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[mmplace location=”USA”]
Anthony Weiner, the Congressman for New York, lived up to his name when it was revealed he had tweeted a close-up picture of his crotch to a young woman. He initially denied allegations of inappropriate conduct, saying his account had been hacked but finally owned up to the act. President Obama told an interviewer: ‘I can tell you that if it was me, I would resign.’ On Thursday, Weiner did just that.[/mmplace]

[mmplace location=”EGYPT”]
Vodafone came under fire after releasing an advertisement that suggested it played a significant role in supporting the Egyptian revolution. Objectors retort that Vodafone complied with Mubarak’s demands to shut down phone networks during the protests. Critics say rather than being the paragon of public action, Vodafone played a hand in maintaining oppression.[/mmplace]

[mmplace location=”VIETNAM”]
Tensions have escalated between Vietnam and China in a dispute over territorial rights to a handful of islands in the South China Sea. Vietnam claims that China sabotaged one of its seismic survey boats. In response to what it considered China’s aggressive stance, Vietnam held live fire drills at sea.[/mmplace]

[mmplace location=”MERSEYSIDE, BRITAIN”]
Two women have pleaded guilty to unlawful prevention of burial after hiding the body of their mother to continue claiming her welfare benefits. Jasmine and Hazel Maddock admitted the charges in Liverpool Crown Court on Monday. The body of Olive Maddock, who died aged 95, occupied a room in the house she had shared with her daughter and granddaughter. [/mmplace]

[mmplace location=”SPAIN”]
Following the arrests of three Anonymous hackers, the group retaliated by blocking the Spanish police website and issuing a letter declaring that Anonymous has no leaders and that the arrests will not affect the group’s functionality. In their poorly punctuated note, Anonymous warned: ‘You are providing us with the fuel, but now you must expect the fire.’[/mmplace]

[mmplace location=”PAKISTAN”]
Police in Pakistan have arrested two men for forcing a woman to strip naked and walk through her village in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The woman was publicly shamed in retribution for suspicions that her son had had an affair with the wife of one of the offenders. According to the police, villagers did not intervene during the ‘punishment’ because the men were armed.[/mmplace]

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