MUSEings: taking it too far

“There is a line, ok, and I won’t cross it!” These self-assured words were uttered from the wise mouth of Ollie (of Made in Chelsea fame) to Binky (likewise) as he stood in a cold open park wearing a gold thong, holding bananas in front of his crotch.

Crossing the line is a peculiar concept. Little did Ollie know, the line was probably way back near Battersea Bridge where he de-clothed, or perhaps wherever it was that he adorned that dazzling gold number – all of his own accord. Yet he was left utterly gobsmacked at Binky’s insolent suggestion that he should spread one leg to the side. I mean, of course, that would have changed the completely kosher situation altogether.

He just so happens to be one of many around now that is not so hot on the line-drawing – some more familiar than others. Such as, for example, our very own Amy Winehouse, who lugged herself and her hair all the way to Serbia so the Serbians could have a clearer understanding of how she may have sung as a baby. ‘Thoughtful’ doesn’t even cover it.

Further away there was the Obama impersonator at a Republican rally, whose comments about his supposed doppelganger’s mixed race heritage were politely laughed at before they realised the press might find out, so they took him down.

At least these are all social caricatures (Made in Chelsea, druggie to the nines, right-wing yanks) so nothing too close to home – feared a trend might be catching on.

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