. Apart from N Block, all of the accommodation in James is split into blocks and houses, rather than corridors; with the kitchen on the ground floor it is much easier to get to know people in your block and quad. The quads each have a grassy area in the centre which is perfect for games, drinking or just lying there in the summer- if you can get rid of the ducks and geese that is. Great nights out are often followed by great all-English breakfasts in the Roger Kirk Centre and two JCR common rooms and a bar mean that there are lots of areas to socialise outside of your house.


While the ducks and geese may be adorable and intriguing at first, this feeling will slowly drift away as a cacophony of quacking awakens you from drunken sleep in the early hours of the morning. Other animals you will encounter are pigeons flying into your room if you are the top floor and ducklings plucking up the courage to venture into kitchens, but leaving behind unwanted mess, in the summer. 24 hour porters may well come in handy on more than one occasion after losing your keys on a night out and it remains to be seen what the new college bar in the Roger Kirk Centre will be like.


When the sun comes out during the summer term James College comes into its own as everyone pours out into the grassy quads between the various college buildings. Many will just sunbathe but BBQs and drinks outside are a must; though watch out for the football or cricket games that emerge spontaneously. Although the lake may get a bad reputation, having a drink on the benches behind the lakeside JCR on a summer’s evening is a great way to spend your last term of first year.

JCR Lakeside
Central JCR
2 Computer rooms
Laundry rooms
Roger Kirk Centre
New College bar within the Roger Kirk Centre
From this year, some students in James will be in catered accommodation, but you will still have access to a fully equipped kitchen for those late night munchies


It is said that James College is the preserve of students who have taken a year out; while this is true, it is none more so than any other college on campus.

Stereotypical student

Has the intention of going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week, but in reality is more likely to be distracted by the ducks. Tries to break the record for the number of BBQs in a single term, but will probably just settle for drinking outside in the end.

Best fresher event

Pub crawl ending in Salvation – what better way to be introduced to nightlife in York than by going to some of the main pubs and bars in York and then onto Club Salvation where dancing on tables was the way to go.

Best event of rest of the year

Quad Dash n’ Bash – spread out throughout the quads in the college pimms and hog roasts accompanied you throughout the day, whether that was: watching the quad dash; having a go at the sumo wrestling; or going out clubbing in the evening.

Sarah Wolfe, second-year
Pro: “Both the tight and wide communities of friends you make both within your flat, block and other blocks.”
Con: “Geese mating season where all the geese take over the grass quads and river”
Summary: “James has a great Junior Common Room Committee, has some of the best accommodation and holds regular social events”

“James is the best college on campus because of our sheer determination. Our motto, ‘let them hate us, so long as they fear us’, lets everyone know we’re not a college to be messed with. Join us and be a winner!”

James Chair – Emma Bartlett

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