Students’ rent collection failure

Accommodation fees have not been collected on time for a second term. Photo: aldisley

Accommodation fees have not been collected on time for a second term. Photo: aldisley

The collection of 2400 students’ rent and some students’ tuition fees by the University has been delayed for the second time this academic year, for students who are part of the direct debit scheme.

A technical fault has been identified as the source of the problem, according to an email sent out Wednesday last week. In a later email “delays in processing” was listed as the factor.

Payment was supposed to be taken on the 16th May, however, in an email sent out on 27th May students were informed the new collection date will be 15th June and that no late fees will be incurred.

Scott Simmons, a first-year History and English student, complained at the University’s inability to take the fees.

“It is just a bit of a nuisance when you’re trying to sort out where your money is going and when, and making sure you leave enough to pay for your other bills. The length of time they took to get back to us was really bad.”

This is not the first time problems have emerged with this system. In November of last year, Nouse reported on the University’s failure to take the required fee from students with many overpaying as they were told to just pay themselves.

This led to a massive financial shortfall, forcing the university to move large amounts of money to cover the loss.

A similar solution may have to be found to cover the repeated shortfall this term, which is likely to stretch into the millions.

Given the chaos caused in the first term, many students have questioned how this was allowed to happen again.

Some students have expressed annoyance, given they were under the impression of having budgeted successfully in their summer term with their finances.

The University released a statement last week citing that there had been, “unexpected delays in making direct debit collections during May.”

Laura Borisvaite, YUSU Welfare Officer, stated that: “I would encourage all students to ensure that they do not spend the money that has failed to have been collected from them and include the money owed into their budgeting for next term.

David Garner, the University Press Officer, commented: “We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

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